When designing or remodeling an interior space, it is important to choose a design that is not only practical and comfortable but also syncs with your personality. Due to the varied number of design styles, singling out a particular style can be difficult, especially if it is your first try at interior designing.

But how do you choose the right interior design style in 2020?

Of course, you can select a style yourself.However, it is much more effective and at times, more economical to seek the services of experts, as they are more skilled and can more efficiently undertake interior design projects on your behalf.


The loft style emerged amidst the surging wave of urbanization and industrialization recorded across the United States in the 20th century, which led to an unprecedented increase in population. With the rising population and the housing crisis it created, the United States witnessed the conversion of abandoned warehouses and factories into residential buildings. However, the new occupants were not in a hurry to make changes, signaling the beginning of the loft style.

By leaving everything intact, the occupants created a new interior design style, characterized by:

  1. The use of natural materials in decoration.
  2. Absence of wall décor: Loft style is instead characterized by the presence of brickwork on at least one wall.
  3. The presence of wooden beams, exposed pipes and visible wiring.Today, the wiring cords and water piping need not be functional, but can be used as decorative elements.
  4. Lamps, especially those that are somewhat reminiscent of floodlights.
  5. Primary colors of brown and gray.


The Art Nouveau style (translated into English as the ‘modern’ style) first appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century in art pieces such as literature, paintings and drama. The style quickly spread to the field of interior design.

Today, modern style interiors stay devoid of sharp corners and hard straight lines. The features of the Art Nouveau/modernist style include:

  • The simplicity of furniture: As a rule, cases, dressers and other furniture have simple laconic forms. As decor, stylish fittings and various inserts made from materials like glass are used.
  • The most common materials for the style are natural wood, glass, and ceramic. Art Nouveau is also characterized by the abundant use of textiles, either as curtains or table cloths and even as wall decor.
  • Furniture with curved lines.
  • Mostly warm colors such as golden, beige and brown.


A few years ago, the Scandinavian style in the interior was very popular. Today, the style has relinquished its popularity to minimalism. Minimalism is a more practical design and has few decorative elements. It is characterized by simplicity of decoration, clear lines and conciseness of the overall design.

In fact, minimalism in the interior is characterized by the exclusive presence of just the necessary items. As an example, if you come across photographs of living rooms, in which there is only a sofa, coffee table and TV, or bedrooms with only a bed and two nightstands, they are definitely in minimalist style. Thanks to this technique, designers are able to significantly increase the amount of free space available in the interior. The use of light shades in the decoration of the interior allows for the achievement of a light and comfortable effect. Other features of minimalism include:

  • The use of white on walls.Of course, you can use brighter colors as small accents. However, the main color should ideally remain white.
  • Little or no decor.In addition, décor should not just serve an aesthetic function, but also be functional. Restrict your choices to indoor plants, mirrors and flowers. Also discard statuettes that lack an applied purpose.
  • The most popular materials in the design of minimalist interiors are stone (natural or artificial), wood, steel, and ceramic.
  • The simplicity of furniture:Cabinets, armchairs or sofas should be plain and not decorated with carvings or patterns as with other interior designs.

High tech

Along with the development of postmodernism, the high-tech style of interior design sprouted up. The name ‘high tech’ comes from the phrase ‘high technology’, a term that perfectly characterizes the style. The main features of the high-tech style in the interior include:

  • Restraint in the decoration of the room.The style mainly utilizes plain materials in light, cold shades such as white and light gray.
  • Use of natural materials.The most common materials for high-tech are wood, leather, glass and metal.
  • Minimalism in the design and use of space.In a high-tech interior you will also find massive chandeliers, thick curtains, and colorful carpets. High-tech is further characterized by laconic lines, simplicity of design and the rigor of the overall interior.
  • As in the loft style, open ventilation or exposed water pipes are often found in high-tech interiors.
  • The pursuit of practicality.In a high tech interior, you are less likely to findabundant furniture and decor. Every item in this interior style is selected to serve a function.


When selecting a style for a home or apartment, it is important to consider the classic design. The classic style looks luxurious and spectacular, attracting the attention of the eye to every single detail. The incorporation of the classic style in the living room or bedroom will be especially trendy in 2020.

Warm colors, elegant furniture and natural materials are the main attributes of the classic style.

It is difficult to design the classic style in a small space, since the style requires a large area for all ideas to be incorporated. Often, this design is accompanied by columns, stucco molding, huge chandeliers and big, heavy curtains, following the traditions of the classic style.

Modern designers offer many design options to fit every taste and preference. Therefore, it is easy for inhabitants to choose whether they want to focus on strict classical designs or bright and bold motives.

If you keep in mind these trends, you will be able to create not only a beautiful, but also stylish interior that will amaze visitors with its originality.