A vanity room is a must-have for any stylish and trendy person, especially women. With uncountable beauty products, clothes, and accessories, a separate area where all this gear can be organized and remain accessible is essential. A vanity room should have all the necessary tools required for any trendy person’s arsenal, including a dresser, wardrobes, shelves, and mirror. However, one tool that’s compulsory yet often underestimated is a Vanity mirror with lights.

If you want to get a full picture of how you look before stepping out into the world, you must own a full-length mirror. Additionally, it should be correctly placed and adequately decorated to give you the best results. This article offers some creative ideas that will help you get the best use of a full-sized mirror. You will be stunned by how it feels to see your whole self from head to toe in a proper setting.

Continue reading to learn the best setting for a full-length mirror that will help you make a better and complete picture of yourself without a camera.

  • Soft Fuzzy Fur Rug below the mirror

Laying a soft rug below the mirror will give your vanity room a luxurious, elegant, and chic appearance. It will also give your feet the warmth and comfort you need while spending time getting ready in front of the mirror. With a fuzzy fur rug beneath your feet, you will not have to worry about your feet getting cold or hurt due to standing. Consequently, you will be able to spend hours in front of the mirror and won’t have to cut short your ‘getting-ready sessions’ just because of discomfort.

  • Full-Length Mirror with Lights

As any woman would know, having the perfect lighting is essential to apply makeup flawlessly. There is nothing worse than having dim or inadequate lights when it comes to getting ready and nothing better than having a full picture of yourself with perfect lights. Therefore, the perfect solution is having a full-length mirror with lights in your vanity room. There is a large variety of vanity lights available in the market today. You can easily get your hands on these lights according to your mirror and its size. Installing such a mirror will give you a complete look at how you look from head to toe. It is recommended not to mount this mirror on the wall. It should be kept on the floor with the wall’s support or a stand above a soft fuzzy fur rug.

  • Dark background for the fine appearance

Having a dark background behind your mirror will help you in getting a finer reflection of yourself. With minimum glare falling on your eyes, you will be able to get a better and enhanced look upon yourself. This dark background can be achieved by painting the back wall with a dark color or by installing a wallpaper that’s dusky. The contrasting reflections will be immensely helpful in getting the best results and use of your full-length mirror.

  • Appropriate Shelves on the wall

We are all well aware of the number of products we may need at any time while getting ready. Moving back and forth to get hold of these items can be a hassle and tiresome at the same time. Therefore, having an appropriate number of shelves placed around the mirror is compulsory to achieve a hassle-free makeup time. These shelves can be installed and well-adjusted just according to your likings and preferences. You may have large shelves on just one side of the mirror or small shelves on each side. With innumerous options available, you can choose anything as per your own liking. You can keep all the required things within your reach and get dolled-up without any annoyance or trouble.

  • Don’t use Vanity Tabletop

Using a tabletop has been a part of our vanities since forever. However, a tabletop may hide your complete look. It may keep you from checking if your skirt’s length is working out for you or if your pants compliment your top or how your shoes look with your outfit. A vanity tabletop may be a norm, but it does not allow you to look at yourself wholly. Therefore, using a full-length mirror with lights and shelves is far more practical than using a vanity tabletop.

Wrapping up the topic!

A full length LED mirror is definitely a staple for any house. Besides being functional and practical, it is also decorative and beautiful-looking. It will help you give your vanity room an ornamental look and will also help you get a complete picture of yourself. Get a full-length LED mirror today to look at yourself from head to toe in one go without having to perch on the bathtub edge or stand up on the bed.