25 beautiful Scandinavian kitchen designs

Want to create the kitchen of your dreams? How about you try the Scandinavian style? In this article we show you 25 beautiful Scandinavian kitchen designs, as well as educating you on their main features and sharing practical decorating tips.   With each passing day, the Scandinavian style is gaining increasing popularity here in Russia

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Kitchen Tiles: 13 Captivating Ideas for Aprons

The choice of tiles as the main material for finishing the kitchen is gaining popularity. In this article, we aim to show you why you should choose tiles for finishing your kitchen, as well as providing guidance on the types of tiles that best fit different styles of kitchen aprons, in both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

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Planning and Decorating a 7-Square Meter Kitchen in 9 Steps

Do not know how to fit everything you need in a kitchen area of ​​7 square meters? We have prepared for you a 9-step guide with tips and 60 photo-ideas that will help you make your kitchenette beautiful and functional. Step 1. Create a redevelopment plan Redevelopment is not necessary for all kitchenettes and not always,

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Kitchen design

The kitchen in a private house can be large or small, detached or combined.  Often, it has an irregular shape and features like ceiling beams, a dormer, a boiler and access to a terrace. There are a lot of conditions to be taken into account in the design of a private house kitchen. In this piece,

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Design and layout of a square kitchen

A square shaped kitchen can come in different arrangements including; One-row arrangement of furniture L-shaped (angular) arrangement of furniture U-shaped kitchen Kitchen with island Kitchen with a peninsula Some Useful Details To Note The square shape is the most suitable for the kitchen, including the small kitchen. Of course, a lot depends on the size, but in

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Tips for a stylish Gzhel-style kitchen

Tips Tip 1. Combine Gzhel with classic, "rustic" or Scandinavian styles Tip 2. Dilute the blue-and-white scale Tip 3. Combine gzhel with motifs of Delft or blue-white Chinese porcelain Tip 4. Keep in mind the feeling of the measure Tip 5. A large Gzhel ornament is appropriate for the walls of a large kitchen, but

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Design of kitchen area of 25-30 square meters

A kitchen area of ​​25-30 square meters allows you to carry out a lot of planning, decorating and technical capabilities, but at the same time leaves a lot of questions. Moreover, often, such a spacious room is used as a multifunctional and not utilitarian space - as a kitchen-dining room, kitchen-living room or even a kitchen-dining-living

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Golden color in the interior of the kitchen

6 secrets of gold color application Finish Kitchen furniture Technique and plumbing Decor and Accessories Finishing materials, furniture and accessories of gold color have unlimited decorative possibilities. With their help, the interior can become traditional or ultra-modern, respectable or unfortunately, simply tasteless. In this material, we show and tell you what principles need to be followed

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Galley kitchen

Traditionally, ‘galley kitchen’ was a term given to kitchens in ships and aircrafts. In many cases, these kitchens are small and therefore present serious design and space utilization challenges. Over the years, however, the galley kitchen concept has shifted from aircrafs and sea vessels and into homes. The concept is especially gaining ground among homeowners

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Open Shelving Kitchen Design Ideas

Many people have traditionally shied away from adopting open shelving ideas for their kitchen designs. Instead, most people prefer canbinets for their kitchens. However, as you browse through this article, you will fall in love with the beauty of open shelving. Here are some concepts you might put into use. Open shelving in the kitchen

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Kitchen Lighting Ideas: The Best Lighting Fixtures for the Kitchen

The function of the kitchen has evolved immensely over the years. A room that was commonly used to solely prepare meals now serves many more functions that transcend just food preparation. Many families now eat in the kitchen, as well as holding discussions and having entertainment. It is for this simple reason that it is

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White Kitchen Ideas That Will Remain Stylish

The use of white in the kitchen of all places is an idea frowned upon by many. Not many homeowners are open to adopting a white color scheme for their kitchen, mainly because of the daunting challenges that arise when it comes to mantaining cleanliness. However, many will agree that a white kitchen is a

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Unique Kitchen Countertop Designs You Can Adopt

Kitchen countertops are the ultimate way to make your kitchen stand out. Choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen is never easy, given the many different materials and designs out there. Most kitchen countertops make use of materials such as stone, glass and wood. If you want to create a unique countertop for your kitchen,

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Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Need to Know About

Kitchen backsplashes are a major part of most kitchen designs. Not only does the kitchen backsplash protect the walls of the kitchen from dirt and damage, the backsplash also makes the kitchen more attractive. The traditional and most common material of choice for kitchen backsplash is tile. However, if you would like for your kitchen

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Unique Kitchen Cabinet Designs You Can Adopt Easily

Kitchen cabinets are an important part of the kitchen because of the different functions they serve and also because they determine the appearance of the kitchen. By having unique kitchen cabinets, you can create a unique kitchen. Here are some ways you can achieve this; Contemporary kitchen cabinets combined with glass shelving Who

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