How to Divide Studio Apartment Room ?

Whether you live alone or with a roommate, in a condo or in a studio apartment there’s never enough space. If you are living in a confined space you are not doomed. There are many ways to open up the space and make your living conditions more comfortable. Here are some tips on how studio apartment room dividers can help you conquer claustrophobia.
There are different types and ways to divide you space by using:

  • Shelves
  • Curtains
  • Panels
  • Folding screens

Framed shelves are a good way to open up space and place all your books, plants, mementoes or even a TV in one area of your apartment. This way you will create a warm and welcoming environment without all the junk laying around everywhere. If you put up shelves on one side of the entrance you can create a convenient hallway with a lot of storage space. It’s also a great divider of the living area and the bedroom. If you are worried that closed shelves are making your place too dark use open bookcases to let the natural light in.

Curtains are always in fashion and you have a huge range of styles and colors available in the market. White or beige colors will truly open up any space, but you can always spice things up with some and bold colors. If you yearn for some privacy you can install ceiling-mounted curtains around the bed.
Sliding panels are perfect for separating sleeping area from the living room. Creating a small closet is as easy as putting a sliding panel in a corner of your bedroom. If there are people visiting, you can always change in the closet as if you are in a shopping mall change cabin. You can also use it as a projection screen and enjoy a movie night in your bedroom.

Folding screens are very practical and decorative for any apartment. If you wish to section your apartment without having to make any serious changes folding screens your best option. They come in different colors and styles vary between traditional and modern, for everybody’s taste. Many people use them as studio apartment room dividers because they are extremely affordable and easy to move around so you can improvements to your place whenever you feel like it.

studio room colored wall divider

studio divider between lounge and the kitchen

studio divider made from wood with sheleves for books

asina stydi with fence divider

yellow divider in the studio

studio room made as wall with shelevs for clothes and footwear

chest of drawer as a divides int studio room

white curtain as a divider itne h room with green sofa

divider wall in the studion with two windows

wall with false fireplace as a room divider

Curtain from a rood materisl a s divider for a bedroom zone

tv stand an a tv as a room divider from dining room

white curtain as a room divider for a double bed