Dining room with tiles
Eclectic design

Decorating small spaces can be a difficult endeavor, mostly because there is little space to add accessories and furnishings. However, it does not mean it is entirely impossible. Here are tips on decorating your small dining room:

Dining room with tiles
Eclectic design


Dining room with a rug
Small, square table


Elevated dining area with wall paintings
Hanging light


Use of varying styles
Small, white table

Attention has been drawn to unique details in this small dining room, where a small, round, white table is surrounded by chairs covered in fur and others which are plain wood, creating a variety of styles.

Formal dining room
Rich style


Dining room next to window
Conversation booth

A dining booth utilizes space and provides a great environment for relaxation and conversation. The adjacent window expand the view of the room the room to the outdoors, making it appear bigger.

Use of light colors
Illusion look

The natural lighting from the large window and the light colors used make this dining room seem larger than it is.

Simple, wooden furniture
Wooden floor


Use of neutral colors in dining room design
Round, glass table


Dining room with white walls
Traditional dining room

This traditional dining room has white walls and the table used allows the hairs to be tucked in easily.

Use of warm wood in dining room furniture
Wooden dining table


Traditional dining room
Shiny table


Combination of design and function
Dining booth

This dining area is made to maximize the use of space. The seating area has drawers to provide room for storage while not taking up any extra space.

Small dining table
Gold details

This small dining room uses a small, round dining table covered in a gold tablecloth and combines this element with gold-colored dining chairs.

Plain dining room
Large window

This dining room is very simple. It is plain and lacks any major decorative features. The large adjacent window allows the entry of bright, natural light.

Small glass table
Circular table

When you have little space, go for a simple, minimalist design as used in this dining room.

Blend of colors
Bright aesthetics

Using colors that pop like red brings life to the small dining room.

Dining area adjacent to fireplace
Elegant style

This dining room makes use of shiny gold details. The adjacent fireplace gives it a warm ambience.