Well-designed kitchens have the unsurprising ability to capture your heart and make your cooking experience memorable everytime. As opposed to what most people might think, achieving an eye-capturing kitchen design does not entail much. You just have to think of one or two smart features. Hopefully, by the time you are done browsing through these photos, you will have found some inspiration on how you can spice up your kitchen design.

Wooden island with elegant patterns

Wooden beams on the ceiling

Overhead tube lighting

Brightly patterned curtains

Contemporary kitchen with maroon and red color theme

Ceiling-mounted lighting

This formal contemporary kitchen is breath-taking, with its spacious design, vibrant colors and the ceiling-mounted lighting.

Window seat with a comfy cushion and pillows and in-built storage

One of the most unique and indeed amazing features about this kitchen is the window seat. A kitchen’s functions aren’t just cooking and eating. You can sit by the window seat as you enjoy a warm cup of tea on a cold evening or relax as you wait for the food to cook. Brilliant, right?

Contemporary kitchen cabinets with glass doors

For the art lovers, your kitchen can stand out visually if you incorporate some of your artistic ideas into the design. This highly visual artistic kitchen captures the attention of the eye easily, with the bright red and green colors and sharp edges and corners.

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Spacious kitchen on the patio

Stone floor and wall

Where do we even start with this kitchen’s awesomeness? If you love the outdoor life, then you should totally adopt this outdoor kitchen design. This type of kitchen is perfect for summer cooking. The stone walls and floor and grey stone countertop make it stand out even more.

Pendant lights with shiny metallic outer surface

Large windows overlooking extensive, green yard

Hardwood floor

Large island with drawers and cabinets and stone top

Arched windows

Large island with drawers and cabinets and stone top

Small and narrow kitchen

Small and narrow kitchen

Kitchen with multiple lighting fixtures

Appealing rustic kitchen design

Walk-in kitchen

Applying the rustic design to your kitchen can never go wrong. Between the stone floor, open design and wooden cabinets, this kitchen is heavy on detail. The high ceiling is another design feature worth noting.

Appealing backsplash

Wreath of flowers on the wall

Minimalist kitchen design

Cabinets with frosted glass doors

Long, banquet-style dinner table with upholstered chairs

It is easier to make your kitchen unique if it is large, because you have more room to work with, as in the kitchen above with a wooden banquet-style table and long row of built-in cabinets.

Painting made on the tile backsplash