bank bed with ledder and light on the first floor

Deciding to get a bunk bed is always a good idea. Not only do they save space greatly, they also add a playful and unique air to your home. Bunk beds are not just for kids, there are a lot of ways one can transform adult bunk beds to create an interesting and bold look.

Metallic bunk beds always have a way of spicing up the room. Wooden beds are too mainstream, therefore a metallic bunk bed is a good choice. The good think about metallic bunk beds is that they can be painted in a variety of bright colors, like green, white and yellow. The bright color livens up the room.

Alternatively, to spice up the bunk bed, you can add a twist to the stairs. Since the main idea of a bunk bed is to save space, you can transform the stairs by adding cabinets or a little closet at the rear end of the stairs, so that you can use the stairs at the front for climbing and at the back, you have a cabinet where you store your belongings. The stairs don’t necessarily have to be straight. You can have them designed in a twirling or other irregular shapes.

You can also have an in-built bookshelf or workstation in the bunk bed to add elegance and style. The bookshelf can be attached at the end of the bed. Alternatively, you can design an upper bunk only and transform the lower space into a closet, workstation or bookshelf.

The trick to making a room with a bunk bed look attractive lies in the accessories. Accessorize the room as far as you can. Rather than getting uniform bedding and furniture, buy mismatched bedding, curtains and other accessories. While uniform bedding gives the room a clean and neat look, this look can be boring to the eye. The mismatched look is better and more attractive.

Also, instead of buying a bunk bed, have it constructed and attached to a wall in the room you want. This way, the bed does not need stands for support. Instead, you get a bunk bed and under the bottom bunk, you can have a cabinet or shelves for storage.

The platform bunk bed is another awesome idea. It gives the room a cottage look. It is also easier to get multiple bunk beds in the same room with this look. This setting also gives the user an easy time while changing bedding on the upper bunk.

bank bed with ledder and light on the first floor

dark wood bank bed with ehite linen

wooden bank bed with blue sofa on the bottom

double bank bed made of oak wood with chestdraw and wooden ledder

nicely done bank bed with ledder on the left side

double bank bed with double matrasse on it

toq double bank bed made from pine

double and single bank bed int he bedroom

metal bank bed with the bed and blue sofa

bank bed cabinet with chest of drawers

bank bad hostel made from solid wood

pine bank bed with striped matrasse on it and chest of drawers ont he right side

adult hostel with 2tow double bank beds made from cleared wood

real brown bank bed with two matresses on it

 light made bank bed with drawers and small nightstone

two double bank bed with matrasse and bed linen on them