Furniture upholstered in black leather
Black and white color scheme

The Art Nouveau interior design has existed since the second half of the 19th century. The style, which has its roots in France, is gaining more popularity in modern times as more people embrace its artistic and architectural elegance. The Art Nouveau design can lend your home a lavish and extravagant style, all at a comfortable price.

Some of the most popular characteristics of Art Nouveau interior designinclude;

  • Hardwood floors
  • Combination of different materials such as wood, glass and stones
  • Wallpaper and art pieces like paintings
  • Soft colors
Floor with dark wooden finish
White roof with wooden beams

The Art Nouveau interior design relies heavily on decorations and accessories. It is therefore important to get a wide variety of accessories for our Art Nouveau designed home. Think of rugs, drapes, chandeliers and lampshades, but make sure that they are in accordance with the Art Nouveau color scheme.

Comfy and elegant throw pillows
High ceiling

Art Nouveau interior design features a lot of décor. Floral décor is one of the most commonly used décor in this interior design. Decorate your interior with vases of flowers and pictures and paintings of flowers.

Light hardwood floor

Light rug with elegant patterns
Long, heavy drapes with flowery patterns
Furniture upholstered in black leather
Black and white color scheme

Artistic wallpaper comes in handy when decorating an Art Nouveau design. This living room uses an artistic black and white wallpaper that blends with the rest of the design aspects of the room.

Living room with minimal furniture and decor

Paintings displayed on a black wall
Flowers in vase

Furniture upholstered in white and cream fabric

Art Nouveau interior design uses soft and neutral colors such as white, brown and cream. These colors are combined with other dull colors such as grey.

Tiny living room with high ceiling

Elegant furniture upholstered in white and cream fabric

Lighting is a huge aspect of the Art Nouveau interior design. Even more common is the Art Nouveau interior design use of elegant lighting features such as lampshades and chandeliers.

Sheer white curtains
Sheer white curtains

Large cabinets with clear glass doors

Just like wood, glass is a common part of the Art Nouveau interior design. Stained glass is especially common because of its shiny and colorful quality. In most homes with the Art Nouveau interior design, you will find stained glass used on wardrobes and cabinets in the living room, kitchen and other parts of the room.

Large glass chandelier
Large, white vase with flowers

To make the Art Nouveau look complete, then choose wooden or parquet floors. Hardwood floors are a key part of the Art Nouveau interior design. You can choose dark, mid-toned or pale hardwood.

Exotic gold chandeliers
Bookshelf with glass doors
Floor made of large, white square tiles
Round glass dinner table with glass chairs

Art Nouveau interior design incorporates contemporary furniture. Usually, Art Nouveau interior design makes use of furniture of artistic and non-traditional furniture. When picking furniture for Art Nouveau interior design, go for pieces that are made of exotic materials and come in interesting and creative shapes.