Living in the countryside is the best thing for those who love the scenic view of the pinkish glare the sky portrays when the sun sets with the clouds hovering through it, for people who just love the rustic environment, the most relaxing way of living, but being in the countryside is also hard, most especially if you got a small cabin with you.

There are a lot of things that people are doing and practicing that make their rustic living experience a great one even though they live inside a small place. They make it feel bigger, as if they still have all the space for anything they want whilst keeping their essentials a priority.

These are tips on how to save up space in your little cabin for a huge rustic experience.

Tip 1: De-clutter everything.

In order for you to have that huge free space, you need to sacrifice a lot of things first. De-cluttering everything from your jam-packed shelves to those bulging file cabinets, full-stocked dressers, down to your messy coffee tables. Everything unnecessary needs to go, choose between what is essential to you, and what is garbage. Old stuff that is of sentimental value to you, store them somewhere it won’t be a hassle to anybody around.

Garage sales are great for de-cluttering because not only you’d get rid of those unnecessary stuff away, but you’d also get money while doing it.

Tip 2: Hiding things in plain sight.

Storing your stuff out of the way is a good start, storing them in plain sight for easy access is better. Be innovative, there are a lot of DIYs out there for you to follow, like you can have pull out tables in the kitchen, it’s a great way to maximize utilities around the kitchen all the while saving up space for making it look big.

And if you love books though, having a huge bookshelf would probably be the best idea you could think of, but there’s much more better than having a huge shelf–it is by using your walls and above door ways as shelves. Mounting shelves would be a great idea for this, even having those wasted corner spaces can be turned into book cases, a coffee table with a sliding drawer could be possible. Those dividers separating your living room and the dining, instead of walls, try making it as your bookshelf. It’s a bookworm’s dream to be surrounded by books.

These are just some of the many DIY’s, you could find it everywhere and just let your creativity do the work.

Tip 3: Making use of the vertical aspect.

If your floor is crowded with things that are supposed to be hanged, then classify and put everything in their respectful place, may it be vertically or horizontally speaking. Those things that go up must stay up, unless you decide to put them down. Making use of the vertical aspect of your place is a huge advantage for narrow apartments you can start with your bedroom. You can loft your bed and utilize the space below it and make it your study table, or put your computer set there, anything that you could think of.

Another thought would be your kitchen, you can make use of dull walls, mount your kitchen equipment and utensils on the wall by putting up hooks, maybe even magnets, to hang those things up and for easy access when needed. This idea isn’t limited to the kitchen only you can put racks or hooks up your hallway or even your foyer to hang on hats and coats.

Tip 4: Clearing out dividers.

As much as possible, you’d have to get rid of those dividers because dividers not only make the room seem so small, it also makes it darker. So by having full sized, glass windows, natural light could just pass through the room and keeping not a single corner left out. It is way better to see right through the room because it makes it seem huge and it gives off that free space vibe.

Tip 5: Utilize the spot outside.

If you have a backyard, then having a deck outside is a good idea, but having a kitchen on it is better, having that barbecue weekend party for you and your family is so much fun when you have a place outside, and what’s best is that you can enjoy nature at its finest. Utilize what the nature offers and put some under deck water tank for your deck kitchen. Not only it saves up space from putting water tank under your deck and out of sight, but it also makes you save up heaping amount of cash for your  monthly water bills.

Having to spend your life in the rural area is such a relaxing way to live, and it’ll be more chilling if you’d have more space and not cluttered up with a messy lifestyle and with these tips you can save a lot of space for better way of living the rustic life.