White dining chairs
Rectangular dining table

Overhead light fixtures hanging above kitchen and dining tables are a common and popular trend in the design of kitchens. They add pomp and glamour to the kitchen without looking too flamboyant. Overhead light fixtures are also a great design element when the light fixtures are made to fit with the surrounding design elements. Here are some ways interesting kitchen table lights;

White-painted walls
White dining table
Upholstered dining chairs
Grey walls
Low-hanging lighting fixtures
Large glass window

These oval-shaped white light fixtures merge beautifully with the design of the room and the shiny surface of the table.

White kitchen cabinets
Black tabletops

For this kitchen, the bulbs are enclosed in glass fixtures, creating a beautiful finish in the room. The glass lighting fixtures are transparent, therefore do not block the view of the room. They also fit perfectly with the black and white theme of the room.

Dull hardwood floor
Kitchen stools

Silver pendants are also common lighting fixtures when it comes to the design of kitchens. The silver pendants create a shiny and sparkling effect, adding charm to the room.

Window with horizontal paneling
Wooden dining chairs
Glass door with horizontal panels
Dark wooden table
White dining chairs
Rectangular dining table

This customized overhead lighting fixture gives the room a customized and unique feel.

Floor with tiles
Contemporary kitchen design

This tiny chandelier with candle-like lights works with the rich and exuberant design of the room to create a beautiful contemporary look.

Circular dining table
White drapes

You can also use overhead lights whose exterior is in bright colors such as red, pink, yellow and green so as to add color to an otherwise plain room.

Tablecloth with patterns
Black trash bin
Candle-like light fixture
Art on wall

Candle-like light fixtures are also beautiful. In this room, they work with the neutral color theme to create a warm feel and ambience.

Spacious kitchen
Large, round mat
Simple kitchen
Metal faucets

You can also opt for light fixtures that come in rich patterns, so that they can add to the design patterns of the room and not just provide lighting.

Overhead glass light fixture
Brick backsplash

These glass lanterns work perfectly with the white theme of the room to create a look that is rich and alluring.

Tile backsplash
Black kitchen cabinet

The warm lighting provided by these three pendants works with the wood and tone of the window to create a warm and welcoming feel.

Wooden dining table

These glass lanterns give the room an elegant and sophisticated look. The glass lantern does not block the view of the room. The metal framework on the lanterns also works with the metal details on the seats to create an elegant look.

Beautiful flower arrangements
Mirror mounted on wall

This room utilizes a simple overhead kitchen table light.

Display of flowers
Wooden shelf
Cream rug with patterns
Display shelf

This dining room/kitchen makes use of light fixtures that resemble inverted wine glasses. The outside is gold-colored, providing a reflective and shiny surface that lights up the room. The reflection of the lighting fixture in the mirror also makes the kitchen appear more beautiful.