Choosing furniture for the kitchen is not an easy task, because the furniture must not only fit perfectly into the overall style of the kitchen, but also be functional! This article, which includes an extensive photo catalog, helps you avoid miscalculations when selecting the material, style, color and other elements of kitchen furniture.

Choosing Kitchen Furniture: Where to Start?

The first priority when buying or designing kitchen furniture is selecting the material. In modern furniture stores you can find models made out of popular materials such as wood, chipboard, MDF, but also options combined with metal, plastic and stone trim. Before making your choice, you need to first understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options in the market.

Particleboard / MDF

Chipboard and MDF attract many homeowners due to the materials’ relative affordability. Moreover, they are able to perfectly imitate the surface of natural wood, while simultaneously providing a huge scope of design delights.

The kitchen is a place of high humidity, which means that the facades of kitchen furniture must be immune to the effects of water and vapor. Therefore, if you choose facades made of chipboard or MDF, make sure that they are covered with a dense protective film!

However, despite protection using a dense coating, chipboard and MDF are not the most practical nor most durable materials for kitchen furniture.


Natural wooden furniture, of course, is more expensive than analogs made of chipboard or MDF, due to obvious reasons, key being durability. In addition, wooden furniture sets are more solid and exude more class.

As an earlier part of this article stated, kitchen furniture is under the constant influence of high temperatures and moisture, which means that the furniture, including natural wooden furniture, must have appropriate coatings or be treated for prolonged life.

When buying wooden furniture, do not hesitate for certificates confirming that the furniture has been processed with fire-fighting and water-repellent agents.


Many modern styles, such as loft and hi-tech, not only welcome, but even require the use of metal in the decoration of rooms and furniture design. In such styles, preference is given to chrome-plated surfaces.

If you are ready for bold experiments, you can choose furniture sets with forged metallic elements, a style that can easily be enhanced by decoratingthe kitchen in an interesting steam-punk style.

Note: Furniture featuring metallic designscan be seamlessly paired with glass.


Plastic can be used in the manufacture of furniture for the kitchen either as the main material orfor coating of worktops and facades.

The advantages of plastic are simple: it is practical in terms of cleaning and is resistant to water damage, making it impossible to develop mold and fungi. In addition, plastic products can be made in any shape and color, which translates to more variety.

The main drawback of plastic is quite obvious – this material is extremely poor at tolerating the effects of high temperatures. Under their action, plastic may darken and even change shape due to melting.

Natural stone

Countertops made of natural stone look expensive and solid. This design option is perfect for country style and Provence kitchens, as well as kitchens in ethnic or eclectic styles.

Elements made of natural stone weigh heavily, so be sure about where you intend to place the natural stone furniture as it will be difficult to move around such an item!

Professionals give the following advice on choosing kitchen furniture:

Harmony classics

The classic interior is a timeless choice. Whatever trends may reign in the world of interior design, classics will always hold relevance.

The classic style is best fit in a large or medium-sized kitchen as the style fails to impress when used in small kitchens.

The classic style is expensive and sophisticated luxury, which means you cannot use plastic or metal.If your budget does not allow the use of natural wood, then you need to choose artificial materials that best imitate natural ones.

In addition to natural materials, the classic style features:

  • Natural tones: Brandy, brown, white, olive, sand, etc .;
  • Elements of bronze, gilding, stucco;
  • Respectability, rigor of forms.

Minimalism:Just the Basics

What is minimalism in the interior? The features of minimalism include;

  • Minimum of furniture (only the most necessary);
  • Minimum decor;
  • No more than 3 colors (bright accents are acceptable);
  • Preferably built-in appliances;
  • Exquisite

The strict design and minimal details in minimalism are more than compensated for by the practicality and functionality of the created design. Minimalism appreciates built-in appliances and facades with concise fittings and a modern opening system, such as by touch or as an option, with an opening mechanism like wardrobes.

As for the materials, give preference to wood or plastic, while when choosing colors, go for neutral shades, preferably cold ones.

Multifunctional furniture (furniture-transformer) and appliances  are just what the minimalist style needs!

Tenderness and Freshness of Provence

Provence style kitchen is the perfect solution for romantics. The style’s effects of proximity to nature, the feeling of freshness of the sea air it gives, not to mention the style’s regularity and tranquility render Provence a superior style for the interior.

The variety of color palettes preferred for the Provence style is large, including:

  • Lavender;
  • Turquoise;
  • Aquamarine;
  • Yellow;
  • Terracotta

Basic colors like white, gray and brown are acceptable for use in the Provence style, as long as they aren’t the dominant shades.

When choosing furniture for a kitchen in the style of Provence, you need to remember these rules and tips:

  • The furniture should appear solid (therefore, cabinets and shelves from natural wood are preferable);
  • The dining table should ideally be round and on massive supports;
  • The perfect solution for the countertops will be natural stone or its imitation;
  • The technique of artificial aging of furniture is widely used;
  • A large variety of shelves and cabinets for storage of kitchen utensils is highly welcome.

Country: Cozy Comfort

In general, there are two approaches in the classification of country style. The first is to interpret the style exclusively as the style of an American country house. The second, which is broader, treats the country style as a rustic style, in general, within which the elements of the above-mentioned American, rustic, Provence, Mediterranean, and a number of other styles are included.

Adhering to the second approach, we highlight the main rules of country style:

  • Natural materials are used everywhere: in decoration, textiles, furniture, decor, etc.;
  • It features the effect of antiquity – frayed, simplicity, light;
  • The color palette shuns bright accents and rough contrasts;
  • The furniture appears handmade;
  • The use of traditional ornaments and patterns, as well as natural and geometric motifs.

Furniture in country style allows the use of materials such as chipboard and MDF, which imitate natural wood. It is desirable to use metal fittings, forged elements, and glass inserts. Tables and chairs can be wooden, rattan or even wrought.

A feeling of ease can be achieved in such a kitchen by using chairs of different types and colors.

Hi-tech: A Taste of the Future

The hi-tech style translates to practicality, reliability and maneuverability, dictated by the ever-increasing pace of life, which means increased practicality.As in minimalism, hi-tech kitchen sets are simple and avoid intricate fittings. Hi-tech furniture is mainly used in modular kitchens, since their elements can be positioned at different heights, bringing a highlight to the interior.

Unlike many of the styles mentioned earlier, hi-tech favors the abandonment of wood and stone in favor of plastic, metal and glass.

As for the color solutions, there are no limitations. All colors, including bright contrasts, are welcome!

Eclectic: a Stylish Mix

Eclecticism is a combination of the incompatible, creating chaos, creative triumph and at the same time, harmony.Creating an interior in an eclectic style while maintaining harmony is not an easy task, and if you do not have impeccable design taste, you may need help from design professionals.

Combine provincial coloring, expensive interior items, gilding, luxury, huge decorations, upholstered furniture and metal chairs and there you have your eclectic style. Easy, right?

However, while developing an eclectic-style kitchen interior, do not get carried away and abundantly match colors. Instead, start with basic light shades of white and beige and add some bright accents.

Eclecticism is a great style for creative people with a limited budget, because this style highly relates to furniture found in flea markets, which is usually affordable.

Brightly-colored Kitchen

First of all, bright and light colors best suit a small kitchen area, as they allowone to visually increase the small space.

While white is one of the most popular color options for small kitchens, homeowners need to remember that there exist many more options.The shades of beige, ivory, eggshell, as well as cream and sand tones do the job perfectly as well.

A Little Sun in Your Kitchen

If the windows of your kitchen face north or your apartment is located on the lower floors such that natural light does not fully penetrate the kitchen, we advise you to decorate the kitchen with warm sunny colors such as yellow or orange.

Such bright colors have the magical ability to instantly energize, even on a dark winter morning, while inspiring you to try out new and delicious culinary exploits.

Juicy Green

Green, a beautiful natural color, is perfect for decorating the kitchen. Thanks to its diverse variety of shades, you can easily set the mood you desire for your kitchen.

Emerald, pale green, marsh, herbal and pistachio shades inject life into the kitchen.

Green is also universal in that it can perfectly fit into interiors of various styles. Bright tones best suit high-tech and minimalism styles, while the calmer ones perfectly fit into a classic interior or country-style interior.

Blue Kitchen

Like green, blue is quiteversatile and, therefore, able to fit perfectly into various styles.

Caution: Don’t use blue to decoratekitchens facing the north or kitchens in cold areas, since using blue in such settings only enhances the undesired feeling of cold.

Bright, Stylish, Youthful!

A brightly-colored kitchen is a great choice for a young or creative person. Such a kitchen will help energize and give the person the strength they need to go through the day, due to the effect of the bright colors!

Bright colors perfectly fit into eclectic style kitchens!

Tip: If you want to create a bright interior that’s unique, you don’t necessarily need to purchase new brighter furniture. As an alternative, you can repaint the walls and remodel the old furniture using bright colors, an option that will help you cut many costs.

Selecting a Kitchen Table

The choice of table for the kitchen can be difficult due to the wide array of options. In the modern kitchen you can find both a classic dining table and cutting table, or a wall table as well as a table-island. Here is a little more information on each table.

 Dinner Table

This is the table at which the family eats. The size and shape of such a table, as well as the material for its manufacture, are determined by the overall style of the kitchen, the size of the family and the homeowner’s preferences.

Modern dining tables are made from virtually all materials: chipboard, MDF, wood, metal, stone, plastic, glass, and combinations thereof. The main forms are oval and rectangular for large kitchens, whereas in smaller kitchens, square and round models are given preference. Modern designers also offer models in a wide variety of forms and textures.

Cutting Table

The cutting table, as the name implies, is directly involved in the process of cooking, and therefore its main characteristic is functionality. If the size of the cutting table is determined by the dimensions of your kitchen, then the choice of model is entirely yours, but we advise that you give preference to models with built-in drawers and cabinets.


Wall Table

Such an arrangement is an excellent option for small-sized kitchens. The wall table can be both monolithic and foldable, and can perform the function of both a cutting table and dinner table (for a small family).


A table-island is a table positioned in such a way that you can easily approach and use it from all sides. Those with large kitchens often have the privilege of possessing a kitchen island. The surface of the island table can act as a cutting and dining surface, while built-in drawers and cabinets for storing kitchen utensils make such a table even more functional.

Kitchen Storage

Sometimes it’s not even the type of storage system you choose – whether it is wall cabinets, floor pedestals, canisters or open shelves – but the choice of filing drawers and cabinets that lead to practical and functional storage.

Nevertheless, here are some handy tips on organizing kitchen storage systems:

  1. It is more convenient to store spices and small items that are often used in cooking at eye level.
  2. Drawers are perfect for storing small kitchen utensils (modern furniture manufacturers offer many options for filing).
  3. The kitchen corner can become an additional storage place if you choose a set with built-in drawers.
  4. Transparent doors for the storage furniture like cabinets and shelves visually enlarge the kitchen, but also require you that you keep the contents of the furniture in perfect order as their organization can be spotted from outside.

Is an Exhaust Air Hood Necessary?

The hood is not a must have element for the kitchen, but it performs a number of extremely pleasant functions, freeing the room from odors arising during cooking.

Small kitchen

A small kitchen space can also be made cozy and practical. The basic rules, some of which have already been mentioned earlier in this article, include giving preference to light shades that visually increase the space and giving up unnecessary furniture and accessories. Additionally, you should position the furniture so that when opening, the modules do not cling to each other. Designers also advise that you select furniture with smooth forms to reduce the danger of kitchen accidents.

Kitchen-Living room: Unite and Delimit

Naturally, in case your kitchen is combined with the living room, then it is better to choose a common design for both areas or make a distinction between the two areas using combined tones.

An excellent solution for the visual division of space in this case is a bar counter whose style complementsthe style of the living room furniture.

We strongly recommend that you get a hood so that smells from the kitchen don’t spread to the living room area!

IKEA Kitchens

IKEA is a modern and universal furniture manufacturer. If your aim is not to achieve an individualized kitchen using unique furniture, and you just want to get stylish furniture that is also reliable, then you definitely need to shop from IKEA.

The store offers a wide variety of colors from classic white to interesting bright options. In addition, a significant advantage of furniture from IKEA is that it includes furniture options for specific needs and uses, a factor that will certainly make your kitchen truly practical!

Kitchen Furniture to Order

It is sometimes difficult finding a ready-made kitchen furniture set that is ideal for your needsand designed and decorated as you wish. For this reason, it is recommended that you get custom made sets if you can.

Therefore, if you are very particular about the kitchen furniture set you want and have the money, feel free to use the services of custom furniture makers.

2019 Trends

If you plan to remodel your kitchen in the near future, then here are some trends to look out for, so that you achieve an overall result that is not only attractive, but also in line with the latest trends.

  • Spacious kitchens can use a generous amount of dark shades and bold colors.In 2019, shades such as plum wine and‘nirvana”’- a combination of gray and lilac, are especially popular. Classic gray is also in style.
  • Small kitchens crave color shades such as ‘pink clay’ (despite this color being associated with bedroom furniture or wall decor), ‘tea with milk’, and ‘meadow’, which is suggestive of pistachio ice cream and fresh herbs.
  • Don’t try to match the color of the furniture to that of the walls. Instead, play on contrasts. Modern designers offer palettes with fashionable colors, in addition tocolor palettes created specifically to shade and complement trendy colors.
  • Do not forget to use bright accents, especially for tiny kitchen spaces!Turquoise, lime, and canary perfectly cope with this task!

More interesting ideas are in the photo catalog below: