Revolutionary solution for walls: peel and stick backsplash

Contemporary design recognizes beauty in simplicity. That is why manufacturers gained a freedom to produce pretty, inexpensive and easy means for DIY solutions. One of such fabulous means is peel and stick backsplash, self-adhesive tile sheets for simple and quick renovation of your walls in kitchen, bathroom and other spaces.

While installing traditional ceramic or glass wall tile can prove a hard task for a newbie, the advantage of faux tiles is that you should not have any special skills. What you need is simply measure your walls, cut tiles correspondingly, remove the protective paper on the adhesive and stick it to the walls. It will take no longer than two hours to entirely renovate your walls without dirt and mess from mortar and exposies.

However, we should mention that sometimes people reported that the self-adhesive tiles that were already stuck to the walls unexpectedly fall down after some time. That could happen because the walls had too slick surface. If such happens to your tiles do not panic. Use the liquid nails to firmly adjust the tiles and sleep tight.

Several words should be said about the maintenance.  The faux tiles are very much alike the ceramic tiles: they are waterproof, humidity and heat resistant. The peel and stick backsplash is easily washed and cleaned, the same way as the real tiles.

What is also inspiring is that you can create your personal masterpiece of a room selecting among hundreds of variants and wide palette of chic patterns of available tiles: from glass to metal. Pleasant cost, easy installation and effective result – why not trying?