Flying in a dream can become a reality with fascinating design ideas such as a hanging bed, or bed swing. It can become a perfect solution for your house porch, patio or bedroom. Depending on their construction, bed swings can be of different shapes and sizes, have chain or rope hanging, be with or without back and elbows.

As for the type of support, chains look more reliable and firm. However they are noisy and can become rusty over time. These issues can be avoided by using strong ropes, though they are not as durable as metal hangings.

When selecting a bed swing for a lounge area in your home, turn attention to those with back and elbows to make a cozy seating place where one can read a book, have a chat with friends or work at laptop. When accessorized with cushions in style of your interior, the bed swing will become the center of attraction.

A bedroom variant may have a bed curtain, creating an even more romantic look. Your children will also definitely be excited by separate bed swings in their room.

If swinging during the night disturbs your sleep because of all the movements, yet the idea of sleeping in air overwhelms your mind, just mount your bed on the wall from one side and leave the other sides hanging. You may also firm the bed with one lag in the center of the bottom.

Be creative while organizing your home space, paying attention to every detail, in order to fill the ambiance with you personality and special attitude.



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