For most homes, the interior of the hallway is the first place guests see when they enter. If you want your home to make the most pleasant impression on your guests, it is not enough to just create a beautiful living room or kitchen. To really make an impression, you have to extend your efforts to the hallway. Go through this article to gain the most incredible ideas on sprucing up your hallway.

Handling Small Hallways

Of course, with small hallways, you can always make a dramatic redesign and gain a few more square meters. However, it is not always necessary to take such drastic measures since you can always play with a few design tricks to make it appear more spacious. First, to make the hallway look bigger, you require a light-colored floor. Using dark coating on the floors is not recommended as it visually narrows the space, unlike light-colored floors. The same goes for the walls. Even though dark details look stylish and impressive, avoid using them in excess in a small hallway, otherwise it will look cramped up.

Also, avoid cluttering the hallway with large furniture. Large furniture in a hallway, especially a small one, attracts unnecessary attention to the small dimensions of the room, narrowing it even further visually.

Planning for an Extra Small Hallway

If your apartment is designed in a way that the entrance hall is only a few meters large, you need not worry much about making it stylish and beautiful.

Decorating an extra small hallway may seem difficult but it is completely feasible. First of all, a small hallway must be modest and practical, so you need to choose light and simple furniture.

Also, you can use mirror accessories because they enlarge the space. Usually, a single mirror or one mirror wall will suffice. The mirror can also be built into the design of the room, for instance by attaching it to the door.

Still, it is even better if you completely do away with doors in the hallway. Professionals advise creating an arched passage from the hallway to the living room, a solution that looks especially stylish with a classic design.

Another important aspect to note with the hallway is the lighting. Since the hallway is the darkest part of the apartment, adequate lighting is needed. The ideal solution lies in lamps, which can be arranged in a row or other geometric pattern.

It is best to go with warm and bright shades as dark colors tend to make the space visually heavy.

How to Equip a Narrow Entrance Hall

You need to be extra careful when decorating narrow hallways because they are the hardest to decorate.

The ideal solution is to delineate the space into two separate zones, i.e.:

  • Hall
  • Hallway zone

You can create this distinction by using different lighting and different colors or shades for the two zones. So, the hall zone can be decorated in lighter tones and add lighting. The main accent should be the hall zone, whereas the hallway will only act as a passage.

Designers advise minimizing the amount of furniture in such hallways while emphasizing the décor details. Alternatively, you can decorate one of the walls extravagantly. This trick will draw attention to the decorated wall, deviating attention from the narrowness of the hallway.

As for the color combination, try to avoid dark colors as they only weigh down the hallway.

As for the tone, go with colors that are:

  • Bright,
  • Saturated,
  • “Juicy”.

If you are however uncomfortable with experimenting these ideas use pastel cream colors, since they refresh the room and make it look comfy.

Entrance Hall with Stairs

If you live in a huge penthouse, two-level apartment or a large storied house, then your hallway already has a wonderful zest. You only have to emphasize the special beauty of the design.

With such a large hallway you need not worry about space constraints or filling the hallway with furniture.

For such a home, the design of the hallway should match that of the staircase. So, for example, if the staircase is decorated in a classic wooden style, then decorating the hallway in hi-tech does not make sense. You can always go with a simple, classic look combined with modern elements.

However, if you have a staircase decorated in modern Art Nouveau style, then the classic style becomes an irrelevant combination.

Still, even in such a space, designers caution against oversaturating using a lot of décors, since doing so eliminates accents. For this setting, the highlight should always be the staircase and hallway, which complement each other. Therefore, when choosing furniture for your hallway, no matter how spacious it is, it is always safer to go with few, functional pieces, rather than clutter the space with unnecessary pieces.

Decorating the Hallway in a Traditional Russian-Style Home

Since traditional Russian-style apartments are small, their hallways are automatically small. Therefore, your main task is to deal with the space problem.

Lighting comes in handy in this scenario. Just a few light bulbs can turn a gloomy corridor into a lively space.

The second point to consider is choosing a color combination that can be supplemented by light décor and has the ability to create a cozy atmosphere. Designers recommend using bright color accents, whether a picture on the wall or just a part of the furniture. Such a bright spot might just be what your interior needs.

As for the flooring, the best choice is dark tiles.

  • First, dark tiles are very practical.
  • Secondly, these tiles look incredibly stylish in any type of interior.

Interior Corridor in a Private Home

Hallways in private homes have a special charm because unlike apartments, there’s no limit to what one can do with the hallway.

If the front door of your house is framed using glass, then you need not worry about inadequate lighting. Therefore, because such an entrance hall is well-lit by natural light, it is essential to keep the lighting minimal.  All you require is one light source for use at night. Designers recommend using diffused lighting in this setting.

Your interior should remain consistent throughout, so when designing your corridor follow the general concept and complement the design beautifully and concisely.

Corridor furniture should also be functional. You might consider;

  • A capacious wardrobe,
  • A bedside table for shoes.

These items are the basic essentials your corridor needs, but you can always make adjustments to suit your taste. For instance, you may place a bright umbrella stand and an ottoman near the door, which you can sit down on. You will be surprised at how much better your interior looks with such minor changes.

Also, natural wooden objects blend in well in this interior as they create the most suitable atmosphere for a nice, warm and organized house.

In general, when choosing items to complement the design, be guided by your inner sense of style. You want to fill the hallway with personal items like photos in small frames and a vase with fresh artisanal roses. All these accessories will only beautify your already beautiful corridor.

Selecting Furniture for the Anteroom

To properly choose furniture for a compact hallway room, you first need to clearly know the dimensions of the room, so you can be able to plan for it efficiently.

The best solution for small hallway rooms are closets, which combine a lot of shelves and niches. It’s easy to place outerwear, shoes and some small items that should be easily accessible, such as keys and bags.

Another important advantage of closets in anterooms is that one can hide the items contained in them just by shutting the door. The other advantages of anteroom closets are;

  • Convenience
  • Practicality
  • Functionally

These characteristics pretty much answer why such furniture is necessary for small spaces.

For such small rooms, it is advisable to avoid from many small items. One massive multipurpose furniture item is far better than several small pieces performing the same function.

Modular Furniture

Modular structures for hallways and corridors eliminate the stress of picking the right furniture. Modular furniture harmoniously combines a stand for keys and bags with a wardrobe, and pedestal for shoes.

Retailers offer a huge variety of such modular systems, which differ in material, quality and longevity. Modular furniture made of natural materials often work best.In addition, such materials are quite durable and will serve you properly for years or even decades.

Furniture made from low-quality wood is cheaper but won’t serve you for long. However, if you don’t have enough money for high-quality wood, you can resort to the furniture made from natural wood.


Compartment cases provide the easiest way to stylishly decorate the interior of the hallway while maintaining functionality.

You can create the most beautiful and stylish interior by selecting from a range of sizes, styles and colors.

If you need to further expand the space, pay particular attention to furniture with mirror doors. To make an even better visual impression, you can use wardrobes that have pictures on the exterior. Such a choice of furniture will draw attention to the hallway and add charisma.

Natural light shades are the optimal color solution for hallway furniture. Often, designers recommend discarding dark heavy structures in favour of light and natural ones.

Ultimately, the choice of furniture is up to you.

Wallpaper in the Hallway

When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, make sure you go with shades that are neither too dark nor too light. Very dark shades are the most important to avoid since they make the already dark hallway appear even darker.

As a general rule, the wallpaper must be coordinated with the hallway furniture. It is also important to consider the patterns on the wallpaper, because large ornaments can make a small hallway appear even smaller, but a narrow vertical strip can stretch the room visually.

Provided that you want to add more light to the room, we recommend using the technique that all designers use:

Stick dark wallpaper on the lower part of the walls, but for the top use light wallpapers. The patterns on both wallpapers should, however, stay the same.

And, of course, it goes without saying that the wallpaper you choose should fit the style of the room. For instance, if you choose massive wooden doors, dark parquet and dark furniture, extra bright wallpaper will be a ridiculous option.

The types of wallpaper you can choose include:

  • Textile;
  • Paper;
  • Non-woven fleece;
  • Vinyl;
  • Wallpaper for painting

If the hallway is wide, then almost all shades and colors will work. The wallpaper can be monophonic, have ornamental patterns (for example, in polka dots or stripes), or designs such as flowers. However, wallpapers with large patterns are unsuitable for long corridors. Instead, for such a corridor, you require wallpaper with neutral shades or simple patterns.

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