One of the most special rooms in a house or apartment is the bedroom. The bedroom should inspire a sense of calmness, allowing comfort and relaxation.

Provencal style in itself is soft, light and airy. The style’s color schemes are always in pastel colors as if burnt out in the sun. For the bedroom, it is necessary to use the basic colors of Provence – white, cream, lavender, blue and green as they create a relaxing atmosphere. When designing a bedroom, you can choose one color or combine shades. However, you need to be cautious so that the composition of the colors is not too bright or contrasting. Remember that the Provence style consists of many elements that often shout for attention, so it is better if you restrict yourself to one calm color. The color you select should ideally fit into the overall color scheme of the apartment or house. The overall scheme of the home also dictates your choices of furniture, textiles and another décor you choose.

Bedroom design

The decoration of the bedroom is done in three main categories: the ceiling, walls, and floor. All of these surfaces should be blended to create a harmonious picture, which will be complemented by furniture, textiles, and decor. The bedroom in

Provence style is very calm and soulful, so you should not overload it with a riot of colors.

The rules of décor in this style are as follows;

  • For the ceiling, wood, plaster and white paint do the trick. Rough wooden beams, however, serve as an additional emphasis on the naturalness of the interior;
  • Stucco, gypsum, stone or brickwork, plain wallpaper or floral prints are common elements. Often used in painting, pastel colors emphasize the lightness of the rustic interior;
  • It is better to choose a floor covering made from natural wood or its imitation in a laminate, parquet board, etc. Tile can also be used, although it is an impractical solution for the bedroom.

Bedroom furniture in Provence style

A bedroom’s main purpose is rest and sleep. Before choosing furniture, consider the possibilities that space permits. Provence style can be clearly expressed in small rooms with careful planning because even small details can be arranged to create a Provence interior.

A person is in a bedroom for a sufficiently long period of time, so it is advisable to have natural materials, creating the vibe of being out in nature. Wooden furniture is environmentally friendly and optimally suits the Provence style. Often it is painted white for extra light in the room. Aged and uneven surfaces in the bedroom will infuse the great feeling of the south of France in the bedroom.

The center of the bedroom interior is obviously the bed. The bed should preferably be wooden or forged metal. For Provence, it is ideal to complement the bed with a canopy, creating extra lightness and airiness.

Bedside tables with curved legs and soft chairs, seats with rattan wicker backs or plaid rocking chairs beautifully complement the bedroom.

Textiles and bedroom décor

Provence style gives importance to sunshine, which beautifully fills the home with natural lighting and warmth. For the sun rays to fall into the bedroom and fill it with its beauty, it is important to strategically design and install the window. You can control the flow of light with the help of curtains, blinds, and even shutters, which are as practical as they are beautiful. Beige curtains made of thin fabric with a little lace or linen tulle are a good solution for the bedroom. Also, they serve as a great accent. The curtains look even more beautiful if they have floral prints or geometric patterns. The curtains also look especially beautiful when attached to a wooden or forged cornice.

The decor of the bedroom is responsible for creating lightness and airiness. Remember to decorate the bedroom further with bedding, including bedspreads, pillows, and rugs. Bedding can transform the look of the bedroom entirely, especially if it comes in delicate tones like lavender. Floral prints on the bedding also emphasize the aesthetics of Provence style.

Mirrors are an element of décor on their own. Choose a mirror that is beautiful in shape, with an antique frame. Chandeliers in soothing colors also help maintain the overall warm and cozy picture of the interior.

Do not forget about small accessories such as pictures in beautiful frames, pictures of landscapes, ceramic and wooden figurines, small caskets and baskets, as well as green plants in ceramic pots and flowers in vases.

All these elements of the Provence style will make your stay in the bedroom calm and warm. Spending time in such a room additionally allows the occupant the luxury of enjoying light, pleasant colors and beautiful details.