15 Low-Maintenance Plants Perfect for Indoor Décor

Using houseplants as indoor decorations is a great way to add color and life to a room. There are plenty of plants that you can make into a houseplant simply by bringing them indoors, but some plants do better than others. Check out these 15 low-maintenance plants perfect for indoor décor.


 Hens & Chicks

These beauties are perfect for decorating within small spaces and need little water to thrive. Add one or two Hen & Chick plants in a small planter on a windowsill or bedside table.


Snake Plant

This house plant can grow a few feet to several feet tall so make sure you have ample space. Snake Plants do best in an entryway or hallway and can be neglected for weeks at a time.



Herbs are a great choice to use in the kitchen since they will provide natural beauty as well as a never-ending supply of fresh ingredients to meals.


Spider Plant

As a medium sized houseplant, the Spider Plant is known for its long narrow leaves. Use this houseplant on a bookshelf, side table, or even a hanging basket. They do best in indirect sunlight.



This trending plant has recently become more popular with interior decorators. Choose a small cactus for a desk decoration or larger cactus that will add height to a room.


Lady Palm

This fast-growing houseplant can quickly change the overall look of a room with its many slender palm leaves. Since they do well in shade, a Lady Palm is a great addition for a hallway or corner of a room.


Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy is the perfect addition to add color to a room. Consider adding this potted plant to a master bedroom or even use as a centerpiece in the dining room.


Peace Lily

This stunning plant does best in a spot where it will be noticed. The Peace Lily does require weekly watering and prefers rooms that are a bit darker.



Bamboo is nearly impossible to kill. A good choice for those bathrooms with little natural light. Place it on the floor with a shelf hanging above it to stunt its upward growth.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a common household plant that holds medicinal qualities. This larger plant grows thick green leaves that can be cut to produce a healing and cooling gel that’s commonly used for scrapes and burns. The plant thrives in indirect sunlight. Be careful not to place it in a window sill since it will burn!


Rubber Plant

This rather large plant features oval-shaped leaves that feel like rubber to the touch. The glossy leaves create dimension in your home.


Fiddle Leaf

The Fiddle Leaf has been showcased in many home interior magazines and for good reason. The large indoor tree features a slender trunk with interesting large leaves grown on top. It thrives in warm, wet conditions but can also adapt to other climates.


Jade Plant

Known for its thick rounded leaves, the Jade Plant is a succulent that’s often planted with other succulents for a sophisticated look. Use this plant in the brightest room in the house as it prefers as much sunlight as it can get.


Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen features green and white colored leaves making it a natural decoration. It does best in a corner with indirect or low sunlight that isn’t in a drafty part of the house.


Maidenhair Fern

All ferns are easy to use as houseplants because they don’t require much direct sunlight. Place this Maidenhair Fern in a more humid area of the home, like a bathroom or kitchen. The 15 plants will add greenery to your home without costing you a lot of greenbacks or time. They’ll brighten up your indoor decor and help purify the air.

By: Connie Teller

Connie Teller is an avid gardener, both indoors and in her backyard sanctuary. She can often be found exploring nature off the beaten track or enjoying the company of local neighborhood dogs.