Even though you may spend more time in other parts of the house, the living room is the most important living space in the home, especially if you have a family. In this article we show you the top living room design trends from all across the world and photos to help you better visualize those ideas.

Arrange the Living Room to Fit Your Lifestyle

Interestingly, the main trend of 2018 is the personalized style.

While it has taken time for this trend to gain relevance, the style has started to gain popularity in 2018 as more people find traditional interiors boring and impractical.

The conceptual designs of living rooms in 2018 are being built around the personalities, interests, preferences and needs of the homeowners.

NB: Even if you want your living room to feature a design that looks absurd, you need not shy away from trying crazy ideas.

2018 Living Room Design: The70’s All Over Again

Juicy shades and intricate shapes are becoming a fashionable trend in the design of living rooms. This trend is reminiscent of the freedom-loving and stylish style of the 70’s.

The modern retro style creates the desire to recreate the interior of your grandparents’ home.

On the other hand, combining elements from the retro style of the 70’s with some modern items will dramatically improve your interior.

Mixing up design and décor elements means you are brave and creative and goes a long way in giving your living room an edgy vibe.

In any case, however, do not go overboard with the edginess and forget about your comfort and that of your family or guests.

After all, retro interiors are famed for their familiarity and coziness.

Finding a Practical Furniture Solution

One of the trendiest concepts of 2018 is using furniture that is capable of performing several functions at once.

This furniture may be as simple as a couch that transforms into a bed with a slight adjustment, or even wild and inconceivable pieces that yield promise of serving multiple purposes in the living room. You may be better off acquiring functional furniture from designers.

The photos below illustrate some creative examples of multipurpose functional furniture.

In the West, “smart furniture” is the latest trend. Such furniture is represented by a wide range of furniture lines, including;

  • Built-in home offices
  • Children’s furniture that can transform
  • Headsets with hidden storage systems

We recommend that you pay attention to furniture with illumination. With different lighting scenarios, you can easily switch up the style of the room without having to actually change anything in the room.

Fact: Designer furniture is a great solution for any small apartment.

2018 Novelties: Multi-level Coffee Tables

As you will learn in this section, a table can be a work of art.

Since the functionality of coffee tables is a very integral factor, in 2018, many designers are trying to step up from just providing functional coffee tables to creating tables with sculpture and deep aesthetic filling.

Multi-tiered coffee table opens for us in 2018 on the new side.

Soft Velvet and Rough Leather

According to design experts, velvet is the main material being used for upholstery sets in the living room in 2018. Velvet is additionally a great material to use in the living room because of its softness.

If you use velvet upholstery in combination with rounded forms of the 70’s and a rich modern palette you will get an absolutely fascinating end result.

This option particularly appeals to those who are tired of the tasteless Soviet and European décor styles of the 90’s.

A worthy and no less popular alternative to the mimic plush of velvet is skin, which works best in the most natural brown shades. You can effortlessly combine skin materials like leather with both warm and cold palettes and shades. Skin materials like real leather are also superior because of their extraordinary longevity. Because of this quality, equipping your interior with leather items can be a worthwhile investment.

Modern Ideas: Dark and Open

For hard furniture like cabinets and other storage systems, designers are recommending giving preference to dark shades instead of light ones.

So space does not appear visually heavy, discard closed walls and cabinets in favor of open shelves.

Shelves can occupy the entirety of the wall or some part of it, while the rack can act as a partition between different zones.

Leaving Behind Sharp Corners

In 2018, more restrained and delicate ovals are taking the place of impulsive and defiant triangular shapes.

These shapes can be found on carpets, curtains and even on individual items of upholstered living room furniture.

Ovals are not as dynamic as triangles, but much more interesting than circles or rectangles. Using various “oval” combinations, you can achieve unexpected yet amazing visual effects.

Elegant Watercolors: A 2018 Must-Have!

Transparency and lightness are the words that come to mind when mentioning watercolors.

Watercolors, when used on the walls, are a fashionable idea.

However, there are more ways you can use watercolors in your interior, such as;

  • Modular pictures
  • Wall panels
  • Watercolor wall painting

If your living room lacks romanticism, femininity, or tenderness then by all means, experiment this trend. We assure you that you’ll have amazing results.

Fashionable Interior: Immersing Your Living Room in New, More Adventurous Facades

Gray has more than 50 shades, and 50 Shades of Grey’s Christian Gray isn’t even one of them!

Gray is already a really chic trend of 2018.

The essence of the concept is that the same space uses varying shades of the same color. Due to the overlapping of the colors on each other, space comes to life and appears more profound, multifaceted and interesting.

With this style, you immerse yourself in color layer by layer and discover for yourself the colors in new facades. This process is endless!

Such an interior will never cease to amaze you!

Agate Wallpapers

Agate wallpapers have gained dominance among creative people and lovers of art.

Unobtrusive and surprisingly complex agate patterns, according to many designers, are the ideal option for creating an accent wall.

Look closely at the photos of this trend. Maybe you’ll realize these pieces are just what you have been looking for.

Artistic Lamps

Lamps have long ceased to be just practical and boring pieces.

This year, unusual lighting, chandeliers and especially sconces are the most popular lighting choices.

Tired of choosing between cold white and warm yellow? Give preference to blue, red, and even green lighting.

As you will realize in the following photos, this concept is not just possible but has the ability to defy your expectations in the best way possible.

Black laconic loft luminaries on a long cord are still relevant but are homeowners are slowly edging them out of the living room.

However, in 2018, you also don’t need to struggle with chandeliers and other suspended lighting fixtures if you are not entirely into the idea.

In 2018, it’s time to replace ceiling fixtures with wall mounting.

The result will be a cozy and soothing living room.

Carpet Mold

Perhaps, one of the strangest living room trends for 2018 is the use of faded carpets.

Nevertheless, these carpets have numerous advantages. For instance, they bring interesting vibes to modern interiors and add some mystery and authenticity.

However, on the downside, a faded carpet might look worn out in a few years.

Nevertheless, is up to you to decide whether you want to try this trend or not.