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Porcelain slab countertops: light and durable

The kitchen is the sacred place for most families as preparing food is a magical process that always attracts the entire household to gather in one place for some time. For the cooker it matters greatly what surface she cooks on as everything should be appetizing and functional.

If you dream of a new countertop why not turn regard on the porcelain as a material for it?

In spite of the fact that porcelain slab countertops have already existed for two decades, they seem to be unduly ignored for so much time. At last today designers claim the decent place for porcelain along with other materials as quartz, marble, stone and glass.

Contemporary designs of porcelain slab countertops can change the most old-fashioned kitchen enormously. The sensational effect is reached due to natural and solid look of the porcelain surface. You can select from the variety of colors and textures to create a unique style of your kitchen dominant.

The homeowners can rely on the great quality of this material which is 30% more durable that granite and at the same time extremely lightweight and easily to transport and install. Among other advantages, porcelain is not porous like many other natural materials and that is why it does not require recurrent sealing. Forget about heat and scratch sensitiveness, porcelain will serve you for years. Matte or polished – it looks gorgeous in any interior.

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