Navy Style Bathroom

Selection of Colors The scale of the color plays an instrumental role in the implementation of a Navy style bathroom. It is necessary to choose and combine the shades correctly so that the overall picture looks organic. It is also important that all elements complement each other. A bathtub modelled in the nautical style will prolong the

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Designing a Bathroom of 4 Square Meters

 Bathroom Furnishings: All About the Minimal Requirements What items are absolute necessities in the bathroom in the first place? The difficulty that comes with the task of decorating a bathroom of four square meters makes it necessary to search for the optimal solution that will permit you to comfortably fit everything within a tiny space. With

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Minimalism: Achieving a Blend of Simplicity and Beauty in Your Bathroom

 Basic Features of Minimalism Just from the name, it is clear that minimalism is an interior solution with significant limitations, demanding elaborate layouts and a minimum of objects and details. While this is the basic rule of the minimalism style, achieving a minimalist effect in the interior is not easy. It is important that you learn more

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Tips on Choosing the Best Materials for Decorating Bathroom Walls

Principles of Bathroom Wall Decoration Naturally, the goal of any home owner is to achieve a beautiful interior that is not only practical but also features reliable construction. Getting this result requires a serious and thoughtful approach in the choice of materials. You need to start selecting materials only after deciding what style you intend for

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Pop Art Bathroom

Pop Art is attributed to to Andy Warhol, a well-known figure in modern art. It was Warhol’s idea to combine art and interior design, essentially creating the pop art style. The cult poster of the world famous actress Marilyn Monroe became the basis for the birth of this idea. This is the reason why even today, designers use

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African Style Bathroom: Add an Exotic Touch to Your Home

A Bit of History As you most likely know already, many parts of Africa were European colonies. The Europeans did not hesitate to get bring African slaves to labor for them in different parts of the world. Living side by side with Europeans, the Africans did not abandon their culture, traditions and customs, a factor that

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Baroque Bathroom

Some History Baroque style emerged at during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is considered a classic that is still relevant, even today. The term ‘baroque’ is of Italian origin, literally translating to‘fancy’. This word most accurately reflects the whole essence of the style’s concept. The baroque style involves the use of elegant elements, fancy patterns and

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All You Need to Know about Self-Adhesive Film

Why is self-adhesive film so popular? The major reason for its popularity is the huge number of positive qualities it possesses, as well as its low price. Here is a breakdown of the superior qualities of self-adhesive film; Self-adhesive film is almost 10 times cheaper than wallpaper, because it is quite easy to make. The

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Add a Little Exotic Touch to Your Bathroom With the Japanese Style

In the olden days, the Japanese design was famous, appealing to many with its abundance of Asian symbols, the use of décor that is close to nature and input of other elements characteristic to Japan and its culture. However, modern Japan has changed significantly and minimalism, which keeps detail and décor at a minimal, is now

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All You Need to Know About the Loft Style Bathroom

This article informs you on everything you have ever wanted to know about incorporating the loft style in the bathroom. Loft bathroom spotting symmetrical shapes and generous space. Often, loft style bathrooms combine functions, i.e. the toilet and bath/shower area are combined, leading to the creation of a unified space that is additionally open and

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Ways in Which You Can Benefit from Carpet Mats

The entrance of your house should be presentable and impressive. Upon visiting, your guests will notice the entrance at the very beginning and the entrance should leave a good impression on them. Moreover, it is important to know that the entryway of your house is a very important part of the house and extra care

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Bringing Country Style to the Interior

Country: A style that combines cultural style with simplicity. Consider the country style in the interior of different rooms as presented throughout this article. According to experts, the country style combines rustic simplicity with elements of style from different cultures. It is undeniable that rural homes, decorated in the style of a particular country and reflecting the

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Kitchen Furniture: 20 Stylish Concepts

Choosing furniture for the kitchen is not an easy task, because the furniture must not only fit perfectly into the overall style of the kitchen, but also be functional! This article, which includes an extensive photo catalog, helps you avoid miscalculations when selecting the material, style, color and other elements of kitchen furniture. Choosing Kitchen Furniture:

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How to Tackle Minor Problems with the Dishwasher On Your Own

Anyone who has a dishwasher knows that they do run into hitches every so often, but the good news is that some of the minor problems can be solved quite easily. On that note, let’s now check out a few problems that are common with dishwashers and how to tackle them. The Dishwasher Isn’t Powering

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