The bedroom is important as it provides intimacy and relaxation.

However, you cannot achieve proper intimacy or relaxation if the bedroom is uncomfortable.

Also, as the times progress, so should your bedroom.

To allow you to stay abreast with modern evolving bedroom design and decor, our editorial team has specially prepared 130 photos of the best modern bedroom design ideas of 2018. You can implement these ideas as they are, or add your own unique twist.

Fashionable Beds

Just like a kitchen cannot exist without a stove, a bedroom cannot exist without a bed (unless you are a 100-year-old vampire).

For relaxation, you can choose from a wide range of furniture, from a sofa, a folding chair, a hammock and even a loft bed.

Still, if you want a really comfortable, stylish, refined and elegant bedroom, you’d better go with a traditional double or single bed.

The most fashionable beds for 2018 feature;

Bright and soft headboards

Juicy velvet colors – the favorite of 2018!

Just imagine how visually pleasant this headboard would be in your bedroom.

Incorporating a bright headboard into the design of your bed is a great way to add fresh colors and rich hues to your bedroom without having to do much.

In addition, you can plenty of tutorials on YouTube, which can teach you how to create a unique and personalized headboard.

Low and Modest Headboard

An alternative option for using a headboard is using a bed with a low headboard or one that doesn’t have a headboard at all. This is the best solution if you don’t want the headboard to destruct the eye from other elements in the room.

This solution is also perfect for those who like to focus on finishing materials rather than furniture.

Beds with a Canopy

What could be better than a warm, soft and cozy bed?

The right answer is nothing, because nothing can match a warm, soft and cozy bed.

To comply with 2018 trends, use bed canopies with cubic designs.

You are probably wondering why you should get a bed with a canopy.

Well, a canopy is advantageous for several reasons, including;

  • A canopy acts as an additional protection against sunlight (and sometimes from mosquitoes)
  • Canopies make the bedroom cozier and more elegant at the same time
  • Curtain canopies are easy to change according to the time of year, spicing up the image of your bedroom from time to time

If these reasons don’t convince you, how about using canopies simply because of their beauty.

Take a look below for more types of canopies!

If your apartment has a low ceiling, you can attach the canopy directly to the ceiling with the help of a ceiling cornice.

Metal Beds: A Shift from Traditional Wooden Beds

Traditionally, most beds are made out of wood. The disadvantage with this is that designers now find it hard to create unique and special beds out of wood.

In 2018, beds made from wrought iron are the new trend.

Moreover, modern technology allows you to create a unique design of a wrought iron bed in a relatively affordable way.

Furniture Novelties: 2018 Essentials for a Stylish Bedroom

Creating a trendy bedroom design does not end with just choosing an amazing bed.

The interior of the bedroom can be refreshed or radically changed with the help of other pieces of furniture and decor. Luckily for you, you can add most these other pieces of furniture to spruce up your bedroom without necessarily having to buy a new bed.

Some of the most stylish bedroom design and décor trends for 2018 include;

Metallic Beds

Metallic beds are the new trend, like discussed in the previous section. Metallic beds can be supplemented with other furniture made from metal, such as bedside tables, chairs and the dressing table.

The uncompromising leader among the bedroom décor trends of 2018 is metallic bedside  lamps.

These lamps can be forged, cast, chrome, matt, as long as they are made out of metal.

In addition, the more creative and non-standard your lighting will be, the more breathtaking the overall look of the metallic elements.

With regard to lighting, you should preferably replace the traditional sconces with low-placed ceiling lights. This way, your bedroom will definitely become more original and exclusive than before.

Muffled lighting is important not only for reading, but also for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and peace.

Author’s night tables

Bedside tables are necessary for holding items such as books, phones and glasses, as well as for displaying décor items like flowers.

NB:By the way, did you know that you need to make outlets near the bed?

Just as the author’s coffee table is the trendiest piece in the design of the living room in 2018, in the bedroom, this table still rules, masquerading as an author’s bedroom bedside table.

Get a design cabinet as a highlight of your bedroom, if you do not have room for bulky non-functional accessories.

Artistic cabinets

Another fascinating bedroom décor trend in 2018 is cabinets with facades that resemble those of art pieces.

If your bedroom has a storage system, it should ideally be built into the design. At the same time, it should serve as a bright accent for your bedroom, just like in these photos.

Bedroom Lounging Area

Creating an area in the bedroom where people can hang out and talk is also a new trend in the 2018 bedroom design.

After all, you can relax in ways other than just lying in your bed.

Put in your room a couple of armchairs or sofa, so you can relax in new ways or even hang out and talk, say, with your partner.

Dark Furniture

The general trend of this season is a return to dark furniture. This applies not only to the bedroom, but also to the design of the apartment in 2018 as a whole.

For several years, the concept of dark furniture for the bedroom was disregarded and even discouraged by design experts, but in 2018, the concept has turned into a trend.

The universality of black furniture makes decoration easy as you can complement the dark furniture with virtually any shade.

If you have no idea on decorating a room with dark furniture, go with the simple concept of black and white monochrome interiors, which will always be fashionable and relevant!

Modern Principles of Decorating a Bedroom

The overall relaxing atmosphere is what matters in the design of the individual bedroom interior.

Here are the most beloved bedroom decor ideas of 2018.


Who would have thought that a visible sense of ‘ruggedness’ in the bedroom design would be a décor trend?

Concrete walls, a dark palette of colors, metal furniture, untreated textures, all of which are hallmarks of the loft, have made their way to the bedroom. This year, in a fashionable “concrete loft” style, the bedroom décor can be executed in shades of gray.

This style is, however, for the edgy and adventurous. To the average person, the idea of a loft-style bedroom may sound uncomfortable.

Optical illusions

A static interior is admittedly boring.

A new trend of line dynamics fixes the boringness of static interiors through aspects such as the variability of light scenarios, furniture-transformers and optical illusions!

The simplest yet most unusual way to achieve optical illusions in the bedroom by incorporating mirrored surfaces and loosening up on the use of colors.

You can try this and be certain that the result will surpass your expectations!

Accent Wall Made of Wood

For lovers of nature and natural materials, a wooden accent wall in the bedroom would just be perfect!

A stylish trend in the interior design of bedrooms in 2018 is the decoration of the accent wall with natural wood, as you can see in these amazing pictures.

Well, you can see that wooden accent walls transform the interior beautifully.

Light Ombre Shades

Light ombre shades in the bedroom help create smooth transitions from shade to shade, helping establish a sense of peace and tranquility in the bedroom.

The watercolor technique is a rather unusual but effective way of painting walls, especially on textiles.

The main advantages of watercolors are that they are light and weightless, melting and dissolving seamlessly other shades.

Monochrome Palettes

Adding a layer on top of another layer or a shade on a shade is a great way of spicing up the interior of a modern bedroom.

Gray truly has 50 shades, and you can choose which one(s) to use in your bedroom!

You can take as a basis any color and dive into it deeper and deeper.

But more often than not, designers use cool shades in the bedroom.

Creative Chaos

The interior must be alive!

A bedroom in a ‘creative chaos’ style often features chic-ness, glitter, beauty and minimal signs pf life.

Therefore it is quite logical, if in your bedroom you forego traditional elements like the bedside table, organize components freely rather than in a strict sequence, and place objects in places 0ther than where they are traditionally placed. For instance, tropical ferns can hang on the walls whereas flower rest by the window as opposed to on the bedside table!

However, do not overdo it! Easy creative disorder and a pigsty are far from the same.