Home Theater Designs: Bring Extravagance to Your Home With These Extravagant Home Theater Designs and Décor

More and more homeowners are adopting design concepts that are traditionally associated with high-end homes. In case you are behind this trend, it is time you seriously considered falling into it, particularly by creating a home theater. A home theater gives your home a luxurious and elegant look, not to mention, it makes your entertainment sessions with family and friends more fun and comfortable. You can convert an empty room into a home theater or just repurpose space in the basement, for instance. Browse through the pictures below to gain a better idea;

Home theater  in a black and white color scheme, with candles and LED lighting for illumination and a window with dark blinds

Windows may interfere with the sound and lighting of your home theater and as such, should not ordinarily be incorporated into the design of a home theater. If possible, avoid adding windows to the design altogether, but if you want to have a window in your home theater, then add blinds, preferably in a dark or bold color.

Long, rectangular home theater with false night sky ceiling

For the best sound and audio effects, opt for a rectangular home theater design, as opposed to a circular or square design. The screen and speakers should then be placed on one of the shorter walls of the theater, as this type of positioning produces the best sound projection.

In case you wish to experiment with more false ceiling design ideas, feel free to follow these tips.

Lively and dazzling home theater design with red patterned wallpaper

If you do not wish to restrict yourself to dark and bold colors, you can still use bright colors, but with extreme caution so that the theater does not appear too bright.

Spacious home theater with recessed in-ceiling lighting and comfy sitting arrangements

Aside from sound and lighting, the furniture is another essential element of a home theater. The recessed in-ceiling lighting in this home theater provides just enough lighting, without hurting the eyes. The heavily padded couches with soft and comfy throw pillows provide comfort to those watching movies, while the dark hardwood coffee tables provide surfaces for holding snacks and drinks eaten during the course of watching the movies.

Home theater with drywall painted in bold and dark colors

As you probably know already, bold and dark colors work best for the theater because they do not reflect light, like in this theater above, making  your  watching experience wonderful. Also, for the wall, use materials that absorb sound, such as drywall and sound absorption wall panels.

Indoor plants bring a lively charm to this home theater

Even though many home theaters have an official look about them, like this one here, you can still play around with the décor and design to introduce a casual and more relaxed aesthetic to the room. In this theater, the relaxed feeling is created by the playful patterned accents and LED lighting on the walls, together with the indoor plants in large brown pots.

Thick, black wall-to-wall carpet

In case we forgot to mention earlier, also note that the floor is another important element of the theater design. If you opt for the wrong type of material while designing your floor, you may experience problems with light and sound. A thick wall-to-wall carpet, however, is an easy and brilliant fix for all your theater floor problems.