violet Hollywood Regency bedroom With big mirroa on the wall

The Hollywood Regency decorating style, a popular home interior design style popular in the 30s, is quickly making a comeback. With the glamour and elegance this decorating style carries, its popularity is sure called for. Although this style is mostly popular with the rich and famous, you can achieve it even on a stringent budget.

The first simple way is by adding some classing pieces to the bedroom. These include classic paintings, Hollywood-design vintage furniture and things like lamps, dressing tables and mirrors. The mirrors should be exotic and shiny. Carved mirrors are especially great for creating an elegant Hollywood Regency look for the bedroom.

Add luxurious furnishing for an even better look. These include velvet drapes, thick sculpted carpets and silk lampshades. Accessories made out of fabric that stands out adds all the glitz and glamour required for a Hollywood Regency look.

The Hollywood Regency look also requires a lot of lacquer. The colors of the furniture and accessories need to be very bright. You can achieve this by buying lacquered furniture or lacquering the existing furniture by spraying it with super glossy spray paint. The bed and other bedroom furniture should be lacquered, curvy and simple.

The bed needs to be outlined against window walls of soft silk or velvet drapings. On the bed, use patterned and flowery bedding. The pillows should be patterned too. You can use red, ivory or other brightly-colored and patterned pillows. For a full Hollywood Regency bedroom effect, use two or more pairs of pillows, in contrasting patterns, textures and colors. A single pair does not bring out the look. Also make sure not to overdo the patterns.

Additionally, this look is all about the accessories and artifacts. Invest in antique items, ornate mirrors, Chinese vases and bamboo patterns. The upholstery, on the other hand, should be lined cleanly.

Since this look is all about bright colors, the entire bedroom needs to be bright, not just the furniture and accessories. Paint your walls in bright colors, like blue, yellow or green. A marble floor is also a good choice. The best color choices for this look are yellow, Chinese red, apple green and turquoise. However, for an ancient Hollywood feel, faded colors are the best. These include peacock blue, pale gold and tomato red.

Also personalize the bedroom to give it a personal and homely feeling. You can add a vase of flowers on the dressing pattern, have a bright patterned rug or carpet by the bed or an ancient painting of your choice.

Hollywood Regency marble velvet sofa

Hollywood Regency stripped crossed blanket

Hollywood Regency Idea with black false fur

Hollywood Regency withh striped walls black and white

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Double bed with regency colors

Hollywood Regency Bedroom with big soft double bed

white linen on the bed in the Hollywood Regency Bedroom

Zebra LInen in the Hollywood Regency Glamour Bedroom

Modern desogn Hollywood Regency Idea in the east

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violet Hollywood Regency bedroom With big mirroa on the wall

Hollywood Regency Bedroom with big french window

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Hollywood Regency White Colors Soft Bedroom with the shhepskin carpet on the floor