Kitchen is the place where each detail should inspire and evoke positive emotions. What a pleasure to cook in the beautiful, convenient and contemporary kitchen.  Today you can be lost in the variety of materials for countertops. If your kitchen is large with lots of counter space, you will be interested in such material as quartz. And here is why:

  1. Affordable price. Though quartz consists of 90% of natural material, its price is less expensive than other popular materials like granite. Selecting quartz for your kitchen, you receive excellent quality for reasonable price.
  1. Quality and properties. Quartz countertops are extremely hard, even stronger than marble and granite. That is because of the combination of ground quartz (a natural hard mineral) and resins, polymers, and pigments (which take only 8-10%).
  1. Stain resistance. Materials like marble or granite are porous and if you spill some vine or other coloring substance, potentially it can penetrate into the pores and leave a stain on the counter surface. With quartz, that has no pores, you will not have such problem.
  1. Variety of choices. Manufactures can control that the quartz slabs were made exactly the color, texture and pattern that was selected by the customer. There is no unpleasant surprises.
  1. Maintenance and cleaning. Quartz, unlike marble and granite, does not require costly maintenance like sealing to keep its beauty and functionality. Besides, quartz countertops are easily washed with soap and water.
  1. Hygienic. Buying the quartz countertop, make sure that your purchase has a certificate of the National Sanitation Foundation as a bacteria-safe and appropriate for food preparation and consumption countertop.
  1. Color consistency. You may be not aware that some granite slabs are dyed in commercial purposes. Fading with time, the dyes may change the appearance of the counter. One more advantage of the quartz is that it won’t change its look many years on.
  1. Durability. Quartz is a durable and scratch resistant material. It will serve you and your family through the lifetime.

Now you know what aspects to pay attention to when renovating your kitchen. A good countertop should be reliable, solid, water and color resistant and, of course, match the rest of design.


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