What qualifies as an ideal bathroom for you? Before you answer, read through this article and perhaps, your definition of the ideal bathroom may change (for the better of course) by the end of this article.

For many people, there is nothing better than a beautiful bathroom. This article is essentially a collection of the most, in our opinion, outstanding bathroom projects, which anyone is bound to fall in love with.

Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas

Floor with Bulk Pebbles

Do you want a bathroom that stands out? Why not try out a floor installation with bulk pebbles. As you can see in the photo below such a floor is bound to infuse a unique touch to your bathroom.

Artistic Sinks

With an artistic sink like the one in the above photo, any bathroom will have a breath of life. The main factor to consider when installing such a sink is right lighting.  The beauty of such a sink only captures the eye when the bathroom is adequately lit.

Mismatched Decor

In the bathroom below the designer combined simple yet seemingly mismatched elements – a dark blue accent wall, white marble and wooden facades for a hanging pedestal under the sink. Despite the mismatched and simple elements, the overall end result has an alluring and inspiring effect.

If you don’t already live by the sea perhaps someday you might, then you can play around with these elements until you find what works for you.

Bathrooms with Phytostenes

At first glance, this bathroom looks simple and ordinary, but upon further examination, one notices how seamlessly the different and seemingly incompatible materials blend together.

Simple Functional Bathrooms

This photo portrays a delicate and powdery yet extremely functional bathroom for an elegant and mature woman.

Country Bathroom

This next bathroom is an absolutely brilliant variant for the country. In such a bathroom you can safely and beautifully use old furniture and other old décor items that had lost their purpose.

The first elements that capture the eye in this bathroom are the steep walls, mirror, sink and alluring lighting.

Using Natural Materials in the Bathroom

Lovers of natural materials such as stone and brick will, without a doubt, appreciate the natural charm copper brings to the bathroom.

Design of a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom portrays the eco-design concept in all its glory. Everything in the bathroom fits exactly where it should be and the advantage is that it is easy to clean.

Some of these bathrooms, while architecturally unusual, come out quite stylishly.

Your bathroom can easily become a special intimate and peaceful space, depending on how you design and decorate it.

This bathroom shows an example of the coolest choice of wall decoration. Isn’t the poster behind the glass just gorgeous?

This next photo also demonstrates an owner with exquisite taste.

The saturated green beautifully acts as a highlight in this bathroom. Another cool solution is the tile rotated at 45 degrees.

In this bathroom, every other element revolves around the mirror. It is a fairly ordinary occurrence when one subject gives birth to an entire interior.

This bathroom has an interesting choice of tiles and lamps, which steal all the attention in the room.

Modern Bathroom Design

The bathroom is a great place to express your loves and desires.

Gold is a controversial material for the interior, and not everyone likes it, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want it in your bathroom. However, aged gilding and marble are the perfect duets.

This shower has a unique and edgy floor, made from shiny coins.

This bathroom is the perfect illustration of combining marble and concrete in the bathroom.

The next bathroom is very feminine while maintaining a mature and charismatic vibe.

Isn’t this small, bright and unusual bathroom just delightful? And yes, it has a window.

Fans of the loft style understand why this bathroom is a masterpiece.