A girl’s bedroom presents a great opportunity to express imagination and turn even a small room into a comfortable space for the girl to develop, play and express herself. However, the design of a girl’s bedroom also presents a challenge to most parents, particularly since decorating a girl’s bedroom is about more than just incorporating décor. You also need to pay attention to the finishing materials, making sure the materials are safe and visually pleasant.

Luckily for you, by the end of this article, you will have learnt all the expert tips you need to efficiently and beautifully design and decorate a girl’s bedroom.

Principles for setting up a girl’s bedroom

Having undergone childhood, you no doubt know that the stage carries great importance, setting the foundation for the child’s views, values, and other important aspects. Therefore, while you should create the bedroom to allow maximum comfort and relaxation, also remember to make allowances for the wholesome development of the child. For instance, you can create a bookshelf and study table, which will allow your child to read children’s books or engage in other fun developmental activities such as painting.

Essentially, you need to ensure the girl’s bedroom is partitioned into the following zones:

  • A playing area;
  • A sleeping area;
  • A zone for creativity (for preschoolers) or study (for school-going children).

Pay attention! First, it is of absolute importance to ensure the design of the room is safe, especially if the child occupying it is very young.

Designing a girl’s bedroom according to age

The furniture, color palette, and style are just some of the factors that vary according to the age of the child. The décor in the room should also reflect the personality of the child.

Pay attention to the tips below;

Designing a room for a girl aged three or below

As the child grows out of infant-hood, you will need to change the design of the nursery into a bedroom. The most important elements you need to pay attention to are the comfort and safety of the baby. Therefore, make room for the crib, changing table and chair, on which you can hold and rock your baby girl.

Try to avoid sharp corners, as they pose a danger to the child when she begins to move.

Girl aged 3-5

At this age, it is important for the child to play as much as possible, which is why you should provide toys in the room. Also consider a convenient storage system, not just for the toys, but also for other items such as clothing. Dressers and lockers especially help to maintain order in the room, while helping the child to learn the importance of being orderly and cleaning up after herself.

A table is a necessity in the bedroom of a girl of this age, enabling your daughter to draw, paint, sculpt, glue crafts and engage in other fun developmental activities.

Bedroom for a girl aged 6-8

From the first grade, the girl will need a separate study table with compartments for books, notebooks, albums and other items. An activity corner is also important, as it will help your child to stay active, while developing her skills and hobbies.

At school-going age, the girl is already old enough to master the computer. Therefore, you should reduce the playing area and set up a computer table.

Tip: Be sure to monitor the comfort of your child. Poor quality furniture may cause discomfort that will eventually result in complications for the child, such as posture problems.

Teenage Girl Room Interior

As girls grow older, their interests become more specific. Therefore, you can allow the girl more freedom in making choices such as the design style, furniture type, and space organization of the bedroom. This will not only make the girl happy, but also teach her to discipline, creativity and organization.

Teenagers express themselves through their décor and style choices, which is why it is important to give them freedom in designing and decorating the bedroom. The girl might, for instance, put up posters of her favorite singers on the walls.

Designing a nursery

There are no restrictions when choosing a style for the interior of the girl’s bedroom. However, the most popular style options are:

  1. Modern: This is an ideal solution for older girls, such as those who have just moved to high school. Teenagers do not need space to play, /li>

  1. Classic: Younger girls are especially bound to love this style. The classic style in a girl’s bedroom is often characterized by warm colors, while furniture is made from natural wood. Canopies, hanging over the bed act as curtains, but accentuate the classic bedroom particularly beautifully.

  1. Provence: The delicate French interior is characterized by an abundance of floral motifs on the finishing surfaces such as ceilings, walls, and the floor, as well as on the facades of furniture.The most popular shades are pink, mint, and purple.

Fashionable colors in the design of a room for a girl

As she gets older, the girl will spend more and more time in her room. Therefore, it is important to select the right shade of the walls, as it can significantly affect the girl’s psyche. Creating a cozy atmosphere is your first priority, so you need to select an appropriate color. The most suited shades include:

  1. Mint:A calm shade that allows you to relax and sleep with ease.

Snow-white: A universal color that is complemented by any other shade.

Pink: The pastel pink color is extremely popular among young girls. It symbolizes tenderness and femininity and is, therefore, a great choice.

Gray: Like white, it can be combined with any bright accent.

Beige: It infuses the room with warmth and comfort. You can use it alone or combine it with shades such as soft lemon, peach, or gold.

Important! – Avoid red or saturated ‘acid’ shades as they are irritating to the eyes and psyche of children.

Kids’ room decoration

Before buying furniture for a girl’s bedroom, you need to figure out which decoration materials you will use for the finishing, i.e. the ceiling, walls and floor.


The best choice is the classic white ceiling, which can either be whitewashed or painted. Such a ceiling can easily be changed if you get bored with the initial color, through styles such as creating patterns on the ceiling. However, if you are undecided or dislike patterns, a minimalist design is the best choice.


As children are generally artistic, it is advisable to choose wall decor, giving preference to materials that are easy to maintain.

The most popular option for a nursery is wallpaper, a choice preferred as it is environmentally friendly, easy to glue and dismantle, and easily cleaned with water and detergent. In addition, it is easy to find a varied selection of wallpaper, from plain variants, to those with prints and others with different textures.


It is advisable you select a non-slippery material for the floor. Since children like running around the room, one awkward movement can cause serious injuries if the floor is slippery.

Another selection criterion is the health friendliness of the materials. It is especially important to pay attention to this criterion if the child has allergies.

Make sure the floor is easy to clean, particularly if your children leave a mess while playing.

For such active children, it is advisable to choose a carpet or laminate, under which you can install a warm floor system. For an older girl, a laminate or parquet is suitable, but you can go ahead and decorate it with a carpet.

Furniture for a girl’s nursery

The furniture in the girl’s room should be practical. Avoid buying items that are too tall, as it will be difficult for the child to use them on their own.

It is advisable to give preference to furniture made from natural materials like wood. Wood is an especially commendable choice as it is strong, anti-allergenic and friendly health wise.

The choice of the bed is perhaps the most essential factor. Since young girls idolize princesses, you can buy a fairytale-themed bed, decorated with carvings or canopies.

Like other furniture, the storage system should be within the reach of the child. Tall tables, bookshelves, chests of drawers and shelves are, therefore, out of the question for a small girl’s room. However, they are suitable for a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Lighting and decor elements in a girl’s room

The arrangement of lighting devices depends on the age of the girl. However, the room should be illuminated as well as possible, using both natural and artificial light sources. Be sure to install additional lamps above the bed, especially if your daughter likes to read before bedtime, and on the desktop, to prevent the girl from straining her eyes.

Indoor plants are an ideal décor item for a girl’s bedroom. First, this is because they give comfort and release oxygen, thus giving the room freshness and airiness. Secondly, by putting up indoor plants in the girl’s bedroom, you can teach her how to care of plants through methods like pruning and watering. This way, she will learn about responsibility too.

Other highly suitable décor elements for a girl’s bedroom are:

  • Posters and paintings;
  • Figurines;
  • Jewelry boxes;
  • Framed photos;
  • Throw pillows.

Bedroom for two girls

In the case where the room is designed for two girls, you should create separate areas for the girls to play, study and sleep.

An excellent solution lies in the use of the following:

Bunk bed: This bed design not only saves space, but is also especially liked by young children. You just need to choose a reliable and durable design.

Attic bed: This arrangement is characterized by creating a sleeping area at the top of the structure, and a working or playing area underneath the sleeping area.

As for the style of room décor, if the preferences of the children coincide, you can easily create a wholesome design. Otherwise, choose neutral motives that will satisfy both girls.

Tips to nailing the perfect design for a young girl’s bedroom

In most layouts, the children’s room is small. Luckily, there are several simple methods with which you can visually stretch the space, making it appear larger.

These include:

  • The style of the interior: The ideal choices are minimalist, modern or Scandinavian as they are concise and practical, saving you space.
  • Light-colored wall decor:Snow-white, beige and muted tones allow you to visually enlarge the room.

  • Minimum furniture.

  • An abundance of light: Using large windows and several types of lighting devices significantly improve the perception of the room.

  • Use practical items such as lighting devices and furniture for décor, as this tactic helps you cut on the usage of space.
  • Solid-colored walls or wallpaper with horizontal or vertical stripes visually expand the space.

Even with all the tips highlighted in the article, always remember to seek the opinion of the children when designing the bedroom, regardless of how young they are — as they are the ones who will occupy it. Ask your daughter what exactly she would like to see in her bedroom. Perhaps she may have even more insightful ideas on creating an original bedroom.