Country: A style that combines cultural style with simplicity. Consider the country style in the interior of different rooms as presented throughout this article.

According to experts, the country style combines rustic simplicity with elements of style from different cultures. It is undeniable that rural homes, decorated in the style of a particular country and reflecting the owner’s preferences, give off a very attractive appearance.

It is important to note that rooms decorated in country style lack elaborate decor. At the same time, high functionality and simplicity are required for country style homes.

When decorating rooms in country style, only environmentally friendly building materials are used, including decorative stone and wooden floorboards. Fabrics used, are, of course, natural. Curtains also look great in such interiors,particularly those made from cotton and flax. Ruffles and various draperies fastened with simple ribbons are widely used as decorative elements for curtains in country homes.

Popular colors and patterns, particularly for the curtains, include:

  • Cells;
  • Peas;
  • Floral patterns.

Country Style Furniture

It is preferred that you use furniture made of natural wood. The types that remarkably fit into this interior include:

  • Wicker chairs;
  • Unpainted chairs or tables;
  • Cabinets made of rough wood.

The country style has very strict and particular rules. For instance, polished furniture is categorically unsuited for interiors in country style.The main rule when choosing sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds dressers and other pieces of furniture for the country style is that these pieces need to be comfortable and functional.

Also note that tablecloths with embroidered patterns, a variety of napkins, and aesthetically attractive chair covers vividly emphasize the traditional features of the everyday life of a particular people, giving the country style authenticity. Country interiors also favor original décor especially that made from natural materials. It is also important that the décor is used minimally so the space is not overloaded.

As for the colors, country interiors look best in warm, pastel colors with a calming effect.

How the Country Style Varies in Different Countries

There exist multiple variants of the country style based on different regions. However, this section only discusses the most popular variants.

  • Greek and American country style variations are somewhat redundant in simplicity.These interiors often use specially whitewashed walls, whereas their window and door frames are painted in rich colors,with furniture in toned-down colors complemented by bright decor.
  • The American country style is characterized by simplicity, minimalism in decoration, clarity of form and functionality.
  • The German country style is relatively heavyweight.The interiors are designed in accordance with the general rules of the country style, while the décor includes the items commonly used for decorating country homes, such as lamps, stylized antique decor, antique dishes, and forged objects.
  • Slavic rural country style, on the other hand, is characterized by the presence of wooden carvings, as well as tiles, stained glass and paintings.Local ornaments often adorn wooden furniture and patterned and embroidered items.

The country style is, without a doubt, a wonderful continuation of folk traditions in design and its inclusion in everyday life. The abundance of comfort and vitality in these leads to a harmonious and overall pleasant environment.

The Country Style in Different Rooms

The country style is perfect for homeowners who wish to attain maximum comfort. Unlike other styles, the country style also permits the mixing of many different objects, as long as the overall result is cozy and harmonious.

Another great advantage of this interior is that due to its simplicity and ease of design, it is easy to not only create but also maintain.

Therefore, if you want an atmosphere of homeliness and comfort to reign in your house, then the country style is what you need.

Kitchen Natural materials (textiles, wooden furniture), authentic accessories
Bedroom High-quality textiles, light shades.
Living room Artificially aged furniture.

Country Style Kitchen Design

Country style kitchen always create a special hospitable atmosphere. In addition, country style kitchens achieve beauty in the most environmentally friendly ways, since their design major involves the use of natural materials.

The best material for the design of the kitchen in the country style is, of course, wood. Noble light or dark wood gives a more superior appearance than artificial materials.

For the design of the kitchen floor in country style homes, designers recommend using:

  • Stone;
  • Wood.

With these materials, the flooring is not just attractive but also strong. Alternatively, you can opt to use ceramic tiles, which resemble stone but are cheaper, although not as long-lasting as stone.

Just like stone, wood creates very harmonious floors. With wood, you can decide whether you wanta light or dark-colored floor. Whichever option you select, remember that the wooden floor should be in harmony with the furniture and other items around the room.

Another advantage of wood-coated floors is that unlike stone, wood is warmer, a quality that comes in particularly handy on cold autumn or winter days.

As for the decoration of the walls, light pastel colors are preferred. It is additionally better to decorate the walls with plaster and paint them in beige and caramel colors as such colors are pleasant to the eye.

However, if this décor is too boring for you, you can diversify the style through ways like coating the walls with wood or stone.

For instance, walls decorated with the materials below are always uniquely attractive;

  • Stone
  • Decorative brick.

If you are afraid using too many natural materials will dull down your home, feel free to add a few artificial décor pieces.

Designers recommend that country style kitchens stick to wooden furniture sets. A kitchen with a beautiful natural wall pairs well with a wooden kitchen table and chairs. Even though the furniture is wooden, it should be soft and comfortable. After all, comfort is the essence of the country style.

Country also pays great attention to additional elements of decor. Here are small details and trinkets embraced by the country style:

  • Old clocks,
  • Wooden figures like animal carvings,
  • Ethnic style decorative plates.

Do not be afraid to use a combination of these décor pieces in your country interior as they all go together despite appearing different individually.

To diversify the design with color, feel free to add bright cereal jars, flowerpots for flowers and curtains with bright, eye-catching details. With such décor items, the interior will cease to appear monotonous.

Just be cautious not to crowd the space with too many unnecessary décor pieces.

Country Style Living Room

The living room should appear homely and hospitable since it is the room where family and guests gather.

The country style is increasingly gaining popularity in living rooms across the world. Therefore, if you’re thinking of remodeling your living room, why not go with this style?

It should be noted that the basics of country style are comfort and simplicity. Simplicity means that the interior possesses only necessary items.

For this style, as already mentioned earlier in the article, the walls are best decorated in light pastel colors, which include:

  • Light beige
  • Caramel.

Additionally, you can experiment with creative wall décor that combines several similar shades. An easy way to do this is by covering the walls with wallpaper. For a unique end result, choose go for wallpaper with beautiful floral patterns, as opposed to plain wallpaper.

The walls can also be made of natural materials such as:

  • Wood,
  • Stone.

Several of these elements used together will bring a specially harmonious vibe to the living room.

As for the flooring, preference ought to be given to such materials as:

  • Wood,
  • Floorboard,
  • Laminate.

The solution presented in this picture not only looks beautiful, but is also durable and of high quality.

If you have already settled on the wall and floor decor, then you should proceed to another essential element of the interior–furniture (especially for the living room).

The first important rule you must adhere to is that the living room must be soft and cozy. Choose beautiful and warm fabrics for upholstery, which can further be decorated with some small patterns. All these efforts will give a special charm to the room.

One again, you should note that it is critical not to overload the interior of the living room with too many technical devices. Display only the essentials, and put all other unnecessary gadgets in other rooms or locked away in the living room, away from view.

A fireplace is ideal for any country style interior, giving the living room a special homely comfort that every family room deserves.

You should also take care of additional details such as:

  • Soft pillows, which can also be in bright colors;
  • Curtains made from simple and pleasant fabrics;
  • Fresh flowers in vases;
  • Wooden frames with family photos.

These décor pieces will never become redundant in the interior of a country style room.

Country Style Bedroom

If you want the perfect warmest and coziest bedroom that you can retire to after a long and difficult day, then the country style is for you.

Smooth symmetrical lines in the interior tune a person to rest, allowing him/her to easily relax and let go of negative energy.

Most often, country style bedrooms are found on private estates, where the rooms have no restrictions on spatial parameters and where you can fit a huge number of additional details to create the most comfortable and visually appealing atmosphere. But, you really love this style, you can play around with the concepts so it fits perfectly in a smaller bedroom.

The first detail to take care of is the decoration of the walls and ceiling in the bedroom. Again, do not overload the bedroom with too many details! It is best to paint the bedroom in white and install one large and beautiful chandelier, desirably in the center of the room.

For the country style bedroom, you are free to select from several possible finishes. One of the most favorable choices you can make is stylish wallpaper with small floral patterns or with striped patterns, which would frame and decorate the walls in a way that is elegant yet simplistic.

You can also experiment with natural materials such as:

  • Decorated stone sections,
  • Brick walls
  • Walls from wood.

Such finishing options can easily be combined with wallpaper or paint.

For floor coverings in the bedroom, you can choose from:

  • Wood,
  • Floorboard

A soft fluffy rug will look great on such a floor.

As for the furniture, you better give preference to solid furniture with a soft finish. If the room parameters allow, you can add a separate seating area with a sofa and small table to the sleeping area.

In any case, do not forget that the sole purpose of the bedroom is recreation. You should avoid overloading it, so it’s better to do without a TV, and instead design a large bookshelf, where you can store and display your favorite books.

Curtains  should ideally match the color or pattern of the sofa upholstery. The curtains should also be thick, as long as they don’t make the room darker.

When selecting other additional items, such as bedding, pillows, rugs, frames for photos, etc., keep in mind that they need to add a special coziness and comfort to the bedroom. This principle also applies to additional light sources, among which table lamps are particularly popular.

Choose accessories for your bedroom such as:

  • Wooden frames
  • Ceramic flowerpots
  • Soft textiles with a variety of small patterns and floral prints.

After all these processes, your bedroom will transform into a truly special and comfortable space.