black table with wooden pine chairs

When it comes to home decor, Scandinavian design has appealed to audiences in the US and Canada, and it is still gaining popularity over other styles. One of the main reasons for the widespread demand for this type of design is its sense of “democracy”. Scandinavians came up with this idea of creating products for home decor that are beautiful and functional, yet affordable and accessible. This concept design applies to all parts of the house, especially the kitchen. In this sense, the Scandinavian kitchen design offers an elegant space with a lot of functionality features for everyday use.

People who decide to go for Scandinavian design for their kitchen are mostly seeking the clean lines and elegance this style delivers. These characteristics originate from the Scandinavian belief of “just the right amount”, which differentiates this style from minimalism or country. The last two either lack a few elements or are too ornamented. Among the many principles of Scandinavian kitchen design are:

  • Prevalence in the use of colors like black, gray and white. There are also some dark colors present, like navy and forest green. In addition, there might be some nature wood surfaces on table tops or other types of furniture.
  • Most of the patterns are solid, or with very clean, geometrical shapes. Moreover, patterns are mostly present on accessories instead of on more important furniture or appliances.
  • Design is modern and effortless. It should be so simple that it seems it was done without too much thinking.
  • Functionality is the main key for design. Beautiful objects are not just ornaments, they are created to make life better, and the kitchen more beautiful. Therefore, it is common to have a special design for kitchen utensils, dishware and appliances.

The Scandinavian kitchen design brings a touch of simplicity and elegance to your house, without compromising function and beauty.

white stone tiles on the floor with white kitchen cabinet with table with cooker and some shelves

kitchen with white table and red door with some bars chais

white cabinet with brouwn dinner table with candle bra and wooden floor

blck or white table with 2 lanterns

black kitchen cabinet with marble grey floor

diiner set of table and four white chair with chandlier on it

wooden ledder to the first floor with white cooker on the kitchen

of the white color with two bar chairs on the scandinavian kitchen with a white freezer and fridge

white color kitchen cabinet with marble color wooden floor

wall white painted with black kitchen surface with black carpet on the kitchen white wooden floor

black door to the kitchne white glass round windo in the middle with white boards with wooden laminated floor

steel cooker with picture on the wall and freezer in the corner with dinner set

scandinavian wooden effect kitchen with wooden chairs ans som pillows or cushions on the sofa

scandinavian kitchne with wooden cabinet and metal surface

black cabinet in the white kitchen with soft chair around square table