And what if you like classics? A strict and official classical style bedroom will look "gentler" and "softer" if decorated with wallpaper with a picture of flowers. For this plan, you should not use wallpapers with graphics or urban landscapes.
Photo wallpapers are an original and creative way of expressing the most extraordinary and impeccable ideas for the design of the entire apartment.

Varieties of wallpaper

Wallpapers in the interior are an exciting concept. Advancements in modern printing have resulted in the production of wallpapers that are of better quality and appearance. Wallpapers have a strong influence on the interior. Fixing wallpaper in a dreary interior will immediately transform it into a vibrant and delightful space without making other adjustments.

Before choosing wallpaper, you need to understand that wallpapers come in many varieties. In terms of texture, wallpapers are distinguished as;

  • Matte;
  • Glossy;
  • Structural.

Matte wallpaper is usually a simple nonwoven or vinyl paper wallpaper with a good print quality. It is best to glue them in living rooms, but not in the kitchen and not in the corridor, as they cannot be washed. It is also advisable to use this wallpaper if you plan to remodel the room soon, since the wallpaper is not durable.

On the other hand, glossy, or laminated wallpaper, is a practical and long-lasting choice, which perfectly serve you for as long as15 years. However, this wallpaper should be cleaned cautiously, preferably with a wet rag.

Structural wallpaper is the most expensive and exquisite wallpaper. The texture of structural wallpapers resembles canvas, linen cloth, coarse sand or decorative plaster painting.

They, of course, require extreme care, so it’s best to use them in rooms with less activity, such as the bedroom or living room.

Paper wallpapers are the cheapest option, making them a great choice for those who want to decorate on a budget. Furthermore, these wallpapers are available in multiple assortments of drawings and often have excellent print quality, making them the most popular.

Wallpapers for the Bedroom

Sometimes it is difficult to choose how to best decorate the walls in the bedroom. Most homeowners often aim for non-standard decor, so the room stands out and has a compelling vibe. Home design experts advise that for the bedroom, you choose wallpapers with drawings that bear elements of nature (flowers, trees) or photos with perspective, such as panoramic wallpapers. These varieties are especially suitable for small bedrooms. This is because if you position such wallpaper opposite the entrance, the room will appear larger.

Designers, however, warn against using a lot of bright and contrasting colors, since they eliminate the feeling of calm. In short, wallpapers with natural compositions are always the best alternative for bedrooms as they offer a neutral, soothing and cozy atmosphere.

Panoramic wallpaper with a view of the forest in black and white.

Wallpapers fit any design style, but there are few basic rules to observe.

Of all the designs, the modern style of design works best with wallpaper. Modern interiors look awesome with abstract and geometric drawings, especially with a black and white portrait or landscape.

A simple graphic image of trees logically continues the laconic style of the room.

And what if you like classics? A strict and official classical style bedroom will look “gentler” and “softer” if decorated with wallpaper with a picture of flowers. For this plan, you should not use wallpapers with graphics or urban landscapes.

This room harmoniously blends the color of furniture and wallpaper.
It should be noted that it is not necessary to glue large-format paintings to the entire wall. Small photo wallpapers fit better in a conservative retro-style than in other design plans.
Here the combination of black, yellow and white creates a bold and outstanding solution for the bedroom.
Subtle background wallpaper is well suited to any style.
Option with panoramic wallpaper in a traditional style wallpaper.
Spectacular photo panno in a Japanese-style bedroom.
Photo wallpaper in a fusion-style bedroom.
An example of a classic-style bedroom with a floral wallpaper background.
Minimalist style bedroom with wallpaper

Photo panno “bouquet” used gently and defiantly in a girl’s bedroom
A bedroom for the youth with a breathtaking view of the city.
A fabulous panel in a traditional bedroom.
A panoramic wallpaper with perspective.

Photo Wallpapers in the Living Room Interior

Since the living room is the main room of the house, it needs impressive décor that will captivate the guests. To achieve this effect using wallpaper, you can select wallpaper with non-trivial views of the night metropolis or any of the world’s sights. Looking at such wallpaper, it’s easy to imagine your house as the continuation of these streets. Such photos look particularly great in a spacious room and in a small living room .

In a minimalist style living room, a wallpaper with simple geometric shapes performs the trick.
Uncomplicated floral patterns on a light background are very effective.

Panoramic wallpaper with a view of the opening spaces is quite realistic and appealing. Unlike their predecessors, which went out of fashion a couple of decades ago, modern samples demonstrate striking clarity and are fascinating.

Those who choose a more relaxed, sophisticated style of interior can go with background wallpaper with motives of nature.

If the room lacks adequate light, the problem can be solved by wallpaper with a sunny summer or winter landscape.

When you use a drawing on the whole wall, it should not be blocked by any other elements of the interior. You should therefore remove any obstructing objects. However, if this is not possible, it is better to choose a small format for the wallpaper.

The panel with a night city view is ideal for a dynamic modern design.
Such a landscape greatly increases the space visually.

Bright wallpapers often dominate the room, so it is advisable to choose them only if the entire living room is minimalist or hi-tech.

Living room in high-tech style. In this setting, you will be able to observe harmony and highlight the main element.

For a living room in the classical style, it is advisable to choose background wallpaper that covers only a small part of the wall (panel). As in the bedroom, it is better to adhere to wallpaper with large or small flowers or other plant patterns.

The laconic style of the interior is complemented by exactly the same view of the sea shore.
Photo wallpapers in 3D effect

Photo wallpapers are certainly one of the most effective decorations of the interior. With their help, the smallest and most ordinary room is transformed into a magical and enchanting space. If you want to divert attention from unattractive elements such as furniture, just pick up a beautiful wallpaper, and the whole room will become stylish.

Advantages of photo wallpapers

  • Increase the space of the room.
  • Create an individual and unique style of the interior.
  • They help to realize bold, non-standard plans.
  • They help hide the defects of repair or furnishings.

Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Kitchen design and décor should be simply reliable and practical. In the old days, in every kitchen, the walls were exclusively tiled. People love tiles because they are long-lasting and easy to clean. Now, however, homeowners and designers are stepping out of the box and capitalizing on newer design options such as wallpaper.

Paper, vinyl or non-woven wallpaper in the kitchen quickly loses its original appearance, so it is better to go with other wallpaper alternatives.

Features of wallpaper for the kitchen:

  • Durability;
  • Not prone to dirt;
  • Practicality.

You can laminate the wallpaper to protect it from dirt. This technique will result in wallpaper with a simple smooth texture. Such wallpaper not only conveys a clear image but also allows you to clean easily. The laminated wallpaper is also durable and can easily be pasted with a new one if you desire a change.

Traditionally, most people chose wallpaper with large images of fruits, berries or flowers. However, in a small kitchen such a drawing will be inconvenient, so it is better to leave it for a spacious area.

A tiny kitchen will seem bigger with panoramic wallpaper covering the entire free wall. You can enhance the look if you opt for wallpaper with a background featuring a sea or blue sky.

In a small area it is important to maintain harmony of color and utilizing tricks that make the space appear larger. This entails combining the shades of furniture and wall decoration should be combined with each other.

The photo below provides an example of how you can effectively separate the working area from the sitting zone in a studio apartment.

An example of a modern kitchen, where everything is extremely simple and functional. Complement the wallpaper with the urban landscape or with a geometric pattern.

It is best to adhere to natural plants. However, avoid sharp contrasts and acid colors as they disturb the visual appearance.

The choice of photo wallpapers is critical. If they are effectively integrated into the interior, they have an amazing effect. Their themes and colors accurately express the taste and character of the house owners.

Wall-papers with a texture “host”.

The urban landscape expands the space.

Photos on the Wallpapers of Children’s Rooms

Kids have always love funny and colorful pictures. They are also loyal fans of wallpaper with cartoons. It is necessary to arrange a child’s room in a way that is interesting and captivating for the child. Nevertheless, children of different ages have different likes and interests, and they keep changing the older the child grows.

Below is a step-by-step guide to installing wallpapers in children’s rooms;

  • From birth to three years: For this age, choose wallpapers with small images that contain less than three primary colors.The figures should be simple and easily comprehensible. These can include trees or small flowers on a monophonic background.
  • From three years: You can add more complicated compositions to the wallpaper, but they too should be familiar and understandable to the kid.These may include images of cartoons like Winnie the Pooh, Cheburashka, or the heroes of “Well-wait!” Alternatively, simple wallpapers with images of funny animals harmoniously fit in children’s rooms, whether they are boys or girls. For children aged up to seven, you should avoid overloading the interior with numerous motley images.
  • From seven,the child already has their own ideas about beauty and décor, and they may want to implement them. Usually girls want rooms with wallpapers with princesses or fairies, and boys love wallpapers with toys or figures from action movies or cartoons. Preferably, the whole style of the room should correspond to the theme of the wallpaper. In a young lady’s room, it is advisable to use light and elegant furniture and light curtains. For boys, you can use interesting bed designs like a bed-car or a loft bed.
  • From ten, children enter puberty and their moods and desires undergo change.They start losing interest in previous loves like cartoons and toys and are more interested in adult objects and activities. You can choose wallpaper with a soothing sea theme, or any beautiful sights. At this age, the child already knows a lot, and has their dreams and goals. Additionally, the child already has hobbies and interests. You can try to translate it into the design of his room.

How to Decorate the corridor Walls with Wallpaper

The hallway begins the acquaintance with the house. Despite this fact, very few people attach importance to its design and decor. It is not always clear what kind of wallpaper to paste, or what color to use, so to achieve a beautiful, unpretentious and practical hallway. One way is by trimming all the walls with decorative plaster, and cover one with wallpaper.

Usually, difficulties arise with narrow corridors. In this case, the solution remains panoramic wallpaper with a perspective. However, remember to keep the walls as light as possible. In the corridor completely white or beige walls catch dirt easily, so it is better to make the lower part darker and the upper one lighter. This solution will in itself expand the space visually. If the wallpaper is illuminated, the corridor will appear even more spacious. The best lighting technique is to show the sconce on the wall or to equip the spotlights on the ceiling.

When choosing a landscape for the corridor, avoid the images that portray gloomy elements such as the night or a dark forest.

In summary, photo wallpapers can decorate all the rooms in the house. They help express the individuality and impeccable taste of the owners.