Are you on the hunt for bulletproof glass? Bulletproof glass is being used more often in schools, homes, vehicles, and more each year. Finding the right type of safety glass to suit your specific needs can be challenging, as there are many options to choose from. Before you make a selection, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. Let’s get into it!

Modern Types of Bulletproof Glass:

Surprisingly, there’s more than just one type of bulletproof glass! There are three main types that are used today:

  • Polycarbonate Glass

This type of glass is actually a unique form of plastic! It is 80% lighter than typical glass and absorbs high impact from bullets. It’s stronger than acrylic and more versatile but with that, it comes at a higher cost. Due to its flexibility, this type of bulletproof glass is used for a variety of things including vehicle protection.

  • Acrylic Plastic

Acrylic plastic is often easily confused as glass, as it looks so similar! While it is about 50% lighter than typical commercial glass, it’s still a much heavier option in comparison to polycarbonate glass and sheets of 1 inch or thicker are needed to be deemed bulletproof. With that being said, it’s a more affordable option. You’d typically use this type of bulletproof glass in schools and for commercial security.

  • Glass-Clad Polycarbonate

Glass-clad polycarbonate brought something new to the world of bulletproof glass, acting similarly to laminated paper. Instead of plastic protecting the paper, glass is used on either side of the polycarbonate to provide an extra layer of protection, while avoiding scrapes. The only downside is that this is the thickest option of the three types.

The Right Type and Thickness:

If you’re still unsure about what type of bulletproof glass you’d like to go with, you should consider the thickness. The thickness will determine how secure the glass truly is and therefore the thicker, the better if you’re after the highest resistance and strength. Some types of security glass are able to withstand multiple rounds of bullets from automatic weapons, creating a safer environment.

There are generally 8 levels of thickness you can choose from, up to 3 inches thick. If you’re looking for an option that is thin and more discrete, bullet-resistant glass is a great option. It provides security while minimizing the overall thickness!

Major Applications for Bulletproof Glass:

Bulletproof glass can be used in many situations or places to provide additional security. Some places and uses include:

  • Security windows

Many places such as gas stations and retail stores will often install bullet-resistant glass to ensure their employees feel safe at work. Having this level of protection in place has been known to reduce crime as it does a good job of deterring criminals.

  • Doors in business settings

Bulletproof doors are often used in business settings and provide a secure environment while looking similar to any other glass door. With these doors installed, employees will have peace of mind when they go into work each day.

  • Vehicles of VIPs

Celebrities, politicians and other people of importance have been using bulletproof glass for years when traveling from one place to the next. Ballistic glass is most often used in vehicles to prevent outside attacks, offering the most advantageous protection. This type of glass can be higher in cost but the benefits greatly outweigh the cost when looking for the highest degree of protection!

  • Secure Houses

Despite its name, bulletproof glass can be useful in many situations other than armed violence that could occur in the home. It can be used to protect your home from weather incidents, UV damage, landscaping accidents, vandalism, crime and more! The bottom line is that using this type of glass will keep your house intact.

  • Government offices

With important information stored within government offices, it’s important to keep it secure. Bulletproof glass is the perfect solution, as it lessens the risk of stolen information and other crime.

  • Schools for kids security & safety

The security needs in schools are growing as violence has increased over the years. This type of glass is internationally standardized to protect individuals from rifle bullets and high impact. They’ve been used on school windows and doors. It’s an excellent option for schools, as it will provide the utmost protection for students and teachers.

  • Banks & Financial Institutions

Banks are notorious for armed robberies so the bulletproof glass is essential. It keeps employees safe while once again deterring criminals from attempting to harm others and steal from the bank!

Which Company to Choose When Buying Security Glass:

When choosing a place to purchase security glass, you need to be confident that you will be provided with a glass of the highest quality. Fab Glass and Mirror ensures top-quality bulletproof glass so you can rest easy, knowing you’re safe. Simply place an order online and you’ll find the best bulletproof glass delivered to your doorstep!