sheleves with bottles of wine under the wooden stair

Stair shelves are becoming an ever more popular way of maximizing the storage capabilities of homes around the world. Stair shelves exploit the dead space under staircases by converting it into a useful, yet stylish storage area. Not only can you save enormous amounts of space by having stair shelves installed, you may be pleasantly surprised by how fashionable these systems can be. These systems can range from very simple and hardly noticeable storage solutions, to extravagant works of art. People use these shelving systems for many purposes varying from practical storage and organization to adding a unique and stylish focal point for their home. What ever you style or needs may be, there is certainly a stair shelving system that is perfect for you.

Stair shelves can come in many different styles, offering a wide range of storage solutions. There are simplistic styles like standard wall mounted shelving installed below an open staircase or installing cubby hole shelving into a walled in staircase. There are even more complex variations to allow for the incorporation of classic spiral staircases. Cabinet style shelving systems have proven to be an excellent way to store and organize unsightly items such as cleaning supplies, pet supplies or kids toys without a drastic change to the appearance of the home.

Classic style homes can benefit from a cozy reading nook with ample storage or a neat place for keepsakes and family photos. More modern homes can add a sleek and functional shelving system to showcase works of art in a creative new way or add value to the home with a beautiful and unique design. Extravagant and original stair shelve shelves have become a major focal point in many homes around the world. No matter your budget or taste, you are sure to find a stair shelves style that is right for you.

sheleves under the stait at home

space near the stair as a book keeper sheleves

white sheleves with books under the home ledder

soace under the stair as a place for keeping some home staff with doors

space under the stait as a chest of drawres

sheleves with books under the home stair

drawers with footwear under the wooden stair

storage space under the stair at home

hiiden sheleves under the stair

drawers made in every step of stair

kitchen hidden under the stair

sheleves with bottles of wine under the wooden stair

shelev with clothes and umrellas under the stair