Are you worried about the proper way of hanging your favorite paintings, drawings and photographs in the house? Are you afraid that your apartment will turn into some sort of bazaar if you put up paintings, drawings and photographs? Well, no need to worry, because we got you.

We have collected the most interesting ideas and competent advice on hanging photos, paintings and drawings in the home.

Photographs present a great way to capture and relive memories, while drawings and paintings add beauty to the home and bring inspiration. For these simple reasons, you might as well put up drawings, paintings and photographs all over the house.

In this article we show you the best ways of putting up drawings, pictures and paintings without cluttering the space.

Use Varying Textures

For the best visual result, use different colors, sizes and frames, as well as a combination of photos and posters. There are no limits on the number of combinations you can try. However, before hanging up the photos, paintings and drawings, it is important to first visualize how the end result may look. Planning how you will put the décor items will save you time and prevent the possibility of grave mistakes.

PS: While planning, it is critical to measure the distance between objects so you achieve the right balance.

Combining pictures of varying shapes and sizes with frames of different textures, sizes and colors is indeed a bold decision. Nevertheless, if each item is original, you can easily create harmony, which is essentially the end result you should be after.

Use Images of a Similar Style

If the concept of varying colors, shapes and sizes does not appease you, you can as well opt for similar frames, tones, sizes and other features. In this case, the result will be simple but pleasant, like you can see below.


The refrigerator is probably the most decorated item in the home, often spotting magnets, little notes, reminders and a range of other items. Unlike the refrigerator, the nook, which is mostly hidden from view, does not immediately attract attention and as a result, is often overlooked when decorating. Why not decorate this tiny zone with pictures, drawings and paintings and make it popping and outstanding?


Some collages feature the same size of photos, clear borders of the collage and color similarity. Creating such a collage saves you the time and energy of having to do too much, while still giving you an appealing result.

Use Different Mounts.

Photo frames are not mandatory when making a collage. In the place of frames, you can use boards, wire mesh, coat hangers and clothespins, all of which give equally great support.

The best choice would be taking all the creative ideas for a collage and just have fun implementing them.

Not Necessarily Photos

Sometimes, unconventional items carry our deepest, most beautiful memories. For instance, your best memory may lie with the receipt for the great dinner you had with your close friend that one time. In such a case, why not frame the item, say a receipt, and put it up in the house?

Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous. After all, the memories and home belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them.

Other items you can use to create décor collages for your walls include seashells, love notes, bird feathers, books, plates or watch straps.

Remember, do not be afraid to try the unordinary.

However, as much as the home is yours and you decorate it according to your needs and preferences, also keep in mind what your guests might like or need.

Guests may not like to constantly have to look at boring photos or drawings on the wall, even if they carry a heavy significance for you.

Also, choose a photo gallery theme depending on the area of ​​the house. In the night zone (bedroom, nursery, bathroom), use something personal, while in the day zone use galleries that appeal to a wide cross-section of people, since you never know who might come visiting.