A stretch ceiling looks like a canvas and is usually located throughout the area of ​​the room. It also usually comes with a special fastening system. The popularity of the stretch ceiling is mainly due to the ceiling’s ability to create a perfectly flat surface and hide design and wear and tear flaws.

Depending on the texture of the canvas used, you can be able to choose between a matte and glossy one. Both matte and glossy ceilings have advantages and disadvantages. It is worth noting that matte ceilings are usually made on a fabric material, whereas glossy ceilings are based on PVC film.

Before making your choice, you need to know that for matte ceilings:

  • White is a classic color and therefore a great choice for matte ceilings.
  • Colored (pastel shades) also work extremely well for matte ceilings.
  • Another excellent choice you may consider when choosing colors for your matte ceiling is pastel.

Matte ceilings are the standard option and have been used for several years. Matte ceilings are traditionally painted white. In recent times, however, their color range has expanded widely. Matte ceilings in pastel colors are particularly popular these days.

If you treat your interior conservatively and despise pretentiousness, then matte ceilings are just what your home needs. These ceilings not only make the ceiling appear beautiful, but also visually differentiate your home from other homes that use ordinary plastered surfaces.

Pastel shades give you the opportunity to bring novelty into the interior, by allowing you to experiment. These shades are additionally friendly because they do not require you to move too far from traditionally comfortable design aesthetics. Rather, they will laconically update the appearance of your room or house without requiring you to divert from familiar design and décor concepts.

Matte mats have great durability and do not fade with time. These mats are also especially great at creating comfort. Matte mats can be installed in any room, and due to their calm texture they fit into any interior, unlike their glossy counterparts.

Matte mats are a wise and simple solution for an overly saturated room, serving the purpose of visually unloading the room, thereby making it more harmonious.
Satin designs are almost the same as matte, but have a smaller impact and reflect light. Thanks to these features, the satin designs give the impression of a dazzling white color. Satin ceilings, as well as matte, make the room cozier and lighter visually.

Satin and matte ceilings have another advantage — you can decorate them with a photo image beforehand, art painting, aerography or paint. You have an unlimited field for creativity, and with that, you can make your ceiling truly unique.

Glossy Ceilings: A Stylish Solution for the Interior

Glossy ceilings are quite impressive due to their reflective properties.

They have their own lot of advantages compared to other materials, for the decoration of ceilings.
First, the range of their color schemes is very extensive, coming in pastel shades and a wide range of bright colors.

  • Further, one of the most important qualities of this ceiling is its mirror image, which is especially important in small rooms, as it visually enlarges ​​the room. It is because of this quality glossy ceilings are so often used to equip small spaces such as corridors, bathrooms and toilets. Glossy canvases also have the effect of mirror reflection, making them more suitable for commercial premises, for example dance studios and nightclubs.
  • Another advantage of glossy ceilings is that with their help you can diversify even the simplest interior. If you wish to upgrade your room, but are not ready for a drastic makeover, then the glossy ceiling can be your only investment, helping you change the whole view of the room. If you choose a bright ceiling, you can find ways to make the rest of the area calmer.
  • Remember that you need to think carefully about the interior, if you opt for the glossy ceiling, especially if it’s in a bright color. With glossy ceilings, it is easy to go overboard and oversaturate the room, making it too pretentious. It’s better to be modest than tasteless and difficult to perceive, because the house is a place for leisure and recreation.
  • And yet, consider that you need to pay attention to the lighting, because it also affects the type of ceiling. Because of the saturation of a glossy ceiling, you ought to be particular about the lighting you use.