Creative Ways to Decorate your Farmhouse Bathroom

Here are ideas for decorating farmhouse bathrooms.

Wood vanities

Bold color theme

The natural wood in this bathroom adds texture and a bold look to this bathroom.

Large windows

Spacious bathroom

Many farmhouse bathrooms feature large window, usually placed above the bathtub. This creates a bright aesthetic.

Large wall mirror

Floral curtain

The floral details in this bathroom, in form of the curtain and mat, add a ‘homely’ feel to this bathroom.

A claw-foot tub

Tiled floor

Claw-foot tubs are a common feature in farmhouse bathrooms. They give the bathroom a unique look.

Wooden wall cabinet

Large bath tub

Hung towels

Rectangular tub

This rectangular tub is nothing short of amazing. The windows also offer an exquisite view of the natural surroundings, which is enhanced by the flowers in the vases.

Creatively-wrapped towels

Display of lotions and oils

Modern farmhouse bathroom

Adjacent shower and bathtub

This farmhouse bathroom has an exotic modernized look to it. It also presents various options, one can opt for the bath tub or shower. The shower also has an interesting edge to it.

Vanity bathroom

Creative light fixtures

This vanity farmhouse bathroom looks like a bathroom from a fairytale; from the elegant blue drapes to the white surfaces, creative light fixtures and vanity items.


Adjoined bedroom and bathroom

A combination of stone and wood is one of the easiest ways of creating a simple farmhouse bathroom.

Cabinet with glass

Round mirror

This farmhouse bathroom has a very warm and relaxing feeling to it, from the wooden elements used to the pattern of the shower curtains.

Sheer curtains

Open shelving

The sheer curtains in this bathroom help complement the neutral color theme of this bathroom

Black and white tile backdrop

Black and white theme

Neat display of towels

Small coffee table

This bathroom has an artistic feel to it. The fancy display of towels is amazing.

White and green cabinets

Glass doors

Walk-in bathroom

Sheer drapes

Aligned water faucets

Green chair

For a farmhouse bathroom, the toilet should be placed under a window or next to the shower or tub, but you can make modifications to this design depending on what you want.

Wooden cabinets

Hanging photograph

Attractive flower display

Black tub area curtain

Stone details

Neat bathroom