Selection of Colors

The scale of the color plays an instrumental role in the implementation of a Navy style bathroom. It is necessary to choose and combine the shades correctly so that the overall picture looks organic. It is also important that all elements complement each other.

A bathtub modelled in the nautical style will prolong the holiday mood for the whole year

  • Blue can be dominant or auxiliary.Its combination with other shades from the same range is allowed.
  • Turquoise can be used in combination with white, sandy tones or blue tint.
  • White cannot be the main color in a navy style bathroom, but it is perfectly combined with other shades of blue.
  • Sandy shades are used in combination with other shades, but in a small amount.According to the rules, the sandy shades should take up less than 30 percent of the color scheme.

An illustration of a beautiful navy style bathroom in blue and white

Additionally, this style allows the use of dark brown, black and other shades of contrasting colors. However, in the interior, there should be no more than 10 percent of such colors so that the style corresponds to the chosen design line.


Blue and its shades should be designed to occupy 60 to 70 percent of the area. For variety and emphasis, you can use more saturated colors.

Design of a Bathroom in the Nautical Style

You can create a unique design yourself, without using professional designers. In this case, it is important to prepare thoroughly and think through every detail of the interior. Below are recommendations on selecting finishing materials and decor, as well as tips on combining them in the interior.


The floor covering can be a highlight of the interior. For the floor to be the main design point, you need to choose the right materials. Retailers have plenty of varieties that can turn the floor into a real artistic masterpiece. Below is a list of the best ideas for finishing the floor of a navy style bathroom.

Bulk floor with a pattern in a nautical style can be a highlight of your interior

  • The most successful option is a self-leveling 3D floor with a voluminous picture.It can be just a pattern of the water surface or  the bottom of the ocean dotted with shell. You can select the picture for decoration based on your
  • The second solution is the classic approach, laying tile.The glossy and matte tile will look equally appealing, more so if you choose patterned tiles.
  • Mosaic is also a good finish.Designers use pearl mosaic in combination with turquoise or blue accents.
  • You can as well go for a hardwood floor, which is also a practical choice.This selection will give the bathroom a touch of loft and make it more expressive.


If you use a neutral floor covering without patterns, design the walls to stand out, or choose decorative elements to complement the overall picture.


Wall decor should complement or contrast the flooring. However, it is important to remember that the materials must be resistant to moisture, so that the finish is durable. Based on this rule, we can consider the following options;

It is important to use moisture-proof materials for wall decoration.

  • Tile is a classic solution that fully corresponds to the operational features of the room.Tile possesses the necessary decorative characteristics, since it is possible to pick up options with a pattern or drawing of the corresponding subject.
  • Vinyl and acrylic wallpaper are equally popular in the bathroom.They also tolerate high humidity, preventing the formation of fungus.
  • Mosaic, aside from being practical, is also decorative and durable, lasting over a year with proper care.
  • Wood can also be used for wall cladding.This material can be used in combination with other varieties, or independently.
  • PVC panels with a marine pattern are the most inexpensive type of finish. However, PVC panels are at par with the other materials on this list in terms of decorative and practical attributes.
  • Decorative plaster in sandy tones with gilding is a convenient, fast and inexpensive solution, with a bias to classicism.
  • The easiest and fastest option is painting walls with latex or acrylic paint.

You can use these materials as a basis, but supplement them with other types of finishes  such as glass, mirror panels.


It is not advisable to use the same material on walls as that used to cover the floor. Doing this ruins the overall picture of the room.


It is important that the ceiling fits into the overall concept and matches the main theme.Nevertheless, if you make accents in other parts of the bathroom, the ceiling can remain neutral.

It is best to make the ceiling white or light blue color for a navy style bathroom. You can use the suspended ceiling as the easiest and most practical option. Suspended, multi-level structures, complemented and highlighted by lighting devices, look beautiful too.

The highlight of the design can be a unique and original ceiling such as this one.


To strengthen the overall concept and boost the room’s expressiveness, you can use large ceiling beams. This approach will create a marine mood in the bathroom, while making it more expressive.


Plumbing is also selected on the basis of the basic concept. Basic requirements are matching color and style and practicality. A great option involves going for plumbing kits, combined with a sink and bath.

It is important that all the plumbing in the bathroom is in harmony with each other.


If you plan to just change the basic concept, without changing the plumbing, you can as well go for it. Stickers in the bathroom, a rug of polished pebbles and other small decor will help you overhaul the look of the bathroom without spending much.


For an overall beautiful interior, it is advisable you maximize on natural lighting, combining it with fluorescent lights. Feel free to experiment with light, particularly with circular fixtures that imitate the sun.

If a multi-level ceiling is used, it can be illuminated with LED strips. The main rules for successful lighting are;

Classic round lamps look beautiful in a nautical-style bathroom.

  • Presence of sufficient lighting;
  • Separate highlighting of the functional areas;
  • Use light to highlight and, therefore, emphasize the main elements of the interior.


Lamps create an industrial vibe, but then this element has to overlap with other details in the room, so that everything is successfully combined.


Furniture with marine elements is a great idea for the design of your interior.

There are two great options you can consider. One is using furniture in beach motifs, for example wicker cabinets, wooden open cabinets, and cabinets in Provence style. The second option is the using industrial style furniture in ship motifs.


There is an alternative option – the use of modern classics, neutral white cabinets and sideboards with mirrors, glossy or matte surfaces. This style is universal and organically fits into any interior idea.

Decorative items

A bathroom devoid of decor will be incomplete. Décor is important as it allows you to make the main idea more expressive. The main rules of installing décor in this style are:

  • Décor should be used minimally;
  • The decor must comply with the general theme;
  • The décor should be in harmony with the overall color scheme.

Decorative elements make the design more expressive.

As decor, you can use elements with starfish, pirate bottles with wooden corks, ship elements, hourglasses, shells and other items that are characteristic of sea life. You can as well create your own unique DIY décor.

Some ideas

Self-design is best guided by ready-made ideas; with the user adapting these ideas to the size of the room. The sea is a design theme that has room for creativity. Therefore, you can safely combine different ideas and supplement them with your unique personalized details. You can find our recommended ideas below, with descriptions and photos;

A beautiful combination of modern classics with luxurious ship motifs.This idea is best implemented in a spacious room with adequate natural lighting.

Modern classic with ship motives

This is a practical minimalism style with a bright summer accent.A successful combination of colors and natural finishes makes this design warm and cozy and, therefore, perfect for the home.

Minimalism with summer notes

Saturated turquoise mosaics in harmony with the whiteness of furniture facades, while echoing the sink and furniture fittings.The highlight of this design idea is the decor.

Turquoise mosaic goes perfectly with white furniture facades

Ocean motif with a slight bias to this concept presents a great solution for a large room, but is unsuitable for a small area.

Ocean motif with a slight inclination to classicism

The navy style helps you achieve a budget, but stylish and harmonious interior for a minimal area, particularly since its aesthetics don’t interfere with functionality.

Budget interior in nautical style

Bright contrasts and charming ocean décor will instantly charm your space.The main style concept is fully maintained in the bathroom depicted in this photo. The requirements of color ratio and proportion are additionally preserved in this interior.

Maritime interior with bright accents

The ocean theme organically complements modern style interiors.The combination of warm and cold tones is the highlight of this design. With three colors, you can attain a delightful bright bathroom, like this one.

The combination of warm and cold tones is the highlight of this design

The navy style bathroom is ideal for those who are obsessed with sea life.One basis of this style is use of décor and striped finishing.

A striped interior

Provence and oceanic motifs are not the most popular, but present delightful and cozy ideas to create a unique relaxation atmosphere.

Provence and oceanic interior motifs in a navy-style bathroom

If you adhere to the basic recommendations, you can create a unique and customized style in the bathroom. The main rule to have at the back of your mind is to be creative and be bold about experimenting.