The kitchen dining table is the heart of any home, a piece of furniture that and helps create happy moments and private and intimate conversations.

Like any other aspect of the home, the kitchen table comes in many different styles. In this article, we provide photos of design ideas for the kitchen table. You will definitely find these photos very helpful in navigating through different styles of the kitchen table.

In any case, shopping for the perfect kitchen table can be exhausting. These tables come in so many options that it is difficult to decide which one is best suited for your needs or that of your family.

As you will learn from the photo gallery below, kitchen equipment and décor, including the table,largely depends on general interior trends, be it timeless classics or temporary trends.

Wood – The Basis of Kitchen Design

A wooden kitchen table is the most traditional solution for kitchen interiors. A wooden table with a lacquered, matte or glossy surface fits into almost any interior: classic, country or aristocratic.The choice of color depends on fashion trends, tastes and desires of home owners, as well as their understanding of beauty. A wooden table is always a good choice, transforming the kitchen into a warm and cozy space.

Selecting wood as the material of choice for the kitchen table does not just end there. One has to additionally think about the type of wood, durability of the wood, its functionality and its ability to leave a memorable impression.

Composite wood furniture is both durable and economical but less strong than softwood and hardwood furniture. Examples of soft and hard wood include;

  • Pines;
  • Walnut
  • Maple;
  • Oak;
  • Cherries;
  • Teak;
  • Birch;
  • Mahogany.

Type of wood use

A wooden table is easy to maintain and can always be refreshed through grinding and vanishing.

Another option of revamping old wooden furniture is through the use of a veneer. This is a centuries-old technique in which thin cuts of wood are glued to coniferous wood to form composite materials. Composite wood resembles solid wood, but costs much less.

Designing the kitchen to have a table island is an interesting idea that can inspire and make a special impression. It corresponds to the fashionable and timeless trend of a farmer’s style country kitchen. Tables for such interiors are best made from pine or oak.

A table made of heat-treated wood, which beats the industrial theme, is an original idea whose aesthetic designers and consumers are only beginning to realize. Any scratches or dents on the surface of the tabletop are transformed into spectacular design elements that appeal even to the most stubborn eye.

The desire to have wooden furniture is reasonable, particularly because the use of wood signifies a connection to nature. In addition, the granular texture and natural look of wooden furniture gives a warm and reassuring feeling to occupants of the home.

Discover the Benefits of Metal Surfaces.

A new player in the kitchen furniture segment is stainless steel tabletops. Stainless steel tabletops have numerous advantages, no wonder they are highly popular in food establishments like restaurants. It is virtually indestructible. Today, homeowners can get all the benefits associated with metallic tabletops in their own homes by simply buying a table with a stainless steel worktop. The advantages of metallic tabletops include;

  • Strength and elasticity;
  • Aesthetic appeal;
  • Practicality (the material is resistant to moisture, heat and stains of any nature (oil, vegetables and fruits, wine, food colors));
  • Due to its non-porous surface, stainless steel does not absorb any substances that get on its surface.Bacteria, mold, household microbes do not stand a chance when they meet a stainless steel worktop, making it easier to get a clean and hygienic surface;
  • Heat-resistance, i.e., such surfaces are not damaged by hot objects such as hot pots directly from the stove.
  • During hot seasons, such surfaces don’t heat up.

Metallic tables are extremely fashionable, bringing an industrial feeling into the interior and evoking style. A stainless steel table is most perfectly combined with household appliances, furnishings and decorations made of glass, wood, ceramics, and stone. Due to its shiny surface, a stainless steel worktop reflects other surfaces of the kitchen, creating the illusion of a large and bright space.

The benefits of the stainless steel tabletops and indeed, metallic tabletops, are impressive. However, as with most other materials, metallic surfaces like steel have some downsides too.

The brilliant effect doesn’t last forever. With time, scratches begin to appear on the surface of the tabletop, which can be quite disappointing. An alternative way of viewing the scratches is that they are the defining features of metallic tabletops. Thanks to scratches, metallic tabletops get better and more defined over time.

With careless handling, the tabletop can develop dents. The best way to avoid this defect is by installing hardwood on top of the metallic surface, which will keep the metal in place and avoid formation or spread of dents.

Here are some tips to help you in cleaning a metallic tabletop, in case you are thinking of purchasing one or already have one;

  • Use a soft sponge or micro-fiber cloth for cleaning (when cleaning, follow the direction of the fine lines on the surface to minimize potential scratches);
  • Don’t use cleaning products containing chloride ( Chloride may cause corrosion of the metal);
  • Use diluted vinegar, baking soda, or any other friendly liquid as a cleaning agent;
  • Lemon juice helps remove plaque.

You can alternatively use tin as a countertop for the kitchen. Tin is a chemically active metal (an alloy of several metals) which doesn’t rust, doesn’t absorb stains and is available in the finishing options of:

  • Polished to a mirror finish;
  • Patinated;
  • Matte finish.

Frosted tin resembles silver in appearance. With time, it acquires a dark gray color and satin sheen. Tin patina appears darker and more homogeneous than natural patina coating.

Tin is a great alternative to stone countertops, especially due to its durable and non-porous nature. Over time, a pewter tabletop will develop a unique pattern. Frequently used areas become lighter and softer, whereas areas that are used less often become darker.

Tin is a soft metal and,therefore, prone to scratches. To minimize scratches on the tin tabletop, use a chopping board for cutting and chopping.

If you neither fancy steel nor tin, you might find beauty in copper. Copper is a durable and beautiful material and is especially popular in traditional and country-style homes. The warm reddish-brown tone of copper darkens over time in individual patinated areas, resembling brick in color and forming a beautiful pattern that will change throughout the life of the kitchen table. Copper is also renowned for its strength and antibacterial properties, the latter of which increases hygiene.

Glass Table – A Combination of Lightness and Airiness in the Interior

The aesthetics of the surrounding space plays a big role when choosing a kitchen table. A glass table, which creates a modern and stylish look, is best suited for interiors decorated in the style of minimalism or high-tech. When choosing a glass table, you must consider the nature of the base. Glass tops can be installed on glass or wood, whereas the legs can be made out of metal. In such a case, each individual option offers a different aesthetic value.

When buying a glass table, one should take into account not just the appearance, but also the functionality. Modern versions of glass tabletops are made of tempered safety glass, which is superior because: It doesn’t absorb odor and resists temperature and humidity changes. On the downside, glass easily catches dirt, whether it’s traces of fatty dishes or an imprint left by the palm of a hand. Glass surfaces are, as a result, harder to keep constantly clean. Nevertheless, the advantages of glass — i.e. it adds more light, visually creating a spacious interior and creating a light and elegant atmosphere – are a reason enough to overlook the above disadvantages of glass.

Stone Table –Nature’s Gift to Your Kitchen

A table with a marble top easily becomes the aesthetic center of the kitchen. Marble is known for its elegance, expressiveness, aristocracy and reliability, all of which help it make a strong impression in home design. A glittering marble countertop brings luxury to the space and makes an even stronger impression, thanks to the soft light that radiates through marble (Ancient Greeks called it Marmaros, which translates to glowing or brilliant).

A table with a marble top has a limited degree of strength and resistance to wear. Marble, unfortunately, isn’t durable. Scratches and stains will inevitably appear on the surface of the table. Sealing the marble table top will help protect it from stains, but will not cushionit against etching. Vinegar, vegetable and fruit juices, wine and any other liquid or food containing acids can cause pickling of the marble surface, causing scratches, chips and etching, all of which lead to the development of patina.

There are two types of marble: natural and artificial. Natural marble is formed from carbonate rocks that change structure under the influence of natural factors like pressure, temperature and water. Modern production technologies make it possible to create artificial marble – a synthetic material that ideally imitates the original one. In composition, artificial marble is close to the original, but is several times cheaper than natural stone. Modern kitchen tables with countertops made of artificial marble can serve many years, while maintaining their originally attractive appearance.

One of the most durable and functional materials for kitchen tables is granite. Granite is highly durable due to its thermo and stain-resistant features. While countertops from other materials are processed, granite is extracted from the ground. Large pieces of stone are mined in quarries, then cut into slabs from which tabletops are obtained. No materials or chemicals are added.

However, to preserve the integrity of the material, sealing is mandatory. It is recommended to add a layer of sealant to the surface annually. The process takes a few minutes, but maintains the quality of the stone for years.

The colors of granite range from white to black with a full spectrum in between. Subdued and neutral tones are also available. If you prefer bold or bright colors such as red, you can as well go in that direction.

Another option is a soapstone table. The universal metamorphic rock is mined in the same way as granite and consists mainly of mineral talc, mica, chlorate carbonate, and amphiboles. Some varieties of soap talc are soft, but for the production of tabletops, the varieties used contain quartz.

More and more people today choose tables made of soap stone, preferring it to other high-class stones like quartz, marble, and granite. A soapstone kitchen table is not only functional, but also very aesthetically attractive. Since it is a non-porous material, soapstone does not require sealing.Soapstone is also resistant to high temperatures, is not vulnerable to stains and requires minimal maintenance. The color of soapstone is natural gray with multicolored veins, which darken with time. Scratches that appear on the surface of the table can be ground or oiled.

One of the latest fashion trends in the decor of kitchen tables is quartz table tops, which are available in different colors. Being one of the hardest and most durable materials, quartz is an impressive choice for decorating any kitchen. Having gone from mere earth crystals, subjected to a certain process, quartz turns into a stunningly beautiful worktop, which immediately turns the most dismal kitchen into a work of art! The material for kitchen tables is made of crushed quartz (93 percent) and polymer (7 percent), which guarantees a surface that is:

  • Heat resistant;
  • Dirt resistant;
  • Scratch resistant;
  • Doesn’t require sealing.

Bold Projects

Surfaces play a big role in setting the mood of the home. The material of the wood, whether metal, stone, glass or hardwood results in a particular style that is different.Surfaces are especially important in the kitchen. They not only set the mood and bring out emotion, but also dictate the functions the kitchen can handle. When entering the kitchen, the first thing one notices is the countertop, including its material and color. The visual impact the countertop produces is of enormous importance.

Tables coated with plastic endear to some. These tables are available in different finishes, colors and can seamlessly fit into any kitchen design. Plastic furniture is easy to maintain. It is inexpensive compared to structures made of wood, stone, or metal.

A popular trend is tables and chairs made of transparent plastic (plexiglass). This furniture is simple, airy and visually weightless, thus the perfect choice for small kitchens! Plastic tables and chairs are most often used in interiors in Art Deco, hi-tech or Scandinavian style interiors.

Round Table – A Cozy Gathering Place

The round table is an excellent component of the classic kitchen-dining room. This option looks traditional and refined. The round table doesn’t have corners, which is advantageous for families with small children. To save space, a round table is placed in a corner or closer to the wall. Round tables have the following advantages:

  • Complete lack of corners ensures safety;
  • Elegance;
  • Dishes are placed in the center and are easily accessible for everyone at the table, making dining an easier and more enjoyable experience.
  • A circular shape creates greater comfort and allows better communication.

A wooden round table looks best in a classic, rustic and Provencal interior . Natural wood, magnificent on texture, has only one disadvantage, i.e. the high cost.

In a modern kitchen with glossy surfaces and stainless steel appliances, preference is made for a round table with a plastic coating or glass top. If you are looking for iconic classics, then you can consider the tulip dining table from the Eero Saarinen collection. This dining table is fairly common in modern kitchens and dining rooms.

Stone is rarely used for the creation of large round tables, both due to the high cost and the fact that such a table looks bulky.

Classic is Always in Fashion

The oval table is a favorite in the compact interiors category. It is no coincidence that the majority of small kitchens have oval tables with one leg, making these tables a cult classic. These tables are efficient at saving space. In a world dominated by straight lines, oval helps create a warm and romantic setting.

Square Tables: An Interesting Way to Fill the Kitchen Space

A square-shaped table is the least preferred option for homeowners and designers often don’t pay attention to this option. Just like the oval kitchen table,a square table gives off the best look when it comes in a small size. A large square table creates inconvenience but can be selected if it serves six people or more. The square table looks good in a long narrow space, offering a feeling of correct proportions. If you add a rug to it, the space around the table appears as a “room in a room”.

Elegant Center with a Rectangular Table

A rectangular table remains a popular choice for many. This table design is universally loved because of its form and functionality. Offering visually clean and clear lines, it serves dining needs flawlessly. Whether it’s a small,intimate dinner with family or a grand birthday party, the rectangular table plays the role of the ideal and hospitable host impeccably.

If the kitchen space as a whole is flat, it is better to make a choice in favor of round or oval tables. Kitchens with straight lines should give preference to rectangular or square tables.

Not Your Ordinary Table: Unusual Designer Tables

When choosing a table for the kitchen you need to think about its intended role. Will the organization of the entire kitchen center around the table? The table just a functional and piece of furniture or is it also a fashionable decoration? The first quality of the kitchen table is convenience. Even in a small kitchen, a table is a very important element, solving many problems to do with space. When buying a table, one must consider factors such as;

  • Kitchen size
  • Purpose
  • Material
  • Price

In a small-sized kitchen, it is advisable to choose a folding or sliding tabletop option. A traditional dining table fits best in a larger kitchen.

Modern kitchen interior design often combines the functions of a kitchen island and table.In modern design, furniture becomes mono-functional, without losing its charm. Depending on the design of your kitchen, you can choose from a variety of different shapes. To date, a large collection of design ideas has been collected, serving as a convenient source of inspiration to those who decide to reorganize the kitchen. Among these ideas are interesting designs of tables, which sometimes play up a certain theme, and can be perfectly integrated into the rest of the room. When decorating the kitchen, it is also stylish to add floral arrangements, which effortlessly spice up the space.

Dining Table Selection Tips

The dining table is the focal point of the kitchen. As we mentioned earlier, the table sets the overall mood of the kitchen. A lightly painted wooden table for four people exudes a relaxed and free feeling. The official oblong table, which can accommodate up to ten people, offers finesse and vibrancy.Dining table models are traditionally four basic shapes: round, oval, rectangular, and square.The shape, as well as the size of the table, is determined by the area where it will be located in order to ensure sufficient distance between the table and chairs. You can seat more guests at a rectangular table, considering that a model of this shape occupies more space in the interior. It is assumed that designs with pure geometric shapes give the room symmetry. Square, oval and round tables take up less space and create a more intimate atmosphere.

Cutting Table

If you think that there is only one type of cutting table, you are no doubt mistaken. Designers are ingenious in creating cutting tables, many of which come in creative and original forms that fit perfectly into the modern kitchen, such as drawers.

Wall tables – Fresh Ideas

Tables of traditional forms fit harmoniously in large kitchens, but for tiny kitchens a perfect solution would be square or rectangular-shaped wall tables. A table, being a functional piece of furniture, allows a small room to appear spacious and comfortable if used correctly. Wall tables, differing in size, shape, material and style, create a timeless trend in modern interior design and decoration of small rooms. Brightly painted tables or tables painted with patterns using stencils add bold decorative accents to the kitchen, filling it with energy and enhancing the originality of the design.

Saving Space in the Kitchen

Modern transforming tables save space and are a convenient idea for a comfortable and functional design. A great option for creating a cozy and welcoming kitchen is the installation of a corner kitchen set, including a table, chairs, stools and benches.

Table for a Tiny Kitchen

There are many models with sliding mechanisms that allow the conversion of a miniature structure into a large dining table. Plenty of table solutions exist for those with small kitchens. The modern furniture market has a huge number of designs with adjustable height, which allows conversion of a dining table into a coffee table. A sliding table is a real find for those who are trying to rationalize the living space in a small kitchen.

Kitchen Table to Order

The harmonious combination of all furniture pieces, textiles, finishes, kitchen décor is the main goal of most interior designers. You can still manage to skillfully do this even if you aren’t a designer. Quite often, designers make the kitchen table the center of attention in the kitchen, which in itself has an original design. A vivid example of such a solution is an oval table with a glass top and bright blue legs, resembling a cocoon in a kitchen in white and chocolate color scheme. Another interesting option is a wooden table made of warm, dark wood placed against a black and white background.

A capital truth is that the style and color scheme of the interior is chosen on the basis of the table.To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is easier to look into manufacturer or retailer catalogs and get acquainted with the full range of presented models. If the table is made to order, then you don’t have to worry about coordination of elements as much. Instead, you can safely improvise, creating the perfect interior design.