Rug with fancy patterns
Comfortable furniture

A modern apartment is not only easy to design and decorate, it also gives the owner a chance to express their individual taste and sense of style through the décor choices they use. Here are some ways you can apply décor to your modern apartment;

Bright apartment
White shelf
Minimalist modern apartment
Hanging photograph on wall

The neutral colors used in this apartment living room help create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Vintage-style apartment
Large shelf with books
Fuzzy rug
Hanging lights

The white, fuzzy rug and beautiful black hanging lights in this apartment create a breathtaking view.

Black rug
White closet
Medium coffee table
Neutral colors
Black and white theme
White corner sofa

Using black and white colors in your apartment living room creates an elegant contrast

Rug with fancy patterns
Comfortable furniture
Indoor hedge
Fancy staircase

The hedge grown in the inside of this apartment gives it a beautiful look.

Clean, white bedding
Apartment bedroom
Small glass coffee table
Red throw pillows

The coffee table is a very important decorative element in any living room setting. The choice of coffee table you use in your living room says a lot about your style. A creatively-designed glass coffee table adds a touch of elegance to your living room.

Simply decorated room
Large white couch

Sometimes leaving the apartment with minimum décor and details can result in a beautiful and appealing look.

Small bookshelf
Large couch
Living room with large window
Simple cabinet

Furniture such as cabinets can also act as apartment décor if it has a creative design and is strategically positioned in the room.

Small modern apartment
Large television
Photograph in frame
Shiny chandelier

A plain modern apartment living room like this one can be made to appear fancy and stylish by adding stylish lighting fixtures such as chandeliers.

Apartment with gorgeous view of city

You can improve the outlook of your apartment by creating a partition for a patio or deck. This will offer viewers an interesting glimpse of the outside. Use simple furniture to provide comfort.

Bright throw pillows
Adjoined living and dining rooms

Using bright throw pillows in colors such as red and purple can have a huge impact in the general appeal of your living room.