In conversations about kitchen countertops, people commonly name solid, stone or wooden materials, like granite, marble, laminate, quartz, while seldom mention such elegant and at the same time strong material as glass. If you are seeking for really smart and unique style, then the glass countertops in all of their varieties is at you service. The glass creates a special atmosphere in the room – light, airy, contemporary – on the contrary to the impression made by its stone competitors.

Glass is well suited for both the kitchen and the bathroom. One of the benefits of glass countertops that makes them unique is that almost each one is exclusively made to fit the customer needs. The glass is presented in multiple variations: translucent or colored, smooth or texturized. You can select the thickness of the countertop and its brightness (aqua, turquoise and other shades of blue) to create different impressions depending on your idea.

If the reliability and other usability characteristics are as much important for you as the look then you should know that glass countertops are durable, heat- and stain-resistant, easy to maintain and suite almost any interior. Manufactures affirm that the glass countertops are scratch-resistant, nevertheless, it’s better not to use them as a cutting surface, selecting for these purpose special cutting boards.

Among the latest trends, there are recycled glass and colored glass that looks really fab. You can select from browns, blues, greens and other colors that suit your kitchen color palette.Recycled glass is an eco-friendly and very pretty option that will find favor from everybody.

As for the price, glass countertops cost almost the same as granite. However, if your budget is moderate, you can think about combining a glass countertop with another less expensive surface to make a great design solution and save the money. Such decision will make the glass countertop an eye-catching accent in your kitchen. Combine the glass countertop with some other glass decorative elements, and you‘ll get an absolutely special design.












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