Basic Features of Minimalism

Just from the name, it is clear that minimalism is an interior solution with significant limitations, demanding elaborate layouts and a minimum of objects and details. While this is the basic rule of the minimalism style, achieving a minimalist effect in the interior is not easy. It is important that you learn more rules about the minimalist style before implementing it.

For the interior, it is important to think out a creative bathroom layout.

  • It is important to carefully plan the space.The more free space left after the layout, the better.
  • Minimalism forbids the use of materials with patterns or embossed surfaces.
  • If possible, minimize the use of materials with glossy surfaces.
  • Only cold, white metal will fit into the interior without disturbing the harmony of the Golden, bronze and brass elements are best used to highlight styles other than minimalism.
  • In minimalism, textile elements are absent altogether or are minimized.The only permissible textiles in a minimalist bathroom are rugs and towels. Curtains, fabric lampshades and other objects are best used in classicism and Provence styles.
  • Light plays an important role in improving the ambience of a minimalist bathroom.The lighting should be as maximum as possible, with a particular emphasis on the main source of lighting.
  • There bathroom should be devoid of bright accents, too much color and light and bright decor.

Attention! With all the limitations of the minimalist style and emphasis on leaving maximum free space, do not forget to equip the room with the main functional elements. Also make sure they are harmoniously matched, not just with each other, but also with the overall concept.

Bathroom Design

Another main idea when designing a minimalist bathroom is maintaining proportions and geometry. All lines must be cleary horizontal or vertical. This style does not favor the use of mild and smooth silhouettes. It is important to always remember these rules as they form the basis of the minimalist style. As long as you follow these rules, designing and decorating your minimalist bathroom will be quite an easy process. Further recommendations for each interior element are described in more detail below;


The main finishing materials in a minimalist bathroom are stone, marble, ceramic tile.

In minimalism, the finishing materials used are the same as those used in other styles. However, you need to take some precautions, such as selecting a color and texture that syncs with the overall concept. It is forbidden to use materials with embossed texture and it is not recommended to use trim with patterns. Ideal options for finishing the bathroom include:

  • Plain, glossy, or matte tile;
  • Smooth plastic panels;
  • Faux diamond;
  • Marble.

Wood is often used, in which case it is important to understand that eco-style features will be added to minimalist notes.


In minimalist style, only two colors are popular with designers – white and black. However, you are free to use other shades. The rules for the selection of colors are as follows:

Primary colors are gray, white, and black.

  • Shades should not be too catchy;
  • Colors must be in harmony with each other;
  • It is desirable that you use pure colors.

The combination of various gray shades with white or black gives an appealing result. The combination of cold tones with warm pastel colors is also permissible.


The vast majority of modern bathroom furniture sets successfully fit into a minimalist interior. Nevertheless, it is important to remember the following rules;

Minimalist bathroom with simple furniture, without unnecessary details

  • The design and shape of the furniture should be as simple as possible.
  • No irregular shapes, abstractions, or smooth lines should be used.
  • It is important that furniture is used sparingly, with the bathroom only including basic and functional pieces.For example, a cupboard and nightstand are necessities, but a stand for a flowerpot is overkill.
  • It is important that the pieces of furniture fit into the overall color and design
  • It is important to select models that are ergonomic and do not clutter the room.
  • There bathroom should not have open shelves or cabinets as their content will be visible, disrupting the appeal of the minimalist style.
  • It is also recommended that you avoid using cabinets and other furniture with transparent facades, for the same reason you ought to avoid open shelves and cabinets.

Attention! It is not necessary to select furniture with the same shade as the finishing of the room as doing so destroys the overall appearance. Designers recommend that the color of the finish is a couple of tones darker or brighter, a technique that serves to visually expand the space.


Maximum daylight and different types of artificial lighting (except colored lights) are the best choices for this interior concept. The more the lighting used, the better. Fora minimalist bathroom, you should use:

Maximum daylight penetrates and fills up this bathroom

  • A main light source;
  • Separate lamps in different functional areas;
  • Spotlights or LED strips, save for colored ones.

Chandeliers and ceilings used in a minimalist bathroom should be as simple as possible, without fancy patterns or decorative details.The most suitable options are chandeliers and ceiling lamps of geometric shapes.


The minimalist style requires a special approach to the decoration, as one wrong decision can make the interior blurry and spoil the basic idea. As décor is necessary in any bathroom but the minimalist style discourages the use of excessive décor, you can create a comfortable look by restricting yourself to just one or two decorative elements, while also ensuring these elements are neither large nor catchy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Minimalist Style in the Bathroom

Like any interior solution, minimalism has its advantages and disadvantages. The style presents a great concept for busy people, pedants and perfectionists, who appreciate order. The main advantages of the minimalist style in the bathroom are:

The simplicity of the style makes it easy to maintain a permanently organized bathroom.

  • Simplicity in design;
  • Ease of maintenance and cleanliness;
  • Plenty of free space;
  • Convenience.

Minimalism is currently at the peak of its popularity. It is great for lovers of simplicity, convenience and order, as already stated. By observing the rules described above, you can organize the perfect comfortable and cozy space in your bathroom.