Bathroom sink decorated with stone pebbles covered by glass
Contemporary bathroom with large glass sink

The bathroom is as important a room as any other when it comes to interior design. A few smart design choices here and there could revamp and bring life to a boring bathroom. If you’re looking for tips and ideas that will help your bathroom stand out and look unique and unconventional, then look no further! This article has tons of ideas and inspiration for you.

Bathroom with grey stone walls and floor
Large rectangular mirror positioned against the wall

This grey-themed bathroom looks cozy and extraordinary. The floor and walls are made of grey stone, and the ceiling has wooden beams. The stone and wooden beams add a rustic charm that infuses comfort. The bathroom also spots exotic lighting features on the floor and walls and a large mirror encased in shiny metal.

Heart-shaped mirror encased in wood with reindeer horns
Metal sink encased in wood
Metallic window design with patterns
Large, shiny metal faucets

Shower over large, round unique bathtub

Contemporary glass chandelier hanging over the bathtub

If you’re looking to add class and elegance to our bathroom, then what better way to do it than by adding exquisite glass chandeliers to your bathroom? In this bathroom, a large overhead glass chandelier with crystals hangs over the bathtub, while a smaller chandelier hangs above the sink.

Ceramic bathtub encased in stone
Bathroom with stone fireplace

This rustic bathroom design makes use of cozy lighting through the use of candles. Panels are used in the place of windows, creating a unique feel.

Elegant contemporary bathroom

Cabinets with stone tabletops

Bathroom with large glass doors surrounded by wooden deck

Brass sink with shiny, metal faucets

Bathroom with series of mirrors and windows
Rustic bathroom design
Shelves with toiletries in the shower area
Glass stool by the tub

Framed piece of art displayed on the wall

Large, white rectangular sink
Large, white rectangular sink

The blue walls in this bathroom add a pop of color, infusing charm and brightness into this bathroom. The rectangular sink also adds a unique touch to the bathroom.

Shower surrounded by glass wall
Flowers in glass vase

Shower with glass walls and glass door

Small, overhead hanging lights against a blue wall
Metal ladder on the wall

The metal ladder provides unique display and storage of towels.

Elegant stone shelves with towels
Long, white bathtub

Stone has been used widely in this bathroom. The shelves that have been used to store towels are made of stone. The combination of the brown stone and white surfaces creates an elegant and attractive look in this bathroom.

Spacious bathroom with windows
Large white ceramic tub
Bathroom sink decorated with stone pebbles covered by glass
Contemporary bathroom with large glass sink

This high-end bathroom features a lot of glass details; glass doors, glass sink and glass tabletop. The stone elements make it stand out even more.

Floor with artistic patterns
Contemporary lighting features