Decorating the home can be an exciting endeavor. Lighting, both natural and artificial, is an important component of any room, especially since lighting makes for impeccable accents and emphasizes the features of the interior.

The design and décor of the home is incomplete without lighting. Therefore, installing lighting, whether it is a simple bulb or grand chandelier, is obligatory. Modern chandeliers do not only play a practical role, but are also an important decorative element of the interior. We will talk about how to choose the right type, shape and style of the lamp later.

2020 trends

Home design trends, like any other fashion trends, are cyclical in nature.Sometimes it may appear that new forms and styles go out of style as soon as they appear. Interior lighting, including lights, chandeliers, pendants or sconces, is no different.

In 2018, rustic chandeliers made a return. These chandeliers add a contemporary charm to the sophistication and ease of a rural home. Aside from country homes, chandeliers have become trendy in eco or minimalist style interiors. Some of these trends are bound to go into 2020.

Here are some trends you need to pay attention to as we go into 2020:

  • Geometric motifs: Direct lines, paired with clear and concise lines allow you to create bright accents in different directions and zones in the room.
  • Varied materials: There is a wide range of chandeliers to choose from, from plastic to glass, metal, wooden chandeliers and many more varieties. By combining several materials, from metal, wood to metal, glass and many other varieties, you can get a quality and unique chandelier. Such decorative elements are not only attractive but also original.

  • Use of black: Dark shades are stylish due to the contrast they create, a factor that has fueled the popularity of black chandeliers. Moreover, black is relevant for any room design as it syncs properly with all colors, whether bright, neutral or dull.

  • The bigger, the better: Designers are abandoning the notion that a room should only have one chandelier. If the room parameters allow, try installing two or more chandeliers or large fixtures. Such fixtures will not only become a bright accent in the room, but also help to zone the space.

Criteria for selecting modern chandeliers

Now let’s see the factors to consider before buying a lighting fixture.Lighting fixtures serve other purpose besides illuminating the room, including:

  • Zoning the room;
  • Serving as accents;
  • Act as main or additional decorative element.

Are you wondering how you will select a chandelier that combines practicality with beauty? You will have to consider the following criteria:

  • Where exactly will the lighting fixture be installed? Different rooms have completely different requirements in terms of artificial lighting. For example, the kitchen and living room require bright lighting, while the chandelier in the bedroom should emit softer and more subdued lighting.

  • The area of ​​the room:When choosing a chandelier for the living room or bedroom, it is important to have the size of the room in mind.For small rooms, all you require is one central lighting fixture. For large spaces, however, you need to choose either a round chandelier with many bulb or use multiple lighting fixtures.

  • The color palette of the chandelier:It is important to select a chandelier whose color matches the shades of the interior. A beautiful chandelier can either be a bright accent, which stands out against the background of all other objects, or have neutral colors that harmoniously blend into the interior.

  • Lighting colour: In some rooms, such as the kitchen, it is recommended to install cold lighting, which gives the brightest light, as the functions of the kitchen dictate. However, when choosing a chandelier for the living room, you can limit yourself to bulbs that emit warm lighting, since such lighting creates a comfortable and homely atmosphere.

Types of chandeliers in the interior

Modern designs of chandeliers are simply amazing. The abundance of materials and forms allows you to choose from varieties of restrained classics and more original products. Either way, modern chandeliers are categorized into two main types, depending on the lamps:

Pendant lights

Pendant light chandeliers are perhaps the most classic version of the chandelier in the interior. Due to their complex design, pendant chandeliers can bethe only indoor lighting fixture. Pendant lights are usually attached to a special strong decorative chain, infusing the room with luxury and elegance. In addition to the chain, a cord or string can also serve as a suspension, while at the same time decorating the room.

Out of the materials used to make pendant chandeliers, metal, textile, plastic, glass, crystal and wood are the most popular. Each individual option is selected depending on the style of the lamp and interior at large.

Suspended structures are single-tube or multi-tube. Single-tube pendant lights are actively used in small rooms, such as corridors or kitchens, while the latter are more appropriate for the bedroom or living room.


The design of pendant chandeliers themselves may look rather unreliable and fragile. Therefore, when choosing it is important to pay attention to durable materials and allocate time for a quality installation of the lighting device.

Ceiling lamps

In most interiors, the chandelier is the main lighting fixture in the room.Therefore, it is important that the homeowner selects it carefully. If you don’t fancy the pendant chandelier, laconic ceiling lights will be an excellent solution for you. Unlike pendant lights, ceiling lamps are more suitable for small spaces with low ceilings.

You can adjust the brightness of the light by selecting from a scale of shades. You can go with a chandelier with one main shade or stylish chandeliers with multiple bulbs. Most often, designers place ceiling chandeliers in the following spaces:

  • Hallways;
  • Children’s rooms;
  • Bathrooms.

These are the rooms in the house that are small. As a rule, tiny spaces like this require practical lighting devices with minimalist designs.


Particular attention should be paid to the direction of the lighting. Plafonds designed to face the ceiling will give diffused and soft light. At the same time, lighting fixtures whose plafonds face downwards, will give brighter and more narrowly focused lighting.


For some ceiling lights, it is possible to adjust the direction of the light by scrolling. These lights are especially handyin room zoning.

Stylistic features of chandeliers

When choosing a chandelier, you need to pay attention not only to the type of lighting device, but also its style design since it has to fit into the overall style of the room.To achieve this you first need to determine what style your interior is made in. It is unlikely that you will want to install a chandelier that contradicts the overall style of the room, for instance, installing a massive textile chandelier with floral elements in a room in hi-tech style. However, with skilled technique, you can masterfully input a chandelier of a certain style in a room with a contradicting style.

In appearance, chandeliers are divided into two main types:

  • Basic lighting chandeliers that can perfectly fit into any interior solution;

  • Stylish chandeliers that emphasize the specific design of the room and can serve as an accent.

What are the most fashionable chandeliers of 2019? Based on the opinions of designers, chandeliers in the styles below continue to be popular:


These are luxurious lamps that emphasize the elegance of the interior. You can definitely distinguish classical models from other types of chandeliers. First of all, classic chandeliers are distinguished by the material from which they are made. As a rule, classic style chandeliers are made from wood or metal. Manufacturers additionally use high-strength glass or crystal as decorative inserts.

Classic chandeliers for the living room should not contain substitutes that mimic wood or metal. Even for textile lampshades, expensive, dense natural fabrics are used.

Classical lighting devices boast of a luxurious appearance and a long service life. Usually, their finishing is done with brass, bronze or silver. Some of these chandeliers have expensive and unique handmade accessories.

The main feature of classic designs is the presence of several shades. Often, these chandeliers are complemented by glass or crystal pendants.

Classic chandeliers are mostly used in the living room, as the living room is the largest room in many homes.  As an illustration, consider luxurious crystal chandeliers. These chandeliers have considerable dimensions; therefore, placing them, say, in the corridor ruins aesthetics. However, if the area of the home allows you to hang a classic lighting fixture, you can install such chandeliers in the kitchen or bedroom.

If you opt to install a classical chandelier, it is necessary that the rest of the décor in the room appears luxurious and expensively stylish.


Stylish chandeliers in country style spaces convey a special homely atmosphere and create comfort. While constructs of country style chandeliers originated from homes in the countryside, modern country-style chandeliers have mixed diverse styles, with ethnic styles prevailing. These chandeliers are additionally categorized further as:

  • Provence is a style reminiscent to the atmosphere of small villages and towns in France. Provence-style lighting fixtures are forged metal chandeliers with several lamps or one large lampshade. The textile part of the lamp has colored fabric, and the metal base is characterized by unique scuffs.

  • Chalet is a style that conveys the atmosphere of alpine village houses.Such chandeliers are characterized by the use of natural materials.Their base, as a rule, is made of metal and has forged decorative elements.On the exterior, such chandeliers resemble medieval lamps. Chandeliers in chalet style are further equipped with candelabra, with several candle-shaped bulbs.


Initially, loft-style rooms had rather high ceilings. As a result, older loft interiors did not utilize ceiling lights, instead preferring suspended lighting models. Today, however, interiors are increasingly implementing the loft style in small interiors with low ceilings. Due to this change, the lighting used in loft interiors has evolved over the decades. Consequently, for modern loft interiors, you can use either suspended or ceiling chandeliers.

The main characteristics of a loft-style chandelier are:

  • Simplicity and conciseness;
  • Limited decorative elements.

Often, ceiling or pendant chandeliers made as spotlights are used as the main light source. The most common options for loft lighting fixtures are glass and aluminium. For more luxurious options, or if you want the chandelier to double up as an accent, you can install a crystal chandelier.


An Art Deco or Baroque chandelier is a luxurious lighting fixture primarily made from crystal. Due to their many decorative elements and presence of several bulbs, these chandeliers are mainly used in large rooms with high ceilings.

Often, these chandeliers do not include modern materials like plastic. The base for the chandelier ismade from metal, and the lamp itself is decorated with forged elements.

Tip : Since the lighting fixture usually has a complex structure, we recommend that you choose modest light bulbs. Bright white light, which is widely used today, can ruin the aesthetics of a room in baroque style.


Art Nouveau style is derived from the classic style, combining the traditional appearance of the fixtures with a splash of bright and extraordinary decorative elements. Art Nouveau chandeliers often spot asymmetric lines and delicate bends, which blend into original shapes.

The most common materials for such lighting products are glass and metal. More expensive designs are, however, made of wood, bronze, silver, or even animal bones and horns.

High tech

In the age of advanced technology, high-tech style deserves special attention. Its simplicity and conciseness makes it suitable for both large and small rooms. If you describe this direction in two words, then the oxymoron ‘complex simplicity’ is perfect. This solution is just what a modern person needs – a combination of practicality and stylish originality.

Hi-tech chandeliers lack elaborate decorative inserts. Rather, laconic chandeliers are models with laconic geometric shapes made from metal in cold shades (so forget about bronze or copper). Smooth lines in such lighting fixtures are not common. These chandeliers are more or less an ode to cubism, with their abrupt transitions.

Among the most common materials for hi-tech chandeliers are glass, plastic and metal, mainly aluminum or steel. Hi-tech chandeliers also completely shun textile lampshades with patterns and prints. Instead, as elements of decor, crystal or rhinestone inserts are used.


Minimalism is somewhat similar to high tech. Minimalism shuns elaborate and massive lamps with an abundance of decorative elements. As the name implies, minimalist style chandeliers differ from other types of chandeliers due to their simple and concise forms.

Avoid lighting fixtures with ornate elements or complex custom shapes for minimalist interiors. For these interiors, designers give preference to geometric shapes and straight lines.The most popular materials for lamps in the style of minimalism are glass, metal and plastic. Additionally, fabric lampshades are not used with minimalist style chandeliers.

Photos of modern chandeliers in 2020 interiors

The modern world of interior design is filled with bold and original solutions that allow the creation of an individual interior for each space and chandeliers are no exception.Depending on the features of the room and the occupant’s personal preferences, choices can be made from classic and extraordinary designer lighting fixtures. Let’s look at what modern fashion chandeliers look like in 2019. We picked up photos of lighting devices in various rooms of different living spaces from around the world. The gallery of photos below is bound to inspire and guide you as you experiment with interior decor.

Here are illustrations of modern chandeliers for the bedroom:

Modern chandeliers for the hall are as below:

Stylish chandeliers for the kitchen are as can be seen in the following photos:

Fashionable chandeliers for children rooms:

Fashionable chandeliers in the hallway:

When choosing a chandelier for the living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other part of the home, it is also important to decide on the additional sources of lighting. Often, the main lighting device may not be enough on its own. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the chandelier should be harmoniously blended with not only with the larger interior, but also with floor lamps, table or wall lamps.

Regardless of all the rules discussed in this article, any piece of furniture or decor should be selected first of all, based on your personal preferences. Only this way can you create a stylish and cozy interior.