Room with wooden floor
Black and white backdrops

Scandinavian living rooms are all about beauty and simplicity. This is one of the living room designs that can be achieved effortlessly and at a low cost.

Shelves filled with books
Small living room

Scandinavian living rooms keep colorful details to the minimum. Mostly, the background is white to minimize visual fragmentation and visually enhance the space for small living rooms.

Colorful rug
Appealing fireplace

This living room adds a colorful, patterned rug to add color.

Attractive candle lantern
Minimalist design
Matching floor and ceiling design
Beautiful patterned rug
Beautiful lighting fixture hanging from ceiling
Wooden floor
Living room with white background
Black and white photographs
Room with small bookshelf
Beautiful rug
Use of wooden elements
Circular coffee table
Beautiful and cozy rug
Beautiful chandelier

To complete the Scandinavian living room, it is important to include exuberant and attractive lighting fixtures.

Indoor plants in living room
Wooden furniture

This living room uses green indoor plants to add pops of color.

Use of white background in Scandinavian living room
Living room with large windows
Neatly-arranged bookshelf
Black and white theme

Many Scandinavian living rooms incorporate bookshelves into their design. A neatly arranged bookshelf creates a great look in the living room.

Eye-catching living room
Black and white stripe details

Scandinavian living rooms also sport lovely accents and geometric stripes and patterns so as to provide a casual and playful look without going overboard.

Comfy background
Gray background

More Scandinavian living room designs are departing from the traditional white backgrounds and using gray backgrounds in light shades.

Living room with neutral colors
Combinations of white and gray

White is the most used color in Scandinavian living rooms but lighter shades of gray are used instead of white or combined with white to give a neutral look.

Room with wooden floor
Black and white backdrops

Black and white backdrops also work well in Scandinavian living rooms if combined with light shades of gray. However, black should be used sparingly so as not to interfere with the mood of the room.

Small-sized living rooms
Small coffee table
Grey, wooden floor
Minimalist living room

This living room combines minimalist design with a Scandinavian design. The grey wooden floor works well with the black and white details in the room.

Scandinavian living room
Colorful living room

For small living rooms, include color in form of simple accents so that the room is not entirely boring. Just avoid very bright and shouting colors.

Living room with exotic view of the exteriors
Beautiful fireplace