Bringing French Style into your Home

Most decorators recognize that history and naturalness are a sign of luxury. Many foreigners believe that the French style is an expensive setting in which precious stones, gilding and other elements of luxury prevail. In reality, the French dislike overtones of luxury and obvious displays of wealth. On the other hand, the French welcome objects

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DIY Photo Wall Idea: Wall Hanging

Decorating your home with photographs is a great way and extremely simple way of personalizing it and making any space feel like your own. However, the way you choose to hang the photos opens up a world of possibilities – especially for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Below are a few creative photo wall hanging ideas that

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Gray Interiors

Gray interior shades can be assessed as a measure of both taste and success. Many people believe that the color gray can only please conservatives or boring people. However, stylists have a completely different opinion, suggesting that gray is a color preferred by sophisticated people, who are also most likely to be wealthy but dislike being

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Marine Style in the Interior

The marine or maritime design will, without a doubt,help you relax and lift your spirits. The application of the marine theme to interior design often appeals to those who love the combination of white and blue. This color combination is smart, instantly lifting spirits and creating an atmosphere of relaxation. This style is distinctly decorative, expressive

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Modern Interior

The modern interior is associated with asymmetry, multiple levels and minimal accessories. Simply put, the modern style is the exact opposite of the traditional design. Instead of a clear-cut geometry, more rounded lines are used and instead of conservatism and pathos, lightness and simplicity takes over. The resulting interior often turns out to be extremely comfortable

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Wall Niches: Dare to Be Adventurous with Your Style

Niches create endless possibilities for interior experiments. Some of the most popular questions people have regarding wall niches include: How does one correctly use the openings in the wall? Why is a bed in a niche the perfect solution? What interesting ideas can be applied? In this article, we tackle these questions, while also presenting you with

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15 Ways To Add Life To Your Décor

Tired of the same dull, drab rooms in your home. Why not spice things up a bit? From living, breathing additions to vibrant colors and shapes, there’s always something that could accent your home beautifully. Check out these fifteen ways to add life to your décor. Source Choose Different Fabrics Being mindful about choosing different

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5 Ways to Bring Touches of Australian Interior Design into Your Home

Scandinavian décor has been a synonym for contemporary minimalist interior design for years. However, there have been some changes lately as Australian décor has been drawing more and more attention. Australian homes reflect the laid-back, open and friendly personality of their occupants, with various innovative features to mirror the Aussies’ style and temperament. So, if

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Behold, The Hallway!

Most houses and apartments begin with a hallway, which means the hallway is the first section of the home occupants and guests see when entering, and the last they see when leaving. Because of this fact, it is critical that everyone puts in maximum effort in beautifying their hallway. Let’s discuss how you can transform your

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How to Create an Environmentally-Friendly Home Office?

The majority of people today lead a very busy lifestyle and most of the time they have to take their work home with them. For this reason, it’s extremely crucial to create a functioning work area in your home where you can focus on finishing your job in peace. By incorporating the latest eco-friendly design

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15 Low-Maintenance Plants Perfect for Indoor Décor

Using houseplants as indoor decorations is a great way to add color and life to a room. There are plenty of plants that you can make into a houseplant simply by bringing them indoors, but some plants do better than others. Check out these 15 low-maintenance plants perfect for indoor décor. Source  Hens & Chicks

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Using Photo Collages to Spruce up the Room: Read and Learn

Are you worried about the proper way of hanging your favorite paintings, drawings and photographs in the house? Are you afraid that your apartment will turn into some sort of bazaar if you put up paintings, drawings and photographs? Well, no need to worry, because we got you. We have collected the most interesting ideas and

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Stretch Ceiling: Matte or Glossy? Selection Tips

A stretch ceiling looks like a canvas and is usually located throughout the area of ​​the room. It also usually comes with a special fastening system. The popularity of the stretch ceiling is mainly due to the ceiling’s ability to create a perfectly flat surface and hide design and wear and tear flaws. Depending on the

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Scandinavian Interior Design Styles That Will Blow You Away

When it comes to interior design styles, the Scandinavian style is the absolute best! Minimalistic interiors, which are typical of northern countries often appeal to the eye with their elegant, strictness and exquisite simplicity. Rooms in this style are always beautiful, practical and fashionable, not to mention cozy. It is no secret that an original expensive interior

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The Garage Area.

Ideal home for your favorite horse, a comfortable workplace or a warehouse for a lost tool? The organization of work and storage in the garage is a task for a true master of all trades. We have collected 30 ideas that will help you quickly and without additional costs to turn your garage into a place of

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