Spanish Style Kitchen – Beautiful Design Ideas You Can Borrow

The kitchen is as important a room as any when it comes to design and decorating. When designing and decorating your kitchen, you should always aim for a look that is warm and welcoming. Adopting a Spanish style design affords you the ability to get the warm and welcoming look  without trying too hard with the décor.Here is some great advice on how you can achieve a warm and beautiful kitchen with a Spanish style design.

White subway tile with a white flared hood above

Spanish style kitchens make use of white walls, mainly because the white walls give the room a bright, alluring look. In this Spanish style kitchen, for instance, the walls are white, with white subway tile backsplash. Here are some other backsplash ideas you may love.

Spanish-style kitchen with high ceiling with wooden and metal beams

Another common feature of Spanish style kitchens is that they usually spot high ceilings, like in this kitchen. The high ceiling creates an airy and spacious feeling in the room, making it more comfortable.

Heavy wooden column merged with a wooden ceiling beam

This kitchen is a good example of how a Spanish style design can be merged with a contemporary design. This kitchen also incorporates another common element of Spanish style kitchens, a column.

Series of wooden beams on the ceiling, a common aspect of Spanish style kitchen design

Spanish-style kitchen with cooking alcove and hood

Hand-painted tile backsplash with elaborate patterns

Add elaborately hand-painted tile to your kitchen design and you will be one step closer to achieving the perfect Spanish style kitchen design.

Natural stone floors that complement the Spanish style design

As you may have noticed already, the Spanish style kitchen design is a lot like the rustic kitchen design. From the heavy use of stone surfaces to stone columns, wrought iron, bronze and wooden ceiling beams, these designs are more or less the same.

: Hexagonal terracotta tiles that are typical of Spanish style kitchens

Simple Spanish style kitchen with an overhead lighting fixture and recessed ceiling lighting

Simple wrought iron chandeliers that match the wrought iron finishes of the furniture throughout the kitchen

Square terracotta tiles used for the flooring

Spanish style kitchen with plenty of antique decor

Two large islands with elegant cabinets that have exquisite trims and finishes

A Spanish style kitchen is not complete without a wooden island with a stone countertop and cabinets with decorative finishes. This kitchen combines both these elements beautifully. The two islands have wooden stands (another element of Spanish style kitchens) and are fitted with cabinets with decorative finishes. The white wall cabinets also spot some decorative elements.

: Black arched window that adds an edgy contrast to the white color scheme

Bluish-green cabinets and tile backsplash that adds color and exuberance to the otherwise dull Spanish style kitchen

Traditional Spanish-style kitchen bar with wooden bar chairs that make this kitchen appear warm and cozy

Wrought iron candlelight chandelier

A Spanish-style kitchen design is supposed to be reminiscent of antique design. Any décor pieces that introduce an antique touch are highly compatible in a Spanish style kitchen design. Wrought iron and bronze surfaces and lighting fixtures are good at introducing an antique charm.

 Warm lighting that creates a warm ambience in this kitchen

Bright flowers and windows that let in plenty of light make this small Spanish style kitchen appear livelier.

Casual Spanish-style kitchen with upholstered bronze chairs

Large arched doorway leading to the kitchen

Another essential design element that is characteristic of Spanish style kitchens is the use of arched doors and windows. In this kitchen, for instance, a large arched doorway leads to the kitchen.

Dining chairs upholstered in bright blue fabric with patterns, matching the backsplash

Classic Spanish style kitchen with a minimalist design, leading to a more spacious look