Three ways of cabinet refacing

Old fashioned, dark, scratched and cluttered kitchen cabinet can scarcely look well in your stylish apartment. However, you are not going to getting rid of it because it can skillfully hold all possible stuff that you store and not going to throw out. Besides, buying a new cabinet can make a hole in your budget. Okay, challenge accepted! Let’s make your granny cabinet refacing a really affordable thing!

  1. Paint it. If you have a dark cabinets that literally eat all the light out of your kitchen, then select a bright, juicy color to freshen the look of the doors and drawers. This is an easy and inexpensive solution that within a weekend will dramatically change your cooking space.
  1. Laminate panels. If painting is unable to save the situation, you can try more cardinal methods. Use laminate to lay it over the existing cabinet boxes and drawer fronts. Selecting among the specimens you can find wood-like types and colors:light-gray birch, yellowish oak, regal dark cherry-tree. Thus, you will change not only the color, but also the texture and say goodbye to everything that reminded you about the past cabinet style.
  1. Replace it. If you feel like going further, the next step will be replacing the old doors with a new ones. Wooden or plastic, they can be ordered through furniture companies. Spend enough time to measure carefully the old doors. Measure twice and cut once as a proverb says, and have a brand-new kitchen. This method is more expensive than the previous two; however, the result is more reliable.
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As you see, the renovation not always means replacing and spending a lot of money. It can be do-it-yourself, inexpensive and creative thing. And by the way, if something goes wrong, you always have a chance to buy a new kitchen.