Walk-in-closet with crystal candlelit chandelier in the middle

Even though walk-in closets are mainly found in large homes, with a lot of space, with a little remodeling, you will be surprised that you can create an amazing walk-in closet. If you like the idea of a walk-in-closet and would like to have one in your home, then the following tips may come in handy;

Walk-In Closet Designs

Although the design for walk-in closets adopts more or less the same design concepts, as you will see, the traditional design for walk-in closets can be modified to create a walk-in-closet that is both unique and elegant. Browse over the following photos to get some ideas;

Walk-in-closet with crystal candlelit chandelier in the middle

Using different décor elements for your walk-in closet beams up your closet. There is plenty of décor homeowners can choose from, like the crystal candlelit chandelier in this closet.

Hardwood flat-panel cabinets and shelving used to create order in this walk-in-closet

Because of all the items in the closet, particularly for a walk-in-closet with many items of clothing, the closet may appear dark and dull. It is therefore important to light up the closet, to keep it bright and lively. This can be done through a wide range of lighting features like chandeliers and recessed lighting, or, even better, by including a huge floor-to-ceiling glass window that streams in plenty of light, breathing life into the closet.

Airy and spacious walk-in-closet without clutter makes, creating a vibrant and visually appealing look

Walk-In-Closets For Girls

Just like girls’ bedrooms, girls’ walk-in-closets ought to have a unique, girly and lively air about them. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this;

Bright wallpaper in vibrant colors, popping life into this closet

One of the easiest ways to decorate a girl’s bedroom is through incorporating a bright and lively wallpaper that has colorful prints or patterns, like the one in this closet. A colorful wallpaper introduces a vibrant feel to the closet.

Girl’s bedroom in soft, feminine colors, creating a calm and relaxed looks

White curtain with light purple prints, which can be drawn over the small walk-in closet

Combination of light and bright pink color shades that set a girly mood in the closet

Naturally, when decorating any space meant for a girl, one should always adopt use of hues and colors that are characteristic of a girl, especially pink. In this closet, a light and dark shade of pink have been combined to create an effortlessly appealing closet.

Neutral color scheme, infusing the closet with a sense of peace and tranquility

Small walk-in-closet with a rug and stuffed animals, accessorizing the small space beautifully

This closet is small but very catchy, mainly because it draws its exemplary appearance heavily from the use of simple accessories like the plain pink rug and the stuffed animals. Such a bedroom is perfect for a young girl.

Metal rods used to hang clothes help create order and organization in this small closet

Girl’s bedroom with sliding wooden doors

 Colorful pink closet that matches the décor of the bedroom, creating a uniform and organized look

Hardwood closet and floor with a purple rug

Highly organized closet surrounded by wallpaper in a neutral shade

Nearly organized lady’s closet with a row for handbags and clothes, creating a uniform look

Bright and colorful décor for a young girl’s closet

 Colorful clothes hanging in this closet help set a cheerful mood


Walk-In-Closet For Boys

The good thing about boys’ closets is that you do not have to try too hard in terms of décor, as long as the design is appealing. Here is some inspiration for you in case you need ideas for a boy’s closet.

Closet for a young boy

Blue wallpaper blends in perfectly with the red décor, setting a lively atmosphere

Boy’s closet in a bold grey

Bold colors like grey work well in a boy’s closet, because they make the space appear and feel more masculine.

Closet for an older boy, in neutral-colored shades, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere

Medium-sized boy’s closet with a shelf and shoe rack

Slanted ceiling creates a playful boyish charm in this walk-in closet. A cabinet by the window enhances the design of the closet, while additionally serving functionally as it can be used as a cabinet and window seat.


Walk-In Closet For Women

Large walk-in-closet decorated with a red, patterned rug

Elegant walk-in-closet with a large glass door and floor-to-ceiling shoe rack

Mirror with elegant frame accessorizes this women’s closet in a simple way

Recessed in-ceiling lighting lights up this women’s closet perfectly

In this women’s closet, lighting during the night is provided by recessed in-ceiling lighting, while during the day it is provided by the transparent section in the ceiling, lying directly above the centered rug.

Colorful clothes in this closet act as an accessory on their own

Extravagant contemporary women’s closet with a crystal chandelier hanging over a silvery pouffe

Indoor plants make this closet feel vibrant and closer to nature

Unique walk-in closet with a portion mounted on the wall and a centered island-like structure with drawers that have gold-colored handles, matching the décor on the curtains. The sheer curtains allow in plenty of light, making the closet lively.

Bright clothing items that accessorize the closet

Contemporary closet with in-built lighting

Bright women’s closet with blue walls and colorful rug

Women’s closet with a wide variety of items

Photographs pinned up on the wall on the closet



Men’s Walk-In Closet

Maroon seat that also serves to decorate this small men’s closet

Large walk-in-closet with blue and white color scheme, creating a bold and masculine appearance

Men’s closet with big shoe cabinet

Medium-sized men’s closet, designed by neatly pairing hardwood drawers with shelves, creating a clean-cut look

White closet that gets even brighter with the natural light coming in through the window

Rustic-style men’s closet that makes for the perfect man cave

Small minimalist men’s closet

: Neatly organized men’s closet with different sections for different items, creating order and making it easy to find items

Men’s closet with drawers that have frosted doors, paired with a dark hardwood floor