Miscellaneous ideas for repurposing old suitcases

Are you thinking of throwing out that old suitcase that has been lying around in your house for ages? Well, not just yet. Your old suitcases could have more use in your home, other than storage of clothing items. If you have an old suitcase you want to throw out or a suitcase that has been lying around idle, then this article will give you some helpful insights on how you can convert it into a useful item or d├ęcor piece in your home.

1 Tables

One of the simplest ways of reusing old suitcases is converting them into tables. There are many variations to the tables you can create using old suitcases, ranging from low coffee tables or high tables. Depending on your choice, you will have to attach casters for a low coffee table or legs for a high table. To spice things up, you can paint the suitcase and the legs in different colors.

Vase of flowers displayed on top of repurposed suitcase
Vase of flowers displayed on top of repurposed suitcase

Blue suitcase on hardwood floor

2 Shelves, cabinets and cupboards

Old suitcases make the perfect shelves, cupboards or cabinets. You can make modifications in the design, by adding wooden bars for the shelving. You can decorate it by painting and adding stickers or any other cool decorative pieces, both on the inside and outside.

Wooden bars used to create shelves
Wooden bars used to create shelves

3 Chairs and ottomans

Chairs and ottomans are another popular idea for repurposing old suitcases. All you need is legs or casters and upholstery fabric. You can choose plain fabric or that with prints and patterns.

Old suitcase repurposed into an ottoman
Black fabric with white prints

4 Pet beds

What more comfortable bed for your pet than a suitcase? If you have a suitcase you no longer use, a good idea would be adding a small, comfy mattress on the inside and covers for your pet.

Comfortable pet beds made from repurposed suitcases
Pet beds with creative legs
Wooden storage stand made from an old wooden suitcase
Medium-sized wooden suitcase

Old suitcase converted into small, upholstered coffee table

5 Desk

An old suitcase can be turned into a desk. This is especially easy if the suitcase is wooden. You can make adjustments to the design to include features such as drawers.

Old wooden suitcase repurposed into a desk, with a drawer for storage
Wooden furniture set

Old, heavy metal suitcase converted into coffee table

Box suitcases turned into display boxes

Old suitcase upholstered into a chair with four wooden stands
White upholstering fabric

Alternatively, when creating chairs from old suitcases, you can leave the back open so that you can use it as a backrest.

Miscellaneous ideas for repurposing old suitcases

Old suitcase repurposed into food stands
Shiny aluminum bowls

A series of old suitcases converted into floating shelves

Large suitcase converted into storage cabinet with white shelves
Brown cabinet with white wooden stands
Old suitcase used for jewelry storage
Open suitcase