Large, low-set wooden coffee table placed on top of area rug

Most people agree that vintage designs are classical masterpieces that will never go out of style. You can transform the interior of your home using this design, all using few décor choices. Below are ideas on how you can fit vintage décor decorations into different rooms of the house. This article is sectioned into four areas; vintage décor for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Vintage Decor for the Living Room

Vintage living room designs are charming and evoke a relaxing feel that is reminiscent of retro and vintage looks. You can achieve the perfect vintage design in the living room using layers of fabric, bright and flowery wallpaper and antique items that can be found in flea markets, vintage stores and other places.

Unique lampshade covered in fabric

This bright wallpaper with bright flowery patterns adds life and charm into this living room. The unique lampshade recreates an old look that creates a soothing and relaxing environment.

Brown, vintage suitcase cases

Vintage suitcases are a common trend in the decoration of vintage living rooms. These suitcases are more of decorative pieces rather than functional pieces. The brown color of the suitcases also creates a warm feeling in the room.

Overhead chandelier with shiny, white crystals

Chandeliers add class and elegance to an otherwise plain living room. To create the perfect elegant vintage look in your living room, then add a crystal chandelier.

Chairs upholstered in neutral-colored fabric

Large, low-set wooden coffee table placed on top of area rug

Black fireplace with white exterior

Living room with colorful décor pieces and purple couch

Have fun with your vintage design by making use of bright, colorful patterns in your furniture and accessories.

Photographs in wooden frames

Vintage decorating ideas for kitchens

Indoor plants in small, simple pots

Long, overhead hanging lights hanging over kitchen counter

Overhead hanging lights and stone tabletops are characteristic of vintage kitchen designs. You can make your kitchen especially alluring by using quartz tabletops. Learn more on why you should get quartz tabletops by reading this article .

Bar area made from stone and dark woodEverybody loves a good kitchen bar where you can enjoy your drinks with your friends. The stone and wooden elements in this living room create a vintage look almost effortlessly. If you are interested in more home bar designs, then head over here.

Large, upholstered kitchen stool with thick padding

Wooden beams arranged to form a geometric pattern on ceiling

Vintage decorating ideas for bathroom

Black candleholder chandelier with white candle lights

Bathroom with blue stone surfaces and large tub

Thick, heavy drapes with simple patterns

White clawfoot tub with long, gold faucet

Vintage bathrooms are in many cases, characterized by vintage clawfoot tubs and long and shiny faucets.

Large window with white, square grills

Vintage decorating ideas for bedrooms


Black metal bed with thick mattress

Sheer white curtains surrounding four-poster bed

When creating a vintage look in your bedroom, use soft colors that are easy to the eye.

Large, comfortable throw pillows

Medium-sized wooden bed with in-built storage

When selecting patterns for your bedroom, be keen to select light patterned fabric as opposed to heavy patterns.