Tree with large green leaves hanging over the bed
Indoor plants and flowers

The bedroom should not be merely dismissed as a room meant for sleeping and dressing. Even more importantly, the bed is not just meant for sleeping. Apart from serving the function of sleeping, the bed also contributes to the design and décor of the bedroom and is therefore a focal point of the bedroom. There are different tpes of beds you can choose from and a tree bed is an amazing idea for a bed.

Small tree bed in neutral colors

This bed is made out of light-colored twigs that have been anchored into the ground. The branches extend out towards the roof, resulting in an elegant display.

Large tree bed with patterns
Elegant rustic bedroom design

This tree bed works with the wooden floor and ceiling to infuse a warm and inviting atmosphere that is characteristic of rustic interior design. You can browse through our other articles to get insights on how you can create the rustic design in other rooms and also how you can create a home wood interior.

Exterior bed supported by strong, old tree stumps

White tree bed with candlelight chandelier in the middle
Simple white fireplace in the bedroom

This white twig bed and fireplace help create the perfect union and semblance between rustic and contemporary design. The metal chandelier hanging over the bed helps add to the rustic charm even further. The fireplace and large wooden beams on the ceiling add warmth and comfort to the elegant room.

Thick and heavy mattress

Wallpaper with patterns of trees
Bedroom filled with color

Bed and dressing table made from trees

Tree bed supported by black metal poles
Wooden stools at the foot of the bed

This black metal canopy bed is drilled into a dark hardwood floor, creating the perfect relaxing environment that every bedroom should have. The wooden African stools and African print pillows on the bed liven up the room.

Tree with large green leaves hanging over the bed
Indoor plants and flowers

This bedroom takes the tree bed concept even further by using live trees with large leaves and adding flowers and indoor plants. The dim lighting and shade provided by the tree make the bedroom appear serene and peaceful.

Bed placed under a large tree

Artistic bed covered with intricate stem patterns

There are no limits to how you can design your tree bed and where you can put. Tree beds can be used both inside and outside the house.

Bedding with patterns of trees
Tiny bed placed in the middle of the room
Neutral-colored wallpaper with a drawing of a tree
Bed with inbuilt storage
Bed made out of bamboo
Tree inside the bedroom

Tree covered by the shade of the tree

Pale hardwood floor covered by rugs

Contemporary bedroom
Elegant glass chandelier
Cut-outs in shape of trees
Overhead hanging lights

This tree bed has been made with cut-outs resembling apple tree canopies. The wallpaper and exuberant flower patterns on the bedding and art on the chair make the room lively and cheerful.

Bed made from adjoined tree stems
Simple hardwood floor