The best thing about homes is that they allow you to relax and enjoy yourself, whether it is on a tiresome evening after work or a weekend home. As such, it is always important to strive to achieve that warm and relaxing vibe. This article guides you on how you casn achieve that warm and comfoprtable look through use of a fireplace mantel.

Rustic style fireplace mantel

If you are inclined to a particular design style, then do not feel inclined to stick with the traditional fireplace mantel design ideas. This homeowner creates a masterpiece out of a rustic-style fireplace mantel.

Elegant shiny mirror on fireplace mantel

Mirrors can really help you transform your fireplace mantel. A good mirror, such as the one in this photo, adds life to the room. This mirror is unique and elegant, making a huge statement and thus drawing attention to the fireplace mantel. A mirror above the fireplace mantel also reflects light, making the room appear brighter and more vibrant.


Simple fireplace mantel with minimal décor

If you are not too much into décor and would like a simple but appealing fireplace mantel, then this tip is for you! First, the fireplace is in a lighter shade than the section of the wall above the fireplace mantel, drawing attention to the mantel. This way, the fireplace mantel stands out automatically. The use of minimal décor on the fireplace mantel also works well, since it creates a simple, clean and crisp look.

Décor placed on fireplace mantel to create symmetry

It is critical that your fireplace mantel has some sort of symmetry, even if the décor is not very catchy. One way to achieve the much desired clean and symmetrical look is as seen in the photo above. Here, symmetry is achieved through use of a centered framed piece and two candlesticks placed an equal length away from the edge of the mantel and the centered photograph.

Combination of a variety of different décor pieces on fireplace mantel

If your style is more fun and playful, then do not shy away from incorporating that element in your fireplace mantel décor. It is recommended that you mix different décor items to achieve a laid-back and playful look. This fireplace mantel, for instance, spots a wide range of décor pieces, from a framed photograph to vases, yellow flowers and antique candleholder. This way, the fireplace mantel becomes the center of attention of the room

Painting in vintage frame above fireplace mantel

Adding a classic vintage or antique piece to your fireplace mantel helps give the fireplace mantel and the entire room character. This living room feels warmer and more accommodating because of the painting framed in a vintage frame. The framed painting even looks more appealing when accompanied by the larger painting on the other wall and the small, cozy bookshelf.


TV above fireplace mantel

Instead of going through long processes to create the perfect fireplace mantel, why not just place a TV above the mantel? Placing a TV above the mantel removes the need for excessive décor. All you need is one or two pieces to break the monotony of having the TV on the mantel. This tip is especially important for the TV lovers.