Initially, the loft-style was for apartments that were converted from storage facilities, implying the availability of a large and open space. With this idea, it is already clear that it is not easy to realize all the elements of a loft in a small one-room apartment, as the space is limited.

For instance, in an apartment where the total area is 43 square meters and the living area even less, it was difficult fo to reproduce the classic loft that customers badly wanted. This challenge is particularly because it is important to reproduce all the features of the style and at the same time maintain the spaciousness and functionality.

Let’s take a look at how the loft-style can be successfully incorporated into a one-bedroom apartment.

Features of the loft-style in an apartment interior

Designing a studio apartment is a real challenge for many designers since the limited space does not allow full creativity. At the same time, it is important to make remodels in a seasoned style so that the result looks as harmonious as possible. The features of the loft-style that can easily be embodied in a one-room apartment are:

  • The abundance of light. Ideally, the apartment should have at least one large window that provides the maximum amount of natural light. If the windows in the apartment are small, lighting devices will come to the rescue.
  • The use of natural materials. Everything from furniture to decor elements should be made of glass, metal, stone, wood or any other natural material. The loft-style does not favor the use of artificial materials such as plastic.
  • The dominant shades for this kind of interior are gray, beige, black and brown. As an accent, you can use objects in red, green, blue or yellow.
  • The loft-style shuns carvings, crystal chandeliers, luxurious three-layer tulles or any other element that speaks of luxury. Loft is about simplicity and restraint.

Loft style room décor

It is important to choose the right finishing materials for the loft interior, even before you begin the remodeling process since finishing materials form the basis of any repair. Therefore, it is important to focus on high-quality finishes that can last for years. Therefore, the factors you need to observe include:

  1. Loft style walls. Brickwork is a classic solution for loft interiors. However, this is not the only finish you can use. Today, you can decorate the walls of a loft apartment with various materials, ranging from 3D panels to plasterboard. These materials make for an ideal solution If you want a more minimalist design, level the surface of the wall and paint it. When remodeling an apartment into a loft-style, it is advisable to combine several different types of finishes, thus zoning the space.

  1. You ought to pay special attention to the floor. As stated earlier in the article, finishing materials should preferably be made from naturally occurring materials. Therefore, the floor can be made from parquet, parquet board, ceramic tile or any other natural material. It is visually more appealing to lay the same floor covering throughout the apartment, so the interior appears uniform and complete.

Tip: Please note that for the kitchen area you should choose a moisture-resistant floor covering to avoid damage.

  1. The ceiling in the loft apartment should ideally be white. As for the finish itself, both ordinary whitewashing and (as in this project) stretch matte ceilings are suitable.

Furniture for a loft-style studio

When choosing furniture for a one-room apartment loft, every item must be universal. It is also important to use the space profitably, avoiding cluttering it with extra chairs, ottomans, tables, and other unnecessary items.

  1. Kitchen. For a loft-style studio apartment with two occupants, a bar counter will be ideal for the kitchen. The bar takes up little space, fits perfectly into the interior, and completely copes with the main function.

It is generally better to go with built-in kitchen furniture for a loft apartment, enabling the multifunctional use of furniture pieces. For instance, a table can be used both for dining and storage, thus saving space.

Facades should be simple, without decorative inserts. Armchairs can also be a great accent in the interior, especially if the selection is non-standard creative models made in bright shades.

  1. Living room. The main attribute of the loft-style living room is the sofa. The design and positioning of the sofa must be convenient, aside from being beautiful. To ensure the sofa succinctly fits into the interior, it is best to dwell on light pastel shades. If you want the sofa to form a contrast in the room, then go for brighter models. Be sure to place a coffee table near the sofa. It will become not only a functional item but also an element of decor.
  1. Workplace. If you have to study or work at home, make sure you have a desk. You can hide it in a small niche to get a sense of privacy and save space, a trick that Is necessary for a one-room apartment.


Loft-style lighting performs two functions simultaneously:

  • Practical function;
  • Decorative function.

An important factor in the comfort of a small apartment is the presence of a large window, as already mentioned. The allure of loft-style interiors is destroyed by massive curtains, with designers preferring to leave the window completely open, thereby providing sufficient natural lighting across the interior. However, if you want privacy, you can use roller blinds in the place of curtains.

Important! The loft-style prefers darker tones in the decoration of rooms. Gray walls can visually reduce the space of an already small apartment. Therefore, it is important to correctly place fixtures, floor lamps or sconces throughout the entire area.

To achieve the best-lit apartment, you need to place as many lighting devices as possible throughout the space. In this case, an optimal solution lies in the combination of spotlights throughout the ceiling with pendant chandeliers that highlight the dining area.

Loft lighting fixtures are usually made of metal and may resemble a projector in some way.

Tip: Additional lighting in the working part of the kitchen is also important. Spotlights near the countertops and stoves will allow you to cut food and prepare dinner as safely as possible.

Loft and décor

The loft-style interior shuns the use of a large number of decorative elements, including frames and figurines on shelves. The main decor in this interior is original posters, ranging from motivational labels to black and white shots in frames.

Also, you can decorate a studio apartment in the loft-style using:

  • Wall clock;
  • Open storage systems (just place books or cacti, for example, on open shelves);
  • Large indoor plants that give the interior freshness;
  • Throw pillows on the sofa.

Of course, the use of these décor materials does not result in a pure loft style. However, designers now take into account the wishes of customers and adapt the project to their wishes. In the modern rhythm of life, many prefer practicality over everything else, even in the interior. Experts adhered to this concept for this project, managing to combine a daring loft-style with laconic minimalism.